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How and Why You Should Incorporate Live Streaming Video Into Your Business

MotoCMS Editorial 24 April, 2023

Live streaming video is a staple of modern culture, creating a new generation of personalities and media stars, while shaking up the established norms of broadcasting and marketing in a major way. If you’re interested in seeing what this tech can do for your business, or you need more of an overview of why it’s worth adopting in the first place, read on and we’ll talk you through the basics so that you’re up to speed rather than out of the loop.

Why Live Streaming Video Is the Future of Business Interactions

Live streaming video offers unprecedented opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers and expand their reach. Unlike traditional broadcasting methods, live streaming allows you to engage in real-time interactions with your viewers, creating stronger relationships that can lead to increased sales. Plus, it’s an easy way for businesses to showcase products or services on a large scale without having physical locations all over the world.

With its potential for global engagement and cost savings compared to other advertising tactics, live-streaming video has become indispensable in business circles today, making it essential if you want your company’s message heard loud and clear.

Adding Live Streaming Video Into Your App for Maximum Engagement and Reach

increase engagement with your target audience, and ultimately drive up sales. By allowing customers to watch videos directly in the app, rather than having them switch over to another platform or website, users are more likely to stay engaged longer, leading to higher conversion rates. With the right live video SDK for your app, you’ll be set to take the reins in terms of the way your content is accessed and consumed.

Additionally, live streaming can also help you reach new customers by making it easier for people who don’t already have an account on other social networks or websites to gain access to your content. With its potential for increased user engagement and outreach capabilities, incorporating live streaming video into your business’s mobile strategy is something no company should overlook.

Supercharge Your Social Media Presence with Live Streams

Today’s social media landscape is very much video-focused, with sites like Instagram, Twitch, YouTube and TikTok all emphasizing the creation and proliferation of clips, as well as incorporating live streaming in some shape or form.

As such, businesses can supercharge their social media presence and reach new audiences if they’re ready and willing to take advantage of live streaming on the platforms where they’ve got an established presence. For instance, by hosting regular live streams, you can turn followers into loyal customers by giving them an experience that brings them closer to your brand and makes them feel part of a community.

It’s also about keeping the wheels moving on your content marketing since live streams give you a more freeform opportunity to generate interesting and relevant clips, which can be repurposed and repackaged to deploy elsewhere, in other forms and formats.

How to Get Started with Live Streaming

Integrating live streaming into your business can be done as simply or comprehensively as makes sense according to your needs, and your available budget.

The simplest live streams can be launched using nothing more than a smartphone and an account on one of the aforementioned social media platforms. However, if you want to make things look more professional and cohesive, you’ll need equipment such as high-quality cameras, good mics, and a fast internet connection. You’ll also need software solutions like OBS or Xsplit that go above and beyond the basic features of these platforms.

Then it’s just a matter of deciding what type of content you want to provide, as well as when and where you should host the streams. Once all the technical aspects are sorted out, marketing becomes essential in order to make sure people know about your live streams.

Final Thoughts

The upsides of live streaming as a marketing tool for your business are many and varied, and there’s a low barrier to entry to this niche, so if you’re sold on its advantages, now is the time to dive in.

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