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Allison Reed 12 November, 2018

What makes a business website effective? Is it only a unique value proposition that matters? Of course, not. An effective business website is a combination of great content, qualitative products or services, and the best corporate website design. Do you want to find out how to create one? Then, this article is especially for you. Today we are going to give you several useful tips on building an effective business website. What’s more, we’ll show you a brand new multipurpose business template to put the knowledge you get into practice.

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Why Your Business Needs the Best Corporate Website Design

It goes without saying that launching a corporate website you intend it to benefit your business. However, not every website can become an effective solution in the modern corporate world.

According to the previous year Clutch Small Business Websites Survey, only 29% of businesses didn’t have a website. Moreover, 92% of those who didn’t, intended to create one in the nearest future.

This means, that competition online isn’t less tough than in the real world. Consequently, if you want your website to do a great job, it should definitely stand out among the competitors. So, it’s quite obvious that it should be unique and memorable. That’s why you are to take care of the best corporate website design to make your business flourish online. Do you want to know how to get it? Unquestionably, one of the primary things is to find a proper corporate website template.

Distinctive Features of the Great Corporate Website Template

It’s not a secret that nowadays there are loads of business templates on the web. If you type “corporate web design” into the search line of Google, you’ll get thousands of results immediately. Unfortunately, not all of these themes are worth your attention.

While choosing a corporate website template, be careful. Bear in mind that a wrong template is capable of killing even the best business offer. Here are several irreplaceable features any good corporate website template should possess:

  • Simple and clean layout;
  • Intuitive navigation;
  • 100% responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility;
  • Opportunities for adding different types of content such as various galleries, audio and video players, etc. ;
  • Multiple features for successful online business promotion (for instance, social media integration, blog functionality, subscription and contact forms);
  • SEO-integration;
  • Fast loading speed.

In case the template you’re examining has all these features, it’s a good choice for creating the best corporate website design.

Meet Gravitas – Best Corporate Website Design

Frankly speaking, unless you’re a pro in website creation, choosing a proper template may become a nightmare. That’s why we decided to be helpful and bring to your attention one of the best corporate website templates.

Gravitas Gravitas Corporate Website Design

Gravitas is a brand new completely responsive multipurpose corporate web design powered by MotoCMS corporate website builder. It is undoubtedly a perfect solution for creating an effective business website. Whatever business field you represent, this gorgeous theme will help you take your online business to the next level. Whether you own a large, small or local enterprise, this trendy corporate website design deserves your careful attention.

So, What’s Inside?

To begin with, Gravitas comes with 6 eye-catching Homepage designs for 6 various niches. They are consulting, finances, shipping, interior design, charity, and travel.

Gravitas Niche Homepages image

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of this pixel-perfect and truly the best corporate website design if you represent other niches. Being a universal theme, Gravitas fits any online project without an exception.

Gravitas Homepage Designs image

Next, Gravitas includes 30+ ready-made professionally designed pages. In fact, it’s almost a complete business website waiting for your content to be launched online. Do you want to know what the best news is? You don’t need to possess any tech skills to breathe life into this remarkable corporate website design. Thanks to the convenient drag-and-drop website creator you’ll effortlessly fill it with the necessary content in no time.

Gravitas Ready-Made Content Blocks image

Furthermore, the admin panel of this best corporate website design has a full set of useful tools to make your business web design unique. Customize each and every element according to your needs. Change fonts and colors. Transform the appearance of buttons and contact forms. In a word, feel free to do everything to emphasize your brand identity.

Gravitas Corporate Website Design image

Moreover, Gravitas has a wide range of handy widgets. They enable you to grant your website any imaginable functionality. There’s also a pleasant bonus – free built-in Ecommerce and Advanced Contact Form plugins.

Gravitas Free Plugins image

This means that you don’t need any additional software to get a functional business website. Finally, together with the best corporate website design you also get free regular system updates and 24/7 professional customer support. Isn’t it a real bargain?

How to Build an Effective Business Website with Gravitas Corporate Website Design

Whatever the business field you are into, the main goal of your corporate website is the same. Obviously, you create it to promote your brand online by finding new customers and business partners. Therefore, whether you own a small business or manage a corporation, the basic requirements don’t differ. In any case, your business website should be:

  • Professional-looking;
  • Easy to navigate;
  • Unique and memorable;
  • Informative.

Here are several simple steps to achieve it using a powerful business web design from MotoCMS. Though some people are sure that design is a subjective thing, it’s not quite right. Whether you’re working on a large or small business website design, there are some basic things to consider.

Clean and Uncluttered Layout

First and foremost, an effective business website design is eye-catching and straightforward at the same time. It conveys your message clearly by telling a coherent story. Do you want your corporate website both to please the eye and provide easily digestible information? Then, focus on logic and clear structure.


Clean and Uncluttered Layout

You don’t need to invent the wheel here with the best corporate website design. It’s already neatly structured by real pros. Therefore, you won’t have to segment the information into categories by yourself. Just fill the pre-made sections with your own content and that’s it. While adding your content, never forget that clutter is one of the greatest enemies of any good design. It makes your website look busy thus confusing your customers. That’s why it’s so important not to overwhelm it with unnecessary information and useless design elements.

Appropriate Color Scheme

It’s a common knowledge that colors play an essential role in corporate website design. Each color is able to provoke definite emotions. In case you need useful tips on flat UI colors in web design, study our Color Combination Guide.

Appropriate Color Scheme

Your website color palette shouldn’t be too complicated. As a rule, 3-4 colors are the limit. An amazing Color Picker that Gravitas contains lets you tweak hues and get your unique color palette via several clicks. Choose a dominant color as your brand one. Take one or two accent colors to create a color scheme for your business website. Select a background color to complete your best corporate website design. Make sure that your color scheme and background are a perfect match setting the proper tone for your page. Remember that your background shouldn’t steal the focus from your text and images.

Proper Fonts

Undoubtedly, fonts are crucial in the best corporate website design. In fact, even the most valuable content fails if it’s difficult to perceive. Choose fonts that are easy to read. To put it simply, give preference to those that are clear and of comfortable size. As usual, distinct, highly readable fonts remove friction between the user and the interface.

Proper Fonts

That’s why avoid using too decorative or small ones. Besides, go for the fonts that are equally suitable for all sizes. These ones will preserve their appearance and readability on any screen. If you admire bold typography, take time to learn how and where to use it right.

All in all, you need just two fonts. The first one is for body text and the second is for titles, headings, and other design elements. Make your choice using a wide collection of Google Fonts available with Gravitas. While selecting font colors, ensure there’s enough contrast between the font color and the background to provide legibility.

Humanize Your Corporate Website Design

It’s a common fact that people prefer dealing with real people, not with abstract brands. Consequently, it’s a good idea to show those, who are working for the benefit of the customers. Perhaps, you’ve already guessed that we’re talking about your team. Their pictures will definitely increase your brand recognition and evoke trust.

Corporate Website Design Team

To tell the truth, there are no strict rules for such photos. You may choose them to be a face or full-length portraits. Also, they may show your staff at their workplaces or focus on their hobbies. However, there’s one thing to bear in mind. All of these photos should come from one source. Otherwise, your page won’t have a professional look.

Prove Your Competence

What is the best way to ensure customers that your brand deserves attention? Certainly, your words are not enough. People want a real proof of your professionalism and high quality of your products or services. So, your business website is the place where you should show off your success.

Prove Your Competence

Firstly, make use of your success indicators such as awards and certificates. They will support your image of an expert in the field and influence the final decision of your visitors.

Clients Testimonials

Secondly, let your loyal customers and partners speak instead of you. Add testimonials to your best corporate website design. Surely, direct quotes from your clients will do a great job. While inserting testimonials, add a person’s name and photo. It will significantly increase their credibility.

Use Multiple Ways of Content Presentation

Whereas text content is an inevitable part of any business website, it’s not enough to make it effective. As the attention span of people is rather short, you need various types of content to engage your visitors.

Content Presentation

Probably, you understand that a website is a highly visual medium. As visuals are easier to skim and absorb, they are a must-have for your best corporate website design. Actually, a series of images, informative infographics or a short video will significantly increase your customers’ interest. However, to be effective your visuals should be carefully thought-out and of high quality.

Gravitas Gallery image

Gravitas is the best corporate website design that gives you an opportunity to employ any imaginable type of content on your business website. Implement a background slider to grab the attention and convey information without superfluous text. Add a touch of depth with the Parallax effect to create a sense of presence. Introduce your products or services via various galleries. Enliven your business website with audio or video content. To cut a long story short, use endless opportunities of Gravitas to persuade visitors that you are the worthy choice.

Make Your Business Highly Available

According to Google research, 4 out of 5 customers use search engines to find information about the company. They are looking for your business hours, contacts, and address. As a result, 77% contact a business via phone and 50% visit it within a day of the search. The conclusion is quite obvious. While working on your corporate website design, ensure that your potential customers can easily get in touch with you.

Gravitas Contact Us Page Image

Firstly, make “About Us” and “Contact Us” items a part of your main navigation. Secondly, place your contact information such as phone number, email, and address in the header and/or footer. Thirdly, insert some form of the contact information (for example, a call-to-call button) on the pages describing your products. Finally, use Google Maps on your business website to show the fastest route to your office. By the way, Google Maps will not only save the time of your customers. They will also provide you with better rankings in the web search.

Gravitas Contact Us

You’ll find both the Advanced Contact Form and the Google Maps widget inside Gravitas. This means that your customers will always be able to reach you without an effort.

So, don’t waste time and start turning your dream into reality. Take Gravitas  – the best corporate website design from MotoCMS right now. Use a free 14-day trial period and check all the details of Gravitas business website template to ensure that you’ve made a good decision. Build an effective business website that will grab your customers’ attention and keep them engaged. Let it shine on the web, bring profit, and become a corporate website design inspiration for others.


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