12 Free Sketch App Plugins to Rock Your Web Designer Skills

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MotoCMS Editorial 9 June, 2016

Sketch is here, Sketch is there, Sketch is everywhere. This lightweight app from Bohemian Coding has recently won minds of many web designers and UI/UX professionals. For many reasons, Sketch becomes a time-savior for these categories and for some of them already replaced Photoshop with it.

Free Sketch App Plugins - main image

Sketch is a perfect tool for website designers since it is mostly focused on creating vector images and developing interfaces that can be used on websites as is. It allows creating vector elements that will be adapted to all major screen sizes in one click. It can even create a CSS code for your designs. But most of these tricks are available only if you install respective plugins. It’s not a big deal, however. Let’s check out some of these free Sketch app plugins I find the coolest for various needs.


Free Sketch App Plugins - CSSketch

As I mentioned above, with Sketch app you can easily tweak your designs with the use of CSS stylesheets. You can modify colors, attach layouts, add borders and margins to elements. This open source plugin supports Sass and Less, so you can add functions and variables to your stylesheets for more smooth workflow.

Material Design Color Palette

Free Sketch App Plugins - Material Design color palettes

Material design has introduced not just layout principles that add motion to the design. It also created its own keynotes for all Material design elements including color palette use. With this Sketch plugin you can easily introduce Material design colors into your creations.

Content Generator

Free Sketch App Plugins - Content generator

With this plugin you don’t need to add any images, texts or other elements for having dummy data. It will automatically generates avatars, names and other dummy elements for you.

Dynamic Button

Free Sketch App Plugins - dynamic button

Dynamic button plugin is a great tool for creating various buttons without tedious measurements and line-ups. PLugin allows setting fixed paddings inside your buttons. And no matter the length of the text you input, button will keep those paddings around the text.


Free Sketch App Plugins - modulizer

This awesome plugin works similarly to the Dynamic Button plugin with the difference that is adds fixed padding to buttons, blocks, modules and other content areas. It allows you combining all your layers and with the use of one shortcut to automatically adjust padding with the numbers you’ve set.


Free Sketch App Plugins - AEIconizer

Plugin allows creating different iOS sizes of one icon. You just need to create a square-sized artboard and run the AEIconizer plugin to achieve all the sizes you need for iOS.

Sketch Style Inventory

Free Sketch App Plugins - Style Inventory

This plugin helps you keeping your designs organized and tidy. It allows generating artboards that will contain all your text styles, colors and symbols for one document. It also includes Style inventory that allows generating a style sheet with all your metadata including colors, images etc.


Free Sketch App Plugins - sketchdistributor

After installing this plugin you can distribute your design elements vertically or horizontally. Define spacings between distributed elements to get proper layout.

Sketch Divine Proportions

Free Sketch App Plugins - divine proportion

Amazing plugin for designers that allows introducing the Divine Proportion logic into the layout. It creates a mockup that includes shapes based on Divine Proportion for better visual composition.

Sketch Palettes

Free Sketch App Plugins - sketch palettes

You can create and save your own color palettes for the design you choose. Save them from the global Colors section or from the Document colors section. After that you can use your saved palettes for any design project inside Sketch.

Sketch Find and Replace

Free Sketch App Plugins - find and replace

This tiny plugin is a real time-saviour if you look closer. It allows you finding a selected extract of text and replace it with the text you need with just a few clicks.

Sketch Notebook

Free Sketch App Plugins - Sketch Notebook

If you work in collaboration with other designers or should show your design iterations to your customer, you will definitely need this plugin. It adds another sidebar to the dashboard where you can document all your processes and leave notes and comments.

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