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Free Photoshop Brushes: Free Your Imagination

Allison Reed 18 September, 2017

There are many free photoshop brushes that can successfully compete with the licensed products. Most of them have been created by design enthusiasts with the only goal – to facilitate the process of creating artworks.

free photoshop brushes

In fact, the brush tool is one of the most frequently used instruments in Photoshop. It is no surprise – brushes can add the touch of realism and tactility to any artistic project. That is why it makes sense to learn a few tricks about how to use the brush tool properly. Once you master this tool, you might want to enlarge your brushes inventory. The more brushes you have at your disposal, the quicker you complete your project, the better your artworks look. As a result, you feel more satisfied, let alone your loyal customers.

So, if you are you looking for free photoshop brushes, we have got great news for you. This article contains 30 amazing brushes organized into 7 categories for adobe photoshop free! With us, you will learn about the following categories of brushes:

  • a watercolor brush photoshop,
  • a smoke brush photoshop,
  • a cloud brush photoshop,
  • a wave brush photoshop,
  • a spray brush photoshop,
  • photoshop paint brushes,
  • photoshop pencil brushes.

Experience the full potential of adobe photoshop free with our rich collection of brushes. Believe it or not, there is always a new photoshop brush to test out! Remember that every detail matters when it comes to artworks. So, make sure that your brushes inventory contains all the necessary tools that your art deserves!

Watercolor Brush Photoshop

Watercolor Splatters

watercolor splatters

Free Download

This watercolor brush photoshop contains three photo textures and 32 high-resolution splatter brushes. It is a great tool in case you need to impress your clients with the cold press watercolor paper.

173 Watercolor Hand Painted PS Brushes

free photoshop brushes watercolor

Free Download

This set is free for private use and boasts quite a number of watercolor brushes. With this set, you have an amazing opportunity to experiment with adobe photoshop free.Both professional designers and beginners will find it useful.

Watercolour Strokes Brushes

watercolour strokes

Free Download

These 14 photoshop cc brushes will save you lots of time and energy if you need watercolor strokes for your project, Being high-resolution, these brushes can function as a reliable tool for attracting attention to your artworks.

20 Watercolor Mask PS Brushes abr.Vol.9

20 watercolor mask

Free Download

The wet grunge texture makes these 20 free photoshop brushes stand out. Choose a watercolor brush photoshop from this set to add a dramatic look to your projects.

Free Brush Set 12: Watercolor (stamp brushes)

free brush set

Free Download

This set of photoshop cc brushes is what you need to quickly create a gradation from one color to another. It is a great tool that even amateur artists will appreciate at once!

Watercolor 93


Free Download

This pack of watercolor brushes will introduce you to the world of adobe photoshop free! Customized in Photoshop CS6, this pack is free for both personal and commercial use.

Smoke Brush Photoshop

Free Abstract Smoke Photoshop Brushes 2

smoke photoshop

Free Download

If you need a smoke brush photoshop that can be used to add drama to any piece of art within seconds, this set is for you! The 2500+ pixels size guarantees you the highest quality and unforgettable smoke effects!

20 Smoke PS Brushes abr. Vol.9

20 smoke

Free Download

Get to know adobe photoshop free with these 20 smoke brushes. Add subjective colors to your artworks with these brushes to create the mysterious smoky atmosphere in a few clicks.

20 Free Smoke Photoshop Brushes smoke free photoshop brushes

Free Download

These 20 free photoshop brushes should be your #1 choice if you need to work with your negative space effectively. Compatible with Photoshop CC, these brushes can add to the intriguing mood of your artworks.

Free Hi-Res Smoke Photoshop Brushes

free hi-res smoke photoshop

Free Download

In case you need a smoke brush photoshop of the highest quality, consider this set of brushes. Creating the impression of depth and mystery has never been easier!

Cloud Brush Photoshop

DBD | DitsyClouds


Free Download

This set for adobe photoshop free is unique due to the cloud designs (as well as rain designs) available. These high-resolution brushes can add some romance to any project of yours.

Photoshop Cloud Brushes


Free Download

These free photoshop brushes can help you create clouds of different types and sizes within seconds. With this set, your fans will definitely appreciate the inner glow of your artworks.

10 Free Cloud Brushes

10 free cloud brushes

Free Download

Do you need to create a realistic looking sky quickly? This set contains 10 instruments that can save your day. Every cloud brush photoshop you find here is unique in terms of the distribution of the light and the darkness.

Cloud Brushes photoshop brushes

cloud brushes

Free Download

These psd brushes can help you start and complete your photoshop project in one session. Feel free to choose the cloud design to your taste.

Sky and Clouds


Free Download

Here you can find 15 cloud brushes for adobe photoshop free. All of them can demonstrate the real beauty of the sky and clouds when used properly.

Wave Brush Photoshop

5 Wireframe Waveform Brushes

waveform brushes

Free Download

These waveform brushes are capable of attracting your audience attention. Use them in your project to create a unique combination of volume and form.

Free Water Waves Photoshop Brushes 6

water waves photoshop

Free Download

Are you looking for a water wave brush photoshop? This set of 15 brushes is what you need. Apply this set to create inimitable designs for your photoshop projects. Talk to the subconscious of your fans and make them remember the calmness that only water can offer.

Water Brushes Vol. 3

adobe-photoshop-free water brushes

Free Download

These free photoshop brushes can help you to create not only waves but also splashes, ripples, and drops. Enjoy the full scope of visuality that water has to offer.

Spray Brush Photoshop

Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes: Messy Spraypaint

messy spraypaint

Free Download

Both print and web projects will benefit in case you use this set. Every spray brush photoshop in this set is unique and represents a completely new approach to the spraying technique.

Free Spray Photoshop Brushes

free spray

Free Download

These free photoshop cs6 brushes are capable of turning any photoshop project into a spray miracle. Add the dynamics to your current project with any spray brush photoshop from this set.

Spray Paint Splatter Brushes


Free Download

If you want to find a high-resolution spray brush photoshop, this is your lucky day. Have a look at this set of 18 quality spray brushes. All of them have been created as scans of sprayed paper, so they look realistic.

20 Paint Spray Splatter PS Brushes Vol.6

adobe photoshop free spray

Free Download

This set is full of spray brushes of different shapes and sizes. Experience the full potential of the spray and add contrast to your projects.

Photoshop Paint Brushes

Free Paint Photoshop Brushes

free paint photoshop

Free Download

These photoshop cs6 brushes are created to help you build memorable artworks with ease. Enjoy the exquisite paint textures of these free photoshop brushes at hand!

Paint Brushes

paint brushes

Free Download

These 68 paint brushes are free for the commercial usage. All of them represent the whole new approach to the abstract paint textures. Charge up your graphics with this paint brushes set!

15 Photoshop Paint Brushes

15 photoshop paint

Free Download

Test this set of 15 photoshop paint brushes in case you need to create an eye-catching stroke effect. You will definitely appreciate the unforgettable sense of depth that these paint brushes can create.

20 Painter PS Brushes abr.Vol.6

20 painter

Free Download

The oil painting has never been easier thanks to these bright photoshop paint brushes. It goes without saying that this set is a necessary addition to your artistic stockpile.

Free Photoshop Brushes – Pencil Brush Pack

Messy Doodle Brush Pack

messy doodle

Free Download

These psd brushes are created to help you enjoy the realistic pencil textures. The main goal of this set is to facilitate the process of adding pencil scribbles and sketches to your projects.

Pencil scribble strokes free photoshop brush set

pencil scribble strokes

Free Download

If you need a large scale photoshop pencil brush, try this set of pencil brushes. You will not be disappointed by the authentic effect that these brushes offer!

Pencil Brush Set

pencil brush

Free Download

Your design inventory is not full without these black and white pencil brushes. Elegant and easy to use, this pencil brush set is a must for both professional designers and novices.

Colored Pencil Brush Set

colored pencil

Free Download

Do you need a photoshop pencil brush with the refined textures? Test out this colored pencil brush set and experience the unforgettable connection between your hand and a monitor! With this set, the color dynamics of your current project will amaze your fans.

Hopefully, having read this article, you have found the free photoshop brushes that will suit your current artistic project. Now it is time to use the brushes you have seen to fully enjoy adobe photoshop free. In case you already mastered the art of applying the free photoshop brushes, check these plugins for Photoshop. Free your imagination today with free photoshop brushes and let them guide your art!


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