Free Content Marketing Tools to Market Your Website Like a Pro

Olena Bondarenko 26 March, 2018

How do you know that your website is all good in the marketing sphere? Are a clear picture of active feedback, a stable profit, and an impressive number of new daily visitors the main indicators? Probably you need some professional free content marketing tools to manage your website.

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If this is still a dream that you`re struggling to turn into reality, there are plenty of ways out. There is literally everything you can find on the Internet, especially when it comes to opportunities for obtaining new skills.

Back in a day, hiring a professional who will boost your website`s productivity and provide topnotch services in the field of marketing was a must. Now, thanks to various online programs, you`ll have no problem doing it yourself.

And the most pleasant bonus is that many of those free content marketing tools are absolutely accessible. Do you want to know which one would suit you best? Just hang out with us for a little while and you`ll find out all essential information on the best free marketing tools available online today.

We assume that you`ve been busy taking care of that business of yours, so there is simply no time left for any home assignments. Perhaps your kid is a student, and as a good parent, obviously, you`d like to help them out. We just continue showering you with helpful suggestions. “Write my essay” isn`t something that you`d say to a stranger, and there is no need to if you have this awesome homework service.

Writing + Editing = Free Content Marketing Tools

Good texts form the strong core of any website. Especially now when people are mostly using smartphones rather than computers. When you`re on a subway, you`d prefer to scroll through little pieces of information because videos and images may take some time to load.

That`s a worldwide tendency, so it`s highly important to take a closer look at the quality of your texts. These are the programs to help you with this mission.


grammarly free content marketing tool

Grammarly is one of the best content curation tools which deals with editing. Indisputably, grammar is a key element of the website`s reputation. Attention to details is highly important. Grammarly will point out the most widespread mistakes. It can help you find synonyms, get the right punctuation, and will be rather applicable when it comes to the trickiest facet – articles.

Paper Rater

Paper Rater content curation tools

Paper Rater is an essential digital marketing tool when it comes to various content and data which your website posts. If you`re not a media company or a blogger zone, you`re most likely to get second-hand information.

2018 is the time when you can`t get original information, and honestly speaking, there is no need to look for it if you have Paper Rater. It will check the posts for plagiarism and even point out the most obvious grammar errors. False positives won`t be a problem anymore.


Edubirdie plagiarism detection software

Edubirdie’s plagiarism detection software has many benefits and splendid functions. First of all, it is absolutely free and accessible for anyone who wants to be sure that their papers are unique and original. Secondly, the interface is amazingly comfortable, and the site has a fascinating mobile version for those who prefer to work from their smartphone. Thirdly, it is credible and fully confidential. More than that, they have multiple tutorials related to the structure of a research paper.

The software is designed to compare an inspected text with all available online pages and sources to find any correlations. And one more benefit – it works very fast, one can get a full report in just several minutes to see whether there are any plagiarism issues in their paper. One can simply upload a file in any comfortable format, like .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf or .odt. It is also possible to type in or copy-paste the text right into the box to proceed to analysis.

After that, one gets a full report on the general plagiarism ratio and the problematic places in the text. There is also a list of sources with referrals that have analogies. Now one can edit their text fast and without any troubles to make it perfect.


Copyscape free content marketing tool

Copyscape is yet another awesome creation among the most popular free content marketing tools. You can get a premium version if you throw in some extra bucks, but the free webpage still will be more than enough to cover your content checking needs.

Copyscape doesn`t just “look” through texts, it can put the whole website under observation. No content theft will remain undetected. It`s like the icing on the cake in comparison with content curation tools that we`ve prepared for you because it is ranked the best.

Blog Topic Generator

free content marketing tools

Blog Topic Generator is that very program you need when you`re stuck in writing crisis and have zero ideas. Unlike other similar free content marketing tools, using this one is like shooting fish in a barrel.

All you need to do is typing in a few keywords, and then the system will provide you with all possible topics which are related to these words and have been trending over the week. It’s a great tool if inspiration refuses to visit you.

Visualization and Free Marketing Tools to Make It Cool

No website can avoid including beautiful and relevant images which will become a great supplement for the overall design. Is the webpage of your business aesthetically pleasing and colorfully appealing? Then you can be sure that the Internet users will come back. We`ve got some free content marketing tools which will provide you with the best visual techniques.


PicMonkey free content marketing tool

PicMonkey is a service which seems to work as a charity organization because it provides so many cool opportunities for free. You can edit photos, create bright infographics, collages. PicMonkey can help you create the most awesome profile picture.

And guess who exactly is going to help you with it? It`s kind of obvious, taking the name into account. Monkey is the most productive member of their team.

Why is it different from other free content marketing tools which you can come across on the Internet? Not only does it provide the whole package of opportunities, it also serves as a guide which will teach you how to use all those tools effectively.


Canva free marketing tool

Canva is great too, but it`s kind of complicated.

Just a quick heads-up before you start working with it: you`d better practice your web-design skills with a program which isn`t so incredibly multifunctional and high-profile that it`s easy to get lost in the interface itself.

Apart from that, it`s one of the best professional digital marketing tools that you`ll find online. In case you want your business page look like the guys from Google have been working on it for a couple of months, you`re more than welcome to try it. Be patient and persistent though. You can do miracles with the help of Canva, but it will take some time to learn how to become a web-design magician.


free content marketing tools

Atlas is the simplest among free content marketing tools that we`ve offered to you so far. In case your website deals with numeral data and statistics, the most effective way to report this information is with the help of charts.

That`s what you need Atlas for! Besides, it can give you any infographics that you want based on your request. For example, if you need a chart which will show a percentage of cats which can sing, it will provide you with it. Serious requests or crazy ones – make sure you`ve got everything covered.


Giphy free marketing tool

Giphy will be useful for businesses that want to stay up-to-date and trendy. Gifs are widely popular on social media, and they have become a sort of a universal way of sharing impressions and emotions among 16-35-year-old Internet users.

Giphy is one of the best free content marketing tools of this kind. Cool gifs can attract attention to your posts. If they`re relevant and relatable enough, they`ll work as a great SEO-marketing booster for a website.

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