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Flash Website Templates for Professional Portfolios: Summer Bunch

Web Design & Dev
Tina Zennand 13 June, 2011

Summer is finally upon us, and we are all really excited here, because this great season always brings a special mood with it. It is the time of vacations, the beach, hot sunny days and constant sensation of holidays:)

But in spite of the festive mood, our team works intensely to please you with new stunning designs of the highest functionality. So, please meet a new portion of creative Flash templates powered by MotoCMS that are all perfect solutions for creating the most impressive Flash websites. Today we present Flash CMS designs for various types of portfolios that will perfectly work for photographers’, artists’, web designers’, musicians’ websites, and many other web projects.

Don’t forget that summer is the time of attractive promos, discounts and giveaways. So, please keep following us to stay up-to-date with the latest project news!

Moto Flash CMS Portfolios

Flash CMS Photo Folio with Functional Scrolling Gallery

This Flash CMS portfolio will definitely be appreciated by all those who value functionality and style above all. The catchy layout and stylish interactive elements make the template extremely attractive. The solution will ideally work for any type of portfolios: photographers’, artists’, web designers’ or just personal pages.

The functional image gallery is scrolled vertically. Click on an image, and it will open in a new window. Moreover, the solution is equipped with the background gallery: the website visitor will select the background he prefers the best. The slideshow and full screen modes are available.

View the Control Panel Demo

Impressive Photo Portfolio with Interactive Thumbnail Preview

Want a professional eye catchy portfolio? Try this Flash CMS template in action. So neat and stylish, it looks gorgeous and invites the visitors to examine the portfolio in detail. The solution is equipped with a horizontal thumbnail gallery and full size gallery that can be navigated with the interactive arrow buttons. The thumbnails are black-and-white, but when you point the mouse over a thumb, it becomes bright.

Due to the richest Media Library integrated into the control panel, you can upload as many photos as you need.

View the Control Panel Demo

Textured Image Portfolio with Background Gallery

This awesome Flash website template is one of the most optimal solutions for any portfolio. Stylish interactivity and unusual design approaches make the template stand out among other portfolios. The textured background looks really unusual.

The template is equipped with two galleries: the background gallery that views the images in slideshow mode and the gallery with interactive thumbnail preview.

Due to the richest highly functional Moto control panel integrated into the template, you will be able to add image and text content, change the background images, embed fonts, modules and slots, and much more.

View the Control Panel Demo

Clean Style Photographer’s Portfolio

This clean Flash design with clear navigation and simple layout will definitely be appreciated by all minimalist style lovers. The gallery is extremely simple but really functional. The navigation is performed with arrow buttons above the image. There are two menus: the vertical website menu and horizontal gallery menu. An unobtrusive but truly professional design.

View the Control Panel Demo

Multifunctional Flash Photographer’s Portfolio

This Flash design will become a great presentation of your photo works online. The full screen gallery and interactive accordion style menu are the main attractive elements of the portfolio. Due to the powerful control panel, you can add as many menu sections and sub-sections as you need.

The gallery is performed in a very convenient manner; a separate thumbnail preview is created for each gallery section. There is an ability to add a description to each image that can be seen if you point the mouse over the thumbnail.

Click on a thumbnail, and a big image preview will open. You can view the photos right from there, by means of the “prev” and “next” buttons.

View the Control Panel Demo

Flash Photo Portfolio with Horizontally Scrollable Gallery

A gorgeous rich design! The splash page is performed in minimalistic style: light creative font on dark background look so stylish.

The most eye candy element of the template is the gallery that easily slides horizontally exhibiting the photo works in the creative way. Point the cursor over a thumbnail, and the gallery will stop.

View the Control Panel Demo

Impressive Photo Gallery with Sliding Thumbnail Previews

The website created on the basis of this Flash CMS template will never leave the visitors indifferent. The gallery is performed in a really attractive style: each of the thumbnail preview stripes slides when you hover the mouse over it. The images are grayscale, but they become bright when you point the cursor over them.

We click on the thumbnail of the image we like and the full size preview opens. Now we can examine the image in detail. We can also view the photos one by one by clicking on the big arrow button.

View the Control Panel Demo

Functional Flash Portfolio Solution for Professionals

This compact Flash CMS template is a good choice for professionals who are planning to exhibit their works for sale. It may be a photo studio or a freelance photographer. Also, it will work fine for personal photo albums. It is a great solution for showcasing your works in the easiest way.

Your visitors will see the gallery right on the Splash Page. The number of sub-galleries are unlimited, so you can easily sort your photos and place them according to definite categories. The navigation of sub-galleries is performed via the upper drop down menu.

You can perform the plenty of functions within your template’s control panel. Due to the powerful images and slots like Contact Form module and Google Maps widget embedded in the control panel, you can create a functional, useful and visually attractive “Contact Us” section.

View the Control Panel Demo

Stunning Photo Gallery with Creative Menu Design

This Flash CMS design will definitely impress female photographers, but it will also work great for any portfolio. With the help of advanced Moto control panel, you can easily modify the template to your liking: change the background or menu sections color, embed and use your own font, etc.

The most catchy element of the website is the interactive menu with intuitive navigation. The sections are created in the form of bright half-circles which reveal the circle buttons that lead to sub-sections.

The horizontal gallery is scrolled intuitively, when you hover the cursor over it. Also, there is a background gallery that shows the images in full size, and can be navigated with the stylish arrow buttons.

View the Control Panel Demo

Professional Flash Solution for Web Design Studio

A professional web designer’s portfolio is an essential point of planning his business strategy. It should demonstrate his professionalism. This Flash CMS Template is an ideal solution for presenting web design works online. A stylish neat structure, convenient navigation and compact effective way of presenting web works will definitely be appreciated by the website visitors.

The compact gallery structure will meet the requirements of the most demanding designers. The preview is navigated with the arrow buttons.

View the Control Panel Demo

Flash CMS Portfolio with Sliding Gallery

This attractive Flash CMS portfolio presents a really good way of exhibiting photos as well as other images online. Every single element of the website is at its place, every single detail is chosen to match the whole design.

The gallery is sliding when you hover the cursor over it. Due to the convenient WYSIWYG editor, you can easily modify the website content: create pages, menu sections, upload the unlimited number of images, and much more.

View the Control Panel Demo

Musician’s Flash CMS Portfolio

This fantastic bright Flash CMS template was specially created for musicians who would like to have own professional portfolio. Actually, it will work great for any online music related project. This Flash CMS template is a complete website with Moto CMS integrated that can easily be customized by a person with no programming skills.

The design is equipped with MP3 player and media player for music and video online presentations. You can embed the unlimited number of MP3 and media files in the website via the mostly intuitive control panel.

There is a great Tour section where your fans will be able to learn about your tour schedule and upcoming concerts.

View the Control Panel Demo

Amazing Flash Portfolio for Web Designers

This Flash CMS based portfolio template is a complete website that will work very well for web design studios or freelance designers. The splash page performed in clean style looks very attractive.

The gallery is extremely functional and easy-to-use. The thumbnail preview is navigated with simple arrow buttons that, by the way, can easily be modified via the control panel. The visitors may also view the works via the large image preview performed as a slideshow.

The template is indeed one of the best solutions for web designers’ projects ever.

View the Control Panel Demo

You are welcome to look through the entire collection of Flash website templates powered by Moto CMS and evaluate their high quality as well as an inexhaustible fantasy of our designers!

Author: Tina Zennand
Tina is a writer who has been working with MotoCMS since early 2010. In her articles she covers various aspects of web design and web development. She is also a marketing guru for MotoCMS websites. You can follow her on Twitter.