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Website Template for Portfolio – Best Niche Examples

MotoCMS Editorial 16 February, 2022

We’ve already shared the best tips on how to create an art portfolio. And beginners found much helpful information about creating portfolio websites from scratch easily and fast. Today, we’d like to present the best website template for portfolio list according to the niches they serve. We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in the extended range of quality MotoCMS products.

Website Template for Portfolio: Art and Graphic Design

Website templates for design portfolios are among the creative options many artists, and web developers enjoy. Let’s see some examples we have for this portfolio template graphic design and art niche.

M. Barton

Our first choice follows all trendy directions in website design and takes advantage of the benefits the field can provide. It’s a simple, easy-to-navigate landing page in its core with fresh and vivid content that visitors can expect from a creative personality with an exquisite yet brave taste. Bold colors, non-traditional dividers, unusual and smooth lines, trendy fonts, nontrivial graphic elements are among the many features that attract the sights of potential clients. As the website template owner, you can add as many other elements as you wish. The MotoCMS team does its best to ensure that creative people feel limitless in the expression of their vision. Plus, everything is as fast and easy as possible.

Web Designer Presentation


Fans of multi-page websites specializing in graphic design and other creative areas may find our graphic design portfolio website template for the studio even more delectable. Its trendy design and mindful structure make the portfolio ready to use though you can always alter it in any way. For this, the Control Panel provides many more options – extra graphical elements, handy widgets, galleries, sliders, promotion techniques, etc. Check out its general functionality with our Control Panel view or go deep into its full capacities after signing up for free. Think of what you need to add or change, and we’re sure our website builder has simple options to satisfy your needs. Opt for this design to finally let the world see your potential.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Peter Smith

Last but not least is our art portfolio website template – so trendy, versatile, chic and one-page, again. Landing pages are so flexible and fast to navigate that they represent a very favorable option for a portfolio. This, combined with the latest trends in design and website building of Moto 4, gives no other possibilities but success. It is made ready to use, but personalization and optimization that can be easily done without any coding or experience in the area are the aspects that will make this one fly high and achieve what you deserve. If you’re stunned by its current look, we can assure you that with your unique content, it’ll be something incredible.

Templates for Portfolios

Template for Portfolio Websites: Photography

Our template for portfolio websites in the area of photography takes the first place for the number of products and popularity among clients. It isn’t surprising because any website template for portfolio craves unique, high-quality visual content. And photographers have what to show the world. And one more feature of photographer portfolios is their versatile nature. In minutes the designs can be changed and customized so that they serve creative, personal, and other, even very far from photography, purposes.

Top 10 Website Templates Portfolio for Photographers


Defrozo is our bestselling multi-page photography portfolio website design with a black background that creates a contrast moving the main focus to photographs. Its minimalistic design doesn’t let users be distracted from photos; it also gives a chance to see and enjoy even the smallest details. The live preview allows our visitors to check out several versions for each page – four for each of the five standard pages (Home, Portfolio, About, Pricing, Contact). The sixth page can be Blog or Book an Appointment, or another option you can come up with. It’s fully customizable, and you can transform this template for portfolio websites into anything you wish.

Portfolio Photographer


Franz Shwarz

Look at one more bestseller among photographer website templates portfolios. All the pages use one background photograph. Other features follow the rules of minimalistic design. With this website template for portfolios, you can create an up-to-date and trendy brand identity easily and fast. It can show your taste, attention to detail, and creative spirit to the rest of the world. Try our free Control Panel view to see what’s inside. And don’t forget that the MotoCMS team cared about your access to advanced SEO settings to promote your website.

Portfolio Photo Agency


Dhyamis Kleber

This website template for portfolios is perfect for those who like experimenting with colors in search of creative, vivid, juicy shots. The photographer portfolio website template can serve many artistic directions. Its homepage features a sample background photo you’ll change to the best out of your favorite ones; the rest of the pages have text blocks with a white background exquisitely framing different photographs. You can also see various options to present your portfolio photos. If it matches your vision as it is, imagine what great results you can achieve by adding even more of you in a few clicks.

Photography Portfolio


This stylish photographer web template lets you decide how minimalistic you want your website to be. The homepage options start from one block with a background photograph and some text and finish with a multi-block structure with the possibility to add anything. The template features a flexible design, a full-width photo gallery, and easy social media integration. Our Control Panel offers a wide range of functions to present the content in the most appealing way with all these options for any block, gallery, promotion. It’s better to try once than to constantly imagine it and hesitate, especially when we offer our subscribers a free trial without any commitment.

Emotional Photography Background Website

Eva Savits

This portfolio template shows you that a landing page is also an option to consider. Our live preview demonstrates the multi-functionality of such a choice. And remember that you can always edit it according to your taste and opt for the most enticing content presentation ways. Experiment with galleries, media players, and other tools our Control Panel offers to boost its visual performance. Other benefits include advanced SEO options, analytics, widgets, and more tools integrated where you need them.

Ryan Allen

Check out one more one-page option – a professional photographer’s website design. With this exquisite easy-to-use website, you’ll win your audience and turn your hobby into a profitable calling. Our templates save talented professionals time, effort, and money as we are always aware of the latest trends and innovations and are the first to implement the best. Your task is to find what really works for you and make it unique by adding the best high-resolution content. You can also use a different portfolio WordPress theme if this one is not for you.

Website for Portfolio


The first and one of the most important features that you pay attention to while choosing beautiful portfolio website templates and visitors when getting to know you through your website is design. This portfolio template design for photographers and creatives got it all covered. From the first look, you can see its attention to details – favorable vivid colors, shapes, movements. One more thing to add, don’t forget that when you choose the product matching your needs and vision, our other templates can serve as inspiration for further customization.


Our next photographer portfolio template demonstrates a diverse multi-block structure on all pages. However, future website owners can delete or add any or all blocks easily and fast. It also features smart and attractive graphical characteristics, especially handy for portfolios of this type. It has various kinds of creative galleries which can help attract the audience you need. Your visitor will appreciate it if you share your experience and lifestyle in the blog so that they can feel closer to you and your vision.

Portfolio Website


Our nature photography portfolio template with galleries is also among the exciting options to consider for your website template for portfolios. This multi-page portfolio represents many capacities that can be edited or deleted. We find this template versatile and easily customizable for particular needs. Its distinctive features include the play with colors of background, images, graphical elements (even such small as bullet points). The structure of the blocks is harmonious. The selection of widgets isn’t limited to the ones you can see in our preview; check out our admin panel for much more impeccable functions.

Anna Solas

This photography portfolio website template for photo artists looks stunning. The combination of dark and soft colors makes it even more pleasant to enjoy photographs by talented authors. Apart from standard portfolio pages like Home, About, Pricing, Blog, and Contacts, this design has two more pages – Team and Clients. They give talented photographers and artists an opportunity to present their work together or for the template to serve as a company portfolio.

More Portfolio Templates for Various Niches

Portfolio website templates aren’t restricted to the mentioned visual art only. It may be seen as the main direction, but there are much more niches where portfolio websites are beneficial. Look at some of our outstanding examples:



Portfolio Theme


Website Templates: Portfolio for Modeling

Now we move on to one more prosperous field with amazing visual content where our model website portfolios can help achieve the best results.


Our model website portfolio option starves for the unique modeling high-quality content. It represents an almost complete picture with rationally structured content. The design of this one-page template is very harmonious, simple, and user-friendly. All the blocks are fully customizable – its owner can edit any or all components. We placed the necessary accents for models to be the focus of visitors’ attention. Pleasant colors, maximally readable text blocks, creative galleries – all that and much more make this portfolio website a match for many models and modeling companies. Be sure that you get up-to-date useful marketing tools with advanced SEO opportunities. We recommend starting from our free trial, which will make you love it inside out.

Modelling Portfolio


If you prefer multi-page websites, this model portfolio website template with galleries may be the one you are looking for. The template lets you experiment with colors, text styles, various blocks; add, remove, edit, duplicate any block, any element in the template to feel it reflects your vision. And all the customization requires much less time than you imagine with our seamless Control Panel that doesn’t require any coding, which is intuitive and user-friendly. Even a kid who knows basic information about computers can create a website with its help. Imagine what results can be if a person who achieved much in this highly competitive field as a model or a modeling company’s director has such a cost-efficient tool at their disposal. Try it for free to make sure we’re telling the truth because we’ve got nothing to hide.

Website Template for Portfolio

Standards of MotoCMS Products

The MotoCMS products are designed to satisfy all website-related needs. And whatever service or product you choose, you can always be sure that we do everything for your benefit. Here are our primary standards we strictly uphold:

  • Quality. We’re renowned experts, and one of the main reasons for this is that we create quality products, keep up with the latest trends, and always seek ways to improve.
  • Simplicity. We develop our products for our clients to be independent and feel that our templates are cost-efficient investments. They all are as easy and simple as possible for you as well as your future visitors.
  • Customer Satisfaction. You can make sure that it’s our standard from your very first experience with our products. Even without purchasing them, you can fully try them for free, feel how it’s all done with great care for our clients, and decide whether it works for you. And our customer support representatives work 24/7 to help with anything you need.
  • Unlimited Creativity. Our products offer possibilities that won’t limit your imagination. That’s our standard and something we take pride in.

Enjoy our portfolio website templates or make your portfolio out of any other template by customizing and personalizing it easily and fast.

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