Flash Photo Gallery: Make Your Visitors Be All Eyes

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MotoCMS Editorial 15 April, 2009

Visual presentation is the engine of web design — give a perfect visual experience to your visitor and you are sure to become the king of the web. Even high quality and unique content may be ineffective if it is not pleasing to the user’s eye. Flash can be especially useful for presenting multimedia content, particularly images and photos. Creatively done Flash image gallery can become a part of the special style of your website and highlight its main features. And it’s not a secret that singling your website out of others you drive traffic to it and make lots of web ramblers become your loyal visitors.

We continue our inspirational post series. This time FlashMoto discovers some quite outstanding and creative Flash image galleries that can encourage your in your web projects. In this post you can also find useful information about some free Flash photo gallery generators.

1. Sergey Tyukanov presented his gallery in literal sense of this word. Good news is that you don’t have to pay for a visit.

2. This portfolio will hardly leave you cold. It seems that photographer lets you enter his studio — you can sort out some photo film stacks, browse pictures and create a portfolio to your taste.

3. Domenico Tedone’s Flash image gallery is made with carousel showcase approach. Pretty original and stylish.

4. Andrew McGibbon’s Photography is presented as Polaroid gallery. You can grab and move pictures around, a double click will zoom the photo.

5. Would you like to have an online forest walk? Sonja Mueller’s photo gallery is close to nature at most. Take a breath of fresh air in this great Flash photo wood gallery.

6. This photo gallery is created in Page Flip techniques. This showcasing method is especially good for fashion portfolios.

7. Amazing pictures are put into amazing gallery. Each photo becomes highlighted and zooms out slowly when you point a cursor to its thumbnail — quite captivating effect. The rest of the showcase process isn’t less attractive.

8. Oneover.com presents probably most flexible gallery ever. You can change the way it’s displayed on the screen for better interpretation of the image showcase.

Overview of free Flash gallery building services.
When you hear the words «Flash photo gallery» you might think you should know Flash to create such photo gallery. Well, probably some special Flash skills are required for making some fanciful gallery with totally unique features. But if you want to make a simple gallery to display your photos or artworks you don’t need to learn Flash. Flash gallery generator or some Flash CMS could be a very good solution for you. They offer easy to configure single and multiple galleries which are free to download. Here are some resources you could use in creating your Flash photo gallery:

1. A simple Flash gallery that uses XML files to store information about images to display. Intuitive navigation and configuration usability make this Flash gallery worth your attention.

2. Richly featured Flash photo gallery with the slide show. You can choose a gallery both with default and custom settings. Streaming MP3 audio is available.

3. This Flash image gallery works on any webhost without the need of a server-side language. It supports multiple galleries and simple image descriptions. Live Demo option is included.

4. Here you can find 20 free Picasa Flash and HTML web templates to create photo galleries and slide shows. Though some galleries are limited in the number of images (extended versions of such galleries are commercial) the entire collection is quite deserving.

You have lots of opportunities to create a flexible and attractive Flash image gallery even if you are not a Flash professional. Gallery generators and Flash content management systems allow you to fill a simple gallery with many useful features and effects for a successful showcase. However, we dare assume that after looking through our collection of flash image galleries you will feel a strong yearning for learning some Flash secrets to be able to turn a robust gallery into a masterpiece.

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  • fancyflash

    Quite inspiring. I guess more Papervision would get employed soon.

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  • This is one pretty impressive portfolio, somebody has been working really hard.

  • Anything that can be done with Javascript won’t impress me with Flash. They’re still nice, I guess..

  • Internet Solutions

    This is very nice! Trully, Inspiring!

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  • binarybiscuit

    Really excellent list

  • website design nyc

    nice post

  • Jake

    Here is a really cool flash image gallery,
    very user friendly and customizable

  • Jasen Burkett

    I am desperate for some insite.

    I am building a fully dynamic multi gallery photo gallery.

    I have the database side working where I can upload images / and
    make new galleries. I also have in flash cs4 the action script working
    so that it will populate a list box with the xml file, and when you
    select a gallery from the list, it populates the tile list. The issue
    that I am having is that I can not get the tile list to show all images according to their gallery. The sml file has broken it down so that it should s step through the sml by gallery name.

  • dmitriy

    do you have New York city templates and how much are they?

  • pacman flash

    Very nice information. Thanks for this. Subscribed to this feed via yahoo reader!

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    Ohh!! Good work!! Thak you very much. Good gallery

  • accounting homework

    Very useful, I found the flash gallery I will be using! Best on the web.

  • I want to build up a xml base photo gallery.
    I want some help.
    I have a sample i want to make some change on it

  • Lisa

    Very good designs, talented artists

  • Even though Flash could really do some wonderful stuffs, I still fancy Javascript more.

  • nift

    I need a Photo album for my website that is REAL easy to use, just want to plug in code. But I need it to have a section where each photo has a comment section where viewers can comment. Which one of these on your list do you recommend for this?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

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  • Holistic

    Nice photo gallery..

  • Holistic

    In this when the images goes more than 12 the sliding functionality is not working

    can u provide me the proper solution for this problem

  • Annapoorna

    This photo gallery is excellent! I too want to modify the scrolling arrows, which is to enable and disable the left/right gifs depending on the number of thumbnails for the slider. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

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    Beautiful Gallery

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    Flash can make your site look good, flash site has an advantage that the promotional videos can be easily created. This may seem very difficult but still you can’t say it as impossible. So understanding the importance of flash , one can create many things.

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