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Tina Zennand 21 October, 2010

Flash galleries are getting more and more popular among photographers, web/graphic designers, and other artists who exhibit their works online. This fact explains why developers keep on creating more and more professional Flash websites. Thanks to advanced technologies and modern resources available developers don’t have to create anything from the scratch: just search the template, choose the one your client like the best and start customizing it through the control panel integrated. To talk about Moto CMS galleries, they are accessible to an ordinary user, not to developers only, since they don’t require any coding and can be easily managed by any person with average computer knowledge.

Below you will find the most recent Flash CMS galleries developed by Moto CMS team. If you are searching for a ready-made gallery solutions that are fresh, creative and highly functional, this post is for you!


Flash CMS Gallery with Page Flip Effect

This Flash gallery solution was specially created for a model agency’s online portfolio, but it will greatly work for any portfolio: a photographer’s, an artist’s, a designer’s, etc. A purple color that prevails in this design makes the template very attractive visually.

What makes this Flash CMS gallery really special is the page flip effect that imitates the natural way of browsing through the pages of a true book or catalogue. The interactive drop down menu allows to turn over the pages with specific visual and sound effects. Also, it is possible to page by clicking on a page’s corner, what makes the portfolio very unusual. It is possible to create pages and sub-pages within the gallery, add titles to images, etc.


Interactive Flash Portfolio with Moving Gallery

This attractive Moto CMS template is a ready Flash portfolio for a model agency, photo or art gallery or any other online image presentation. The moving gallery allows to show images in a very convenient way. To stop the gallery just point the mouse cursor over an image, and click on its thumbnail to open a big preview.

The ability to place the necessary text content over an image is a really great solution for an image portfolio: a visitor has an opportunity to see necessary info before clicking on the image’s thumbnail.

Interactive Interior Design Gallery

Here is another creative approach to showcasing images online. This stylish Moto Flash CMS template will be a great solution for any online portfolio. It will perfectly work for interior design group, photo or other image portfolios, web design online projects, etc. The combination of black and yellow looks really attractive, and the menu with stunning interactive effects allows to easily navigate the website in an original way. The charming music adds more style to the template and makes it absolutely amazing.

The gallery is universal and can be used for any Flash website solution. The way of showcasing images is rather convenient. By the way, each image may have a short description and may link to different pages, pop-up or external URLs.

Flash CMS Gallery with Floating Image Preview

This Flash CMS gallery is remarkable for its unusual navigation. There are two floating panels that move up and down and open the website menu and gallery. The accordion style menu allows to easily navigate the website. The navigation is accompanied with great sound effects that make this Flash solution really marvelous. Moreover, it is possible to easily change the background music if needed.

The gallery is also peculiar for its stylish way of presenting images: the moving panel with image thumbs can be scrolled with the help of interactive arrows.  To open a big preview you need to click on the image’s thumbnail.

Whirling 3D Flash Image Gallery

This 3D Flash template is equipped with an impressive interactive round gallery that easily runs when you mouse over the page. Moto Flash control panel integrated into the template allows to create a great number of gallery albums and upload your images according to categories.  This can be a perfect choice for any online portfolio.

The template itself is a full-fledged Flash website that can be easily customized and re-designed to your taste. You can make plenty of great things within the control panel, e.g. add elements and effects, create pages, add new fonts and modules, and much more. One of really great features is that ability to change the background. MotoCMS designers used black background for this gallery that is perfectly combined with interactive elements. But you may easily replace it with the color or image to your liking.


Business Flash CMS Template with Scrolling Gallery

This great universal template is equipped with a scrolling gallery that is really convenient for presenting various graphic works online. This template can be used for any purpose business website for which Flash would be a suitable solution. This may be a right choice for a web design group, various business projects or just personal pages. The template can be easily customized and then updated whenever you wish through the Flash CMS control panel that is integrated into each Moto CMS template.

Moto CMS offers plenty of stylish unusual solutions of presenting images online. Would you like to view all Moto Flash CMS templates?

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Author: Tina Zennand
Tina is a writer who has been working with MotoCMS since early 2010. In her articles she covers various aspects of web design and web development. She is also a marketing guru for MotoCMS websites. You can follow her on Twitter.
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