Flash CMS: Test Drive Report

MotoCMS Editorial 6 July, 2009

Greetings to FlashMoto community! Our team is happy to inform you that FlashMoto CMS Test Drive has been finished successfully. Beta version provoked a considerable feedback from all our fans and subscribers. This gave us a great opportunity to meet new friends who share our ideas, so thank you people for all the positive comments, constructive criticism, reasonable suggestions and wishes we’ve got from you.

Read on to learn what we’ve got from Beta release and what we will do next.

About 1500 trial websites were registered in the system since Beta release date. 1.5K people have taken an opportunity to try our all the Flash CMS features and get to know how easy it can be to manage a Flash website. Because of your lively interest and communication willingness, we understood what we do right and what you would like to be changed or improved. This is extremely important for any project developing team. Now we work on bugs fixing and features improvement with double energy.

Judging by the huge amount of questions concerning our future plans, FlashMoto CMS is really anticipated, which made us even more excited. You may be sure that the final release is really close – just a little bit more patience. Currently we are thinking over the price and payment options. According to the wishes of the audience, FlashMoto CMS will be presented not as a single software product, but as a complete service package consisting of the Flash CMS and some useful additions. There will be a few different packages, each of them will provide you with noticeable advantages. This way we ‘re going to extend FlashMoto CMS potential and make it attractive for users with different project goals and business needs.

This stage is open for discussion as well! Tell us what you think about our offers – all opinions will be taken into account.

That is it for now. Thanks again to everyone for being involved in our project.

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • AFAIK there should be a lite version too , with less feature/limited pages and a big footer stating created with a free edition of flashmoto or something , as i don’t want to pay for a site license for my client and then don’t use it . also it would be cool if we could have access to a theme development kit now as i want to be one of the first to be able to theme flash moto

  • Audioestudio

    May include all the features of other cms in comparisons to its first version:
    • Support Dinamic Background
    • Support Playlist MP3
    • Building Custom Menu wirh Submenu Vertical or Horizontal
    • Multilingual Administration and Multilingual Flash Websites
    • Multiple XML Data Files
    • Flash SEO

  • I just learned of this product moments ago. After watching the demo and perusing the website, I have to say I’m very excited about Flash CMS. It wasn’t immediately obvious what stage of maturity the product was in, but this post cleared it up. I’m also delighted to hear the final verison is right around the corner. I hope it is a tremendous success.