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Find out the January 25-Line ActionScript Contest Winner!

MotoCMS Editorial 30 January, 2009

I just want to make a small digression and tell a few words about the contest. The 25-Line ActionScript Content is carried each month starting from November – December 2008. Its idea is rather simple: the entrants must create whatever they want in 25 lines of code. No library assets, nothing loaded in. Just code.

The contest is sponsored by Adobe Systems Inc. The winner is granted with a free copy of an Adobe CS4 Suite.

So, the winner of the January 25 Lines ActionScript Contest was announced yesterday. Congratulations to Thomas Kräftner for winning the contest with his entry Baroque (entry #30). He created a whimsical composition of lines that changes while you scroll. In 25 lines of code!
As, it was mentioned above, Thomas won an Adobe CS4 suite, provided by Lee Brimelow at Adobe.

I want to admit that there is a bunch of cool stuff there. All entries are fantastic. Here is just a couple of works that impressed me most of all.

Entry # 008
Title: Flight 25
Author: Petri Leskinen
The entry #8 just has blown my mind away!

* * *
Entry: # 007
Title: Firebending
Author: Eduard Ruzga
Entry # 007 was a fun to play with 🙂

The next contest will begin in February 2009 (the exact date hasn’t been specified yet). Like this one, there will be 2 weeks of entries, a week of judging and a week of voting.

And what can YOU do in 25 lines of code?

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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