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MotoCMS Editorial 7 April, 2017

MotoCMS offers a range of web templates to create a website for any goal. If you do need a website for your business and you can find it among our vast collection that combined 60+ categories for launching a web project of any kind.

Evolution from MotoCMS 2 0 - main image

Or simply, opt for Evolution Universal Business Website Theme. It is a unique template, compared to the rest of our web themes thanks to several exclusive features that you won’t find in any other web design from MotoCMS.

16 Pages Built with Made-Up Content Blocks

Evolution from MotoCMS 2 0 - block editor

Making a website with Evolution from MotoCMS, you can feel yourself like a real architect at the construction site. Thanks to the block editor in the MotoCMS website builder, your website customization process is simple, flawless and engaging.

Evolution Multipurpose Theme Update 2.0

A new update for Evolution made it possible for its owner to save even more time on building a professional website due to the increased number of ready-made blocks in the MotoCMS admin panel – 120+ content blocks are now at your service.

Evolution from MotoCMS 2 0 - blocks

A block is a pre-built layout element that you can drag and drop to your website and customize in your way with no special skills in web development. The full list of building blocks is available below:

  • 10 Headers;
  • 10 Galleries;
  • 8 Call to Action;
  • 26 General Content;
  • 10 Pricing Tables;
  • 8 Counters;
  • 11 Teams;
  • 8 Partners and Clients;
  • 7 Testimonials;
  • 9 Contacts;
  • 9 Footers;
  • 6 Other.

If any web developer is reading this article at this very moment, we recommend you to evaluate the potential you can get with Evolution when cranking out websites for your own clients.

Find a minute and take a closer look at the special terms of cooperation with MotoCMS and see for yourself how much you can save.

Child Home Pages for Niche Businesses

Another killer feature of Evolution that can significantly optimize your workflow is 6 child home pages: Medical, Web Design, Real Estate, Car Repair, Hotel and Law.

Evolution from MotoCMS 2 0 - child pages

Each extra home page has an original design that can be applied to any given business website with ease. Staff your home page with your content and 50% of your website is already done!

Responsive Website with Stunning Speed Rate

Evolution from MotoCMS 2 0 - responsive

Evolution is a 100% responsive template that automatically adjusts to any screen of any possible device with a further customization in the admin panel.

Evolution from MotoCMS 2 0 - sizes and values

To change your website appearance on different devices manually, take advantage of the Size and Values section in the Design settings.

Create Your Website Free of Charge

Evolution from MotoCMS 2 0 - theme

If you like Evolution, launch it for the free trial that lasts 14 days and get full access to the MotoCMS website builder. Once you figure out how it works, add your content and are satisfied with the outcome, you can buy out your ready-made website with all modifications at the end of the trial period.

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