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MotoCMS Editorial 3 March, 2010

It is a real challenge to review this new Flash CMS template as it’s full of attractive and alluring food images that will definitely give an edge to your appetite 🙂 . Of course, images as any other design element of the website can be easily customized via FlashMoto Flash content management system, what makes this Flash template suitable for almost any type of business, for example: advertising agencies, design studios, restaurant or hotel business, Real Estate services or any other commercial activity.


Clean style, elaborate page layouts, convenient navigation, minimalist color scheme – everything speaks for itself. It’s a professional business Flash website design powered by FlashMoto. Dynamic Flash introduction, animation and beautiful graphics give the best representation of the products for the target market. It’s a balanced combination of good visual design and usability, resulting in the positive user experience.


Starting with this Flash CMS template we provide our customers with an opportunity to preload images. In the Media Library you will find a new option: “Preload Item“.


So, now you can choose which image to preload and which not. These images are loaded on the website loading stage what allows to depict them instantly while browsing a website. For example, if you make a site logo as an image, then we advise you to preload it, so that while viewing your web pages, the logo would show immediately. You may also preload background image or other images of your gallery to improve user experience.

Another wonderful feature of this Flash design is the stunning splash page slideshow with a simple navigation to stop and play it any time you wish. And that’s not all. This web template contains charming music tracks to any taste.

To get a feel for things and view this CMS Flash template in action, just try Online Demo.

Don’t forget to check our full collection of Flash CMS templates that impress with their site structure, content presentation and unusual approaches.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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