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Elementor Cloud Website – Full-Fledged Website Solution

MotoCMS Editorial 8 April, 2022

Even though we continue observing new solutions and ideas, creating and launching a website are based on pretty much the same principles. Thus, there are various approaches to web creation, but no matter whether you’re building a landing page or a multifunctional site, you won’t start without the three pillars of it:

  • a content management system (CMS);
  • a domain;
  • hosting service.

As every option requires the attention of different specialists, it may take lots of time and money. That’s why the WordPress team has considered the common problems associated with building websites and presented users with an all-in-one optimized solution – Elementor Cloud Website. This CMS platform ensures over 40% of websites in the market, so rest assured that you’ll get an excellent site without hassle.

Elementor Cloud Website is an ideal decision for those who want to concentrate on website creation. Let’s delve into the key points now and find out why it’s a beneficial solution for your business!

Avoid The Process Taking Your Time

First, you should find a reliable hosting provider. Then you need to define what website builder you can rely on to promote your services. After that, it may be necessary to buy a domain name. As a result, it turns out that the traditional web creation process is not straightforward for novices, while for experienced users, it’s time-consuming. So what’s the point of that? Let’s get rid of these challenges:

  1. When deciding which cloud hosting for WordPress you need, there are many pitfalls like speed, security, price, storage limits, and support. You should thoroughly consider the conditions of various hosting types and define which one fits you: managed, dedicated, shared, or VPS. Also, an SSL certificate should be purchased to guarantee users’ data is secure.
  2. Domain name registration is an integral part of any website setup which may also surprise you. For example, the price varies depending on the uniqueness of the name, its length, and overall brand potential. An expensive and popular domain name impacts SEO(the number of clicks and high rankings) and can help you reach your target audience. Besides, some web creation platforms can also require extra payment for a custom domain name connection.
  3. Defining which platform fits you more may also take lots of time. Even though there is no need for special coding skills, website builders have different admin panels, and you should find one that is easy to customize, flexible and intuitive.

Brief Overview

Fixed Website Price

Elementor Builder was once a great addition to any theme. Now it has become so robust that you can create a world-class adaptive design with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and an extensive library of page layouts. With over 100 incredible widgets, more than 300 templates, and 60+ website kits, you’re free to experiment and make something unique that will attract lots of clients. This platform also can be used for eCommerce, so it’s your chance to make profits from selling goods online. It allows you to add various forms and pop ups to call clients to action.

Main Features

The full-fledged solution offers users to build and optimize a new website by:

  • instant installation. Every client gets WP CMS (software for building, modifying, and maintaining websites), Pro capabilities, and WP minimalistic blank theme with no styling.
  • ensuring robust data analytics, safe storage, and its fast transport thanks to Google cloud computing services.
  • providing a built-in Secure Sockets Layer Certificate(SSL). It guarantees the safety of an Internet connection and any sensitive data sent between two systems. Thus, you prevent data breaches, and your website visitors can be sure they can share their personal information. If necessary, you can install another SSL certificate for free on your own.
  • using Cloudflare CDN servers that guarantee fast delivery of website content wherever your clients are, better performance, and protection.
  • keeping all your content. 20GB Storage this platform offers is more than enough for any business purposes.
  • providing a good customer experience thanks to 100GB Bandwidth. As bandwidth means the number of visitors (traffic) you have to your site, the more GB you have, the higher the website data transfer rate is, leading to shorter download times.
  • automating the backup process and creating a manual restore point whenever you want.

Besides, experienced 24/7 support is also one of the outstanding features. Suppose you have questions or problems with hosting, page editing or anything related to website creation. In that case, the competent managers will provide you with free recommendations and help you with any issues.

Web Creation on a Different Scale

The primary aim was to help users scale and manage their websites easily. That’s why the platform is powered by the Kubernetes open-source system, which ensures fast and reliable work regardless of visitors flow.

Does It Fit You?

All-In-One Website Elementor Cloud Website is a perfect decision for those who want to proceed directly to website creation without hassle with hosting, domain name, and other essential issues awaiting users at the beginning of their service/product online presentation. Thanks to pre-setting features, web creators should only customize pages according to their business needs, launch the website, and manage its performance.

Please note ownership of your content is guaranteed.

No Hidden Payments

Nobody wants to pay more. Still, there are common cases when clients buy a subscription/template/website, and it turns out later that the total sum is higher than the initial one. With Elementor pricing, you won’t overpay as all the conditions of purchase are clear – you pay $99 once a year, that’s all!

Forget about various EXTRA and make the right choice.

Elementor Cloud Website FAQs

Who Are These Websites Suitable For?

This beneficial solution fits anybody who dreams of a responsive and modern website, wants to avoid any difficulties and save money. Thus, Elementor is your key to success whether you’re:

  • a simple user who needs a business card, CV or wedding invitation;
  • a professional web designer or developer;
  • a freelancer;
  • a marketer who aims to expand services and earn more;
  • small business owner desiring to promote services and boost sales;
  • an agency that plans to optimize workflow and expand client base.

What Differs Elementor Cloud Website from Elementor Plugin?

There is a slight difference and you should decide which approach is better for you:

  1. By purchasing Pro Plugin you have the opportunity to customize any theme and enjoy all types of various widgets, functions, website kits, etc. NB, hosting should be purchased separately!
  2. By purchasing Cloud Website, besides of the strengths that Pro plugin includes, you also get hosting, and WP installation. You can save your time and nerves with its help.

Where Do Users Manage Website?

Elementor Cloud Website Editing

Every WordPress user can access their own My Elementor dashboard. You can run your site and even backups there, account profile and billing details, download your pro version, get support, and set up a custom domain.

Where Are Websites Hosted?

Belgium has become a reliable place for website hosting. Elementor takes care of maintaining the servers where your data is kept, so you can pay more attention to building your site and stop worrying about data security.

How Does the CDN Optimize for Speed?

Content Delivery Network makes sure every user can reach your site without waiting for content downloading. It guarantees excellent performance thanks to the servers that keep your data. As data centers are located in different places, website visitors don’t have problems with website availability. Thus, CDN increases delivery speed, reduces the bounce rate, provides a good user experience, and boosts traffic.

Complete Functional Solution from WordPress

Elementor Cloud Website relieves you of challenges awaiting WordPress clients. It can take a lot of effort to identify the source of the problem and come up with a solution. To do that, you should have extensive experience in WordPress development and deployment, which is contrary to the purpose of using these off-the-shelf solutions.

But what if you could combine hosting, backup, theme, and plugin support into one affordable solution? You could enjoy the process of efficient website creation and make profits by striking a profitable deal.

WP Website Creation

Let’s sum up its strengths:

  • using Pro functions that open new opportunities for efficient website building;
  • intuitive dashboard for fast and easy website customization;
  • 100+ incredible widgets;
  • relying on the Google Cloud Platform that ensures secure web hosting;
  • using CDN by Cloudflare to increase the speed of page loads;
  • straightforward custom domain connection;
  • free SSL certificate.

Nowadays, this is a full-fledged platform with no equal among WordPress projects. Users can transform their sites by editing, designing, and using various CMS tools while getting free hosting and premium support. Also, professionals and agencies can get more orders and manage their workflow thanks to Elementor’s all-inclusive website solution.

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