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Defrozo: New Trendy Photography Portfolio Theme is Here

MotoCMS Editorial 9 December, 2016

Photography websites are having their moment. MotoCMS knows about that at first hand, because photography website templates are very popular among our customers. So we put this fact on notice, revised best websites for photographers we have and created an all-in-one solution.


Defrozo – an ultimate photography portfolio theme that will help any photographer to start or renew own website with the greatest ease and absolutely no coding skills.

Simplified Page Editor

Making a photography website with Defrozo is like playing with construction blocks. Use a built-in block editor in your admin panel from MotoCMS to build your own online portfolio design and manage it in your web browser with no web development experience. Tweak your photography website with ready-made blocks and drag & drop functionality.

4 Complete Websites in 1 Theme

Within just one website template, the MotoCMS team combined 4 original designs for Defrozo’s each page (except for blog functionality). So you can swap between a wide range of pre-built variations to come up with a truly unique photography website design.

Full Range of Widgets

MotoCMS website creator has everything for a photographer to edit own portfolio without hiring a team of programmers. There is a full range of widgets for:

  • customizing your site layout from scratch;
  • adding photos and other media files in the split second;
  • browsing your artwork with 3 different types of responsive galleries;
  • redesigning the whole color palette of your online photography portfolio in a few clicks;
  • binding your accounts on top social media platforms with your website;
  • sending emails to your subscribers and much more.

Aviary Photo Editor

Integrated to Media Library – a drag-and-drop file manager, Aviary Photo Editor is a great way to enhance the images you have already uploaded to the admin panel. There is a bunch of tools to change your image size and orientation, crop it, add some effects etc.

Blog Functionality

Create a professional blog to promote yourself as a photographer and publish readable content for your clients, fans and colleagues. Manage your blog and customize its design with no third party thanks the tools that are easy to use. Enable commentaries to get feedback from your visitors. Let them share any article via most popular social media with the special widget and more.


Add basic information for each page of your photography website, so search engines could spot it on the web. Type in titles, descriptions for pages and ALT tags for images. Enable page indexation, manage 301 redirects and more.

24/7 Tech. Support

Have an issue with your website? Address it to our professional support! You are welcome to discuss your question by using a live chat or simply set a callback and your personal manager will dial your number at the time you need.

Start Creating Your Portfolio Website Free


If you like Defrozo, you can test it free of charge. Launch this template for the 14-days trial period and start creating your photography website without any charges. You can get the website you have created with all adjustments at the end of the trial.


Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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