Creative Papervision3D Websites

MotoCMS Editorial 5 March, 2009

Today I made one more attempt to gather splendid and professional Papervision3D websites that impressed me much both in terms of creativity and technical execution. As to be creative requires the courage to let go of certainties, so here you will find some really crazy cool ideas and perfect original solutions for different types of activity. Enjoy the collection and get inspired!

1. Zamuel Hube Gallery
This original art gallery made on Papervision3D belongs to a Finnish painter Zamuel Hube. I liked the idea a lot, it creates the feeling that I’m going along this gallery viewing the amazing masterpieces.

Papervision 3D - 0

2. Mercedes-amg
Here is one of the Mercedes AMG SL65 Black Series websites. As you see, even such famous brands as Mercedes have websites developed on Papervision3D. By dragging a cursor, you can see a car from different sides. you can click on elements to see a gallery of images and videos.

Papervision 3D - 1

3. Foot Locker
Here is one of the catchy and dynamic papervision3D websites that belongs to Foot Locker, exclusive sports wear distributer.

Papervision 3D - 2

4. Plantate
I really enjoyed browsing this website full of funny characters, cute animation and graphic effects. The website represents the whole imaginative world. This project was done by Igriega.

Papervision 3D - 3

5. Hook USA
At first it looks simple but you’ll soon realize that it’s a original, cool and smooth website with a fresh approach. This website was done by BlueIon for Hook, an ad agency located in Charleston (USA).

6. Q-films
A website for Q.films, an independent film company, conveys a certain coolness. The navigation peppered with some 3d elements and animation like flash components. After browsing through it, I have to say that it is quite impressive from a technical point of view.Papervision 3D –

Papervision 3D - 4

7. TBC
This a website done by Ringo especially for TBC, a full-service advertising agency and public relations company based in Baltimore. The main website features are simplicity and originality in content presentation.

Papervision 3D - 5

8. West Coast Cornhole
It’s a cool website with lot’s of shiny tricks and intense on Papervision3d. Very enjoyable experience!

Papervision 3D - 6

9. Zara Media
This Papervision3d powered website belongs to Zara Media Design Group, a brand agency from Salt Lake City. They did a great job! Simplicity in design and navigation is their mainadvantage.

Papervision 3D- 7

10. X-prime
X-Prime, a french digital agency, now can boast of its amazing brand new website complete with a Papervision 3D interface. Good job!

Papervision 3D - 8

That’s it for now. Your comments are always welcome. See you later!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • nice works thanks for share..

  • good list! first link is wrong.

  • Difort

    link fixed

  • Adam

    Papervision is the best thing since sliced bread. I love it!

  • Papervision is the best thing since sliced bread.

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