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What’s Cool in the Latest MotoCMS 3.0.13 Update?

MotoCMS Editorial 28 January, 2016

Another month is gone – another MotoCMS 3 update is here! The latest January MotoCMS 3.0.13 update brings cool new features to the admin panel widgets as well as SEO settings improvements. Let’s check them up!

MotoCMS 3.0.13 Update - main

SEO Settings in MotoCMS 3.0.13 Update

SEO settings are those of the most vital features in the website creation. So MotoCMS pays great attention to their improvement. This update includes addition of a few important functions that will allow you setting up search engine optimisation for your website better.

Thus, a 301 redirect function was improved with the url field. Now you can set and edit a specific url for 301 redirect from any page in the Redirects tab (Settings section). Just pay attention to new url to have a destination url based either on absolute path or relative path.

The team has also implemented a new approach to “Open URL” links creation. Now the http:// protocol is displayed while you’re creating your page link.

In the Settings section a new feature for editing a Page Title was added. now you can choose among three different formats for displaying a Page title in the browser tab:

  • a title only;
  • Title | Website Name
  • Title – Website Name

Widgets Improvement

From now on you can set a fixed position for the background image inside the Container simply ticking the box “Fixed” in the Design tab on the left.

Among other features you can find:

  • for the Slider and Grid Gallery widgets, an opportunity to add a single quote for the description field was implemented;
  • for the Embed Code widget, a possibility to turn on or off the code in header/footer for a specific page or for the entire website was created.

Hope these new features will help you making your website better and more successful. Sign up for MotoCMS Blog newsletter and never miss any news!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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