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MotoCMS 3.0.12 Update: New Features for E-commerce Plugin

MotoCMS Editorial 22 December, 2015

It’s been a short while since we released our latest updates for MotoCMS 3. Now it’s high time for pleasing our customers with more improvements! We have many technical features added to MotoCMS 3 admin panel withing MotoCMS 3.0.12 update. And we are happy to offer you our very first MotoCMS E-commerce plugin 1.1.1 update as well.

MotoCMS 3.0.12 Update - main


E-commerce Plugin 1.1.1 Update

Other MotoCMS 3.0.12 Update Features

E-commerce Plugin 1.1.1 Update

E-commerce is not a new option for those MotoCMS customers who purchased this offer. And they will be happy to know that its first update is here and has lots of new functions, cool templates and useful widgets that are to improve their work with this pugin, their online store performance and usability.

New Tab: Templates

First Store update introduces a whole new tab called “Templates.” Here you can customize the frontend look of your online store and its product pages. It includes three sub-sections: Home, Category and Product.

In the home section you see a main page of your store and can customize its header, footer and background from the right side panel. From the widget panel on the left you can drop traditional MotoCMS widgets, like image, text or button, and new widgets from the special Store section. Here you have such new widgets as:

  • Cart and Profile;
  • Search;
  • Breadcrumbs;
  • Product List;
  • Product Categories.

MotoCMS 3.0.12 Update - templates section

Note that number of such widgets for Header/Footer and Content sections varies. Thus, you can use only Cart and Profile and Search widgets for Header and Footer sections.

Product List Widget

New Product List widget is aimed to improve your store product presentation to a customer. You can use it within a Home section to create a look for oneline store Home Page or in the Category section to customize the categories layout.

MotoCMS 3.0.12 Update - product list

From now on you can set up the number of items you wish to show on one page from 1 to 100. With this very widget you can also set up the number of items in a row. Just choose from 1 to 4 from the drop-down list. And don’t forget to type in a text for this section.

Product List widget allows modifying not just the number of presented items but also their look and functions. You can choose among thumbnail image presets on the right side panel. And now you have one more extremely useful feature that allows opening an enlarged image of a thumbnail in a lightbox. Just tick the respective checkbox next to “Show preview image on thumbnail click” and you’ll get the semi-transparent “eye” icon on thumbnails. Clicking it will show you a larger photo of a product.

Product Section Widgets

In the same Templates section you can customize the look of a Product Page (its content you add and modify in the Product tab on the left). Aside of the Store widgets mentioned in Home section (they’re all available for the Product Page), here you have the following ones:

  • Short Description;
  • Description;
  • Product Title;
  • Properties (includes product Brand title and SKU number);
  • Product Options;
  • Product Quantity;
  • Price;
  • Media Gallery;
  • Add to Cart button;
  • Rating and Reviews widgets.

MotoCMS 3.0.12 Update - product widget

Inside the admin panel you get a default Product page which you can customize the way you like. You can add, remove or relocate these widgets on a page to get the layout that suits your needs. You can also choose among preset styles within Product Price and Product Title widgets to make them look more personalized.

Add to Cart widget allows you to tick the checkbox that will add an action “Auto-redirect to cart” to this button. If checked, this action will take a user right to his cart with selected products.

Aside these features you now drop an “Add to Cart” button right under a product to allow users adding products from the main product list page.

Products Tab

Here you can find minor but very useful updates that improve the functionality of your store in terms of product variations. Sometimes you just need to create a version of one product based only on its color or size differences. Now you can not just add a variation to the product but improve its presentation. With this update you can:

  • Add a specific image for each product variation;
  • Add a specific value for this variation;
  • Get an auto-generated SKU based on the main product’s one.

Settings Tab

Inside the setting tab you’ll now find the whole new sub-section “Localization.” At first it may seem a bit scary as it has multiple fields for customization. Don’t panic. These are just fields for typing in a text you wish to be shown on a Checkout page and a Shopping Cart. Search feature was added to the plugin to allow you quickly find products you need.

Now MotoCMS E-commerce plugin has an integration with YotPo system to allow your customers leave reviews to your products. It’s a highly important feature that can boost your sales and engage more customers. After integration with YotPo you can add Rating and Reviews widget to each Product Page (they won’t function if YotPo isn’t set up). And a new payment system – Postfinance – is integrated within MotoCMS e-commerce plugin to broaden payment options for your clients.

Other features within MotoCMS E-commerce plugin Update include:

  • “Export” button was added within a Products section. Now you can export your products catalog to CSV;
  • “My Cart” title style can now be customized.

Other 3.0.12 Features

Among other features added with this update you get an opportunity to customize default settings for the Row widget namely fixed width and spacing between columns. You also get the following opportunities:

  • SEO options: add canonical URL for a page;
  • Media Library: add .svg files.

These are all improvements for today. We hope you will make use of all of them to get more user-friendly and functional website. Share your experience of using these features in comments below. And feel free to tell us what features you would like to see in future MotoCMS updates.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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