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Content Marketing Storytelling – 5 Ways to Master the Art

Niraj Ranjan 7 June, 2018

A good content marketing storytelling can help rake in conversion rates six times higher than other methods. To master the art of business storytelling first understand what makes it so appealing to the human mind.

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Storytelling satisfies the innate desire of human beings to learn and be entertained. In fact, a well constructive story motivates voluntary cooperation.

However, with an attention span of less than 8 seconds, engaging audience with storytelling marketing is a challenge. The only way to cut through the noise is by telling a great story: offering value to customers while ensuring it aligns with the overall business goals.

Content Marketing Storytelling Principles

Master the art of storytelling to create content that sticks, here’s how:

Start with a hook

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Often, brands make the mistake of giving too much information, and in the process put the audience to sleep.

Instead, use a hook; with a few words get visitor’s attention. A strong hook can persuade visitors to engage further with your content.

Follow these pointers to make your hook stand out:

  • Start with an important fact. Stats, analogies, and phrases grab instant attention.
  • Humanize it. Rather than talking about what your product does, focus on how you can solve problems — benefits, not features.
  • Avoid jargons. People in the same industry might understand your message, but others will be confused. A good UI copywriting is one that’s simple and easy to consume. Here are a few jargons to stay away from: leverage, paradigm, synergy, and blue-sky thinking.

Here’s how a smart hook looks like.

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Show’em your an underdog

A research study shows that when given the choice, consumers will favor an underdog brand over a well-established one. It’s the David and Goliath effect where people cheer for the brand that overcomes obstacles.

A significant part of your content marketing storytelling should be about how you overcame problems even when the odds were against you. It shows to which extent your brand cares about its customers.

For Under Armour, the sports apparel company, the underdog effect is a cornerstone of their content marketing storytelling.

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Focus on customers, not your brand

Content that focuses solely on self-promotion will be flat out rejected. It doesn’t offer any clear solution to problems faced by the target audience. As a result, folks will bounce off your website in a snap.

Adopt a customer-centric approach to your content marketing storytelling. In the process you’re giving them a reason to stay on your website, fetching you genuine engagement.

Here a few ways to create customer-centric content:

  • A helpful blog. Cover topics that deal with the latest trends or problems customers are struggling with. A good blog with relevant CTAs can generate high conversions.
  • Case studies. It introduces the problem and shows how your product solves it. A smart way to educate the audience about product usage without being salesy.
  • Story-driven onboarding. Ditch the generic style of onboarding. It’s a common mistake B2B companies make with their customer onboarding. Write, talk, and show how real people use your product in the real world.

Here’s a great example of a story-driven customer onboarding. It explains product usage in a tone that’s rooted in a realistic scenario.

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Use the power of visual storytelling

Posts that include images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts — visual narrative engages like no other. It’s easier to pass large chunks of information through visual elements while ensuring high recall value.

Today, there are enough free content marketing tools which help create visual content pieces effortlessly. However, before executing your visual narrative, make sure you are telling a good story.

A compelling visual storytelling should have the following:

  • High-quality images. Avoid using images from the 90’s. Focus on quality stock images that keep customers engaged, ensuring they see value in your brand.
  • Omnichannel experience. Irrespective of the device customers use to land on your website, the visual experience should be seamless.
  • Set a color tone that matches your brand. Use a color palette and typography that matches your brand. A major part of your visual storytelling is to project a consistent brand image.

MotoCMS uses smart color pallets and typography to communicate brand value.

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Make it visible

Business storytelling is effective only when it reaches the right audience. If the content is lying on the last pages of Google, you’ll never get the desired engagement.

Regularly update your site with fresh content to stay on top of relevant searches. The more web pages you add, the more frequently Google spiders will crawl through your content.

But, don’t stop at SEO. Use alternative ways to increase your content reach. One way is to send newsletters updating prospects and customers about the latest piece of content. Furthermore, track engagement to see which topics are popular among your audience. To save time and effort on content reach, use marketing automation.

Content marketing storytelling humanizes your brand

A storytelling approach pushes you to know more about the problems faced by your target audience. You prioritize solving problems than pitching the product — bringing a human touch to your message. Ultimately, you should be a brand that speaks the language audience understand best.

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