Marvel Yourself with Amazon: Top Comic Con Accessories for Online Comics Fans

Allison Reed 23 August, 2017

Comic Con has already ended. The holiday season has not started yet. It is high time to purchase a few comic con accessories at a reasonable price. So, how about planning what you are going to give your little (or not so little) fan of comics online as a present? Here are some gift ideas that might interest you in case you love funny comics the way we do!

comic con accessories

Marvel Legends Series Mjolnir Electronic Hammer

Price: $96.43

This hammer is one of the best comic con accessories in case you are fond of Marvel. The original Odin design is detailed and attention-grabbing. You will surprise your friends with the light features that are activated by voice. Make everyone believe that you belong to the mighty family of Norse gods. Or persuade people that Mjolnir has chosen you because you are a worthy warrior. Anyway, this is a great present for fans of all ages!

thor hammer


Walking Dead Infinity Love Bracelet Collection

Price: $9.95

This bracelet is an elegant present for fans of the Walking Dead comics. It does not attract too much attention so you can wear it with any clothes. The bracelet can be extended, thus no worries that it will not fit you or your friends. Choose this bracelet as a present in case your love for comics online has become an essential part of your life.

Walking Dead Bracelet

MARVE Shield of Captain America Ultra Slim Dual USB PowerBank External Battery Pack

Price: $34.99

What are the main reasons to choose this external battery pack? Firstly, it is extra slim and can fit in any smallest pocket. Secondly, it is relatively inexpensive. And the cherry on the cake is the Marvel design. It immediately evokes all the features that Captain America stands for, i.e. stamina and intelligence. This external battery pack is an excellent way to say to your best friends that you treat them with the greatest respect.

capitan america shield


SmartEra 3D Optical Illusion New Mutants Deadpool Panel LED Desk Table Light Lamp

Price: $19.99

This lamp is the best gift you can give to a fan of the Deadpool comics. It is equipped with the USB touch button that brings a beautiful 3D illusion to life. It also has a color changing mode so you do not get stuck with red. Both children and grown-ups will find this lamp charming. Decorating your house and loving comics online can go hand in hand, as you see!

deadpool lightning

Walking Dead Michonne Katana Sling Bag

Price: $25.29

Are you looking for handy comic con accessories you can use after the party is over? Then this sling bag is what you need. The canvas and the elements from The Walking Dead comics make this bag a real bargain for you! It is spacious enough for your katana (in case you have one). It can also contain all the stuff one needs to survive in the modern world. This bag sends a very clear message that its owners can protect themselves no matter what.

walking dead bag

IEUBAG Lunch Bag Deadpool Logo Lunch Tote Lunch Box For Women Men Kids With Adjustable Strap

This lunch box belongs to comic con accessories with practical value. You can present it to your kid, your friends that love funny comics, or even your colleagues. Anyone really, who knows what the Deadpool comics are about. The lunch box is big enough for an average lunch. So, it can save you from starving to death while watching the Deadpool comics online!

deadpool bag

MARVEL IRONMAN 4L Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler

Price: $64.85

Your kid may not appreciate the gift, but your friends will sure do! If they love comics online and are planning to visit SDCC next year, choose this Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler with the Marvel design. It is not just one of comic con accessories. It is a real thing with the feasible functionality. 6 cans of cool 12 oz soda can be a lifesaver in case your SDCC adventures get wild, you know!

ironman fridge cooler

Deadpool Furry Pom Purse or Handbag Charm

Price: $7.99

This handbag charm has many advantages as a potential present. On the one hand, it is charming and can demonstrate your love to the Deadpool comics. On the other hand, it will show that you accessorize with taste thanks to the smart combination of the Marvel design elements.  Also, this handbag charm is small enough, only 3 inches. It means that it will not attract too much attention. So, nobody is going to tell you to grow up and stop watching comics online!

deadpool charm

Walking Dead Zombie Daryl Dixon Crossbow A Day 16 oz Travel Tumbler Coffee Mug

Price: $10.98

Although this coffee mug is not directly connected to the original The Walking Dead Comics, it is a great gift too. In fact, this is one of the must-have comic con accessories. Show me the person who can survive SDCC without a cup of decent coffee, right? As this coffee mug is made of plastic and stainless steel, it can become your reliable companion for years to come!

walking dead coffee mug

Comic Con Accessories – Buckle-Down Dog Leash

Price: $27.50

This dog leash is a great idea for fans of funny comics who (1) long for comic con accessories and (2) have a dog. Do you believe that dogs also have the right to watch comics online? Do you treat these animals as equal members of our society? then this leash is the best gift you can think of. Both a dog and its owner will appreciate it!

deadpoll comic con accessories

Now you know that there are many weird and at the same time great gifts if you need comic con accessories! Choose a gift that will cheer you up and buy one for a friend. Funny comics can bring lots of joy. So can presents. It is only logical to combine gifts and comics online to make the rest of the year unforgettable!


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