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12 Ways to Build Links for Real Estate SEO

MotoCMS Editorial 26 February, 2022

While link building is a complex and time-consuming process, it is crucial to search engine optimization (SEO) if you want your content to rank on various search engines. Backlinks signal search engines about the value, quality, and relevance of your real estate website to provide solutions to searchers’ needs. Read on for 12 ways to build high-quality links for real estate SEO.

Create Quality Content

One of the easiest ways to build links for your site is by creating stellar content that drives your readers to share. Since you get to interact with many people as a real estate professional, you should make it a habit to listen to their emotions, fears, and challenges. Next, create personalized content that captures clients’ experiences. You could create unique content in the form of blog posts, infographics, videos, case studies, podcasts, and images. This drives people to link to your website naturally, improving your rankings.

Real Estate SEO – Guest Blogging

Guest posting is one of the oldest and most effective link-building tactics. It involves writing and publishing content on other authority websites such as KC Property Connection related to your niche. Ensure that the site you choose to guest post allows ‘do follow’ links to your site. However, be clever about placing links on your guest blogs. You should ensure that the anchor texts appear natural.

Find Unlinked Mentions

Most people often mention you or your real estate business without linking to you. You could take advantage of such mentions to earn backlinks to your site. The good thing is, you are sure that the authors are familiar with your business; otherwise, they would not have mentioned you. This means that you have a perfect reason to reach out and convince the author to convert the mentions into links. Use tools such as Ahrefs’ Content Explorer to develop a list of web pages with unlinked mentions and pursue them at your leisure.

Refurbish Top Content

An effective way to build high-quality backlinks to your site is by repurposing existing content. Identify site content that drives more traffic to your website, retains web visitors for the most extended period, and converts leads into paying customers. Next, recreate this content for other platforms such as Quora, Instagram, Slideshare, or YouTube to expand your business’s acquisition funnel beyond search engines like Google and Bing. You could also identify older content on your site that authority websites in the real estate industry linked to that’s gone stale and republish or update it, then let the trusted sites know.

Real Estate SEO Linkbuilding – Link to Others

Identify sites that have published excellent resources that may be valuable to your web visitors and link out to the content. Linking to other sites is an effective way to encourage other websites to link back to you. When you link to others, they may feel obliged to return the favor. They could end up sharing your content on their social media platforms or site, which could drive traffic to your website. However, be careful not to exchange links excessively for the sake of cross-linking, as this could negatively impact your ranking on search engines. Instead, ensure that you link to content that makes sense from your target audience’s standpoint.

Write Reviews

If your real estate business website features sections covering local events, amenities, and restaurants, consider writing positive reviews to some of these service providers. You could also create relevant content for your site and mention or quote them without sounding overly promotional. This will not only benefit your target audience. It could also help you earn quality links and potential traffic to your website. Let the service providers know that you wrote about them, then depending on your relationship, you could request them to link to the reviews.

Recover Dead Backlinks

Sometimes, you may discover broken links to your site, mainly if you recently migrated to another domain or relaunched your website. A broken link may also result from changing the location of the web page or a misspelled link to your site. This means that the backlinks will return a 404 error. To reclaim the power of such links, you should consider recreating the web pages or redirecting the links to existing posts. Use tools such as Link Juice Recovery Tool (LJR) to identify backlinks on your site that link to non-existent pages.

Real Estate SEO – Request Links

Suppose you are looking to get a backlink from a specific site to boost your website authority in the real estate business. In that case, you should consider reaching out to the website owner and requesting them to make it happen. However, before you ask specific sites to backlink to you, you should:

  • Ensure that the website is relative to your niche
  • Research the website performance and credibility

Leverage Your Network

One of the most significant ways to generate targeted traffic is by having real people link back to your site. You can achieve this by leveraging your sphere of influence to boost your SEO campaign. Identify real estate industry leaders in your location, including mortgage professionals, real estate attorneys, surveyors, title agencies, home inspectors, escrow services, and other real estate experts (but not your competition). Next, quote them, do round-ups, interview them and praise them in your content every once in a while, and request them to link to you in return.

Exposure in Local Media

Promote your real estate business and brand by providing insightful commentary on property market trends in your area and interacting with journalists of local newspapers. A journalist may take an interest in you, publish a piece about your insights, and even link to your website. Since news websites often have high authority domains, a backlink could drive a lot of traffic to your site.

You could also leverage the power of local media by sharing the latest developments in your real estate business through press releases. Whether you are organizing an event, opening a new office, or hiring a coveted realtor, be sure to develop a press release and share it with industry influencers and local media.

 Be More Involved in Your Local Community

Community outreach is an excellent way to grab the attention of your local target audience and benefit from valuable and influential links. To be more involved in your community, you should consider:

  • Participating or hosting community events, workshops, seminars, and organizations
  • Engaging in scholarships and sponsorships
  • Joining local business associations
  • Donating to worthy causes
  • Developing relationships with other local businesses to identify ways you could better the health of the local economy
  • Posting jobs and offering internships
  • Promoting loyalty programs

 Forum Posting

Today, most home sellers and buyers use public forums such as Reddit and Quora to discuss challenges and post questions about selling and buying homes. Consider being active on the forums or creating profiles on local platforms relevant to your community. Next, use these platforms to showcase your expertise and authority in the real estate industry and build quality links by offering solutions to searchers’ challenges and problems. Be sure to follow guidelines by forum administrators when sharing content, and only place links when they sound natural.

Real Estate SEO – Endnote

Link building is an effective way to ensure that your target audience finds, reads, and shares your content. Consider implementing the above strategies to accrue quality links for real estate SEO.

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