This is Probably the Best Way to Make Profit Building Websites

MotoCMS Editorial 29 September, 2016

It took almost 30 years for websites to turn from simple pages coded with HTML into something we know today. Though the technologies became more complex, they only simplified the process of website creation.

Building websites - main

Website builders like MotoCMS have changed the rules of the game. The website building is now available for everyone. Have you ever thought about converting this idea into real profit?

Welcome to MotoCMS Developers Program

If you have ever tried to create a website with a website builder from MotoCMS, then you know that it is pretty easy. That’s why anyone can join the MotoCMS developers program:

  • Beginners with no web development skills, but a large ambition to get a new job and make good money;
  • Web developers who are trying to find a way to saving more time and money on their business.

Don’t forget that the participation in the program requires no financial commitment. You don’t have to look for a sponsor, investor or any other financial support to start your business.

Start Building Websites With No Seed Funding

No jokes. This strategy works for hundreds of web developers who already use MotoCMS in a professional manner. You can start building websites for your clients, even if you don’t have seed funding for a project. How? Let me explain this in four simple stages.

Step 1. Find a client you can trust

First, you should find a client who needs a website and whom you can trust. Saying this, I mean that you have to find out, whether your client is serious about starting an online business or not. If it is so, perfect! You are ready to make the second step.

If not, just remember this day once and for all and make sure that this will not happen again in future. Unfortunately, some clients may back out of the promise to pay for your work. Search for the customers you are able to get along with.

* * *

TIP: Look for potential clients among the owners of outdated websites and show them the advantages of renovation.

Step 2. Get to know your client and pick a template

Congratulations! You found your client. It means you can finally get started with the realization of your project. Now it is time to choose a template for a future website. To pick an appropriate web design, you should find out the two most important things:

  • Your client’s business;
  • What kind of a website your client requires. (blog, e-store, landing page etc.)

Once you figure out these two facts, check out the collection of MotoCMS 3 website templates. Pick up the template(s) that fits the description. Choose the final variant, taking into consideration all preferences of your client, get the approval and let’s go to work!

* * *

TIP: Lure your client with a variety of possible options for a future website. Don’t choose just one template per project. Pick from 5 to 10 examples and show them all. Your client will not deny you and definitely find the best solution.

Step 3. Edit the template and show the result to your client

When you and your client agreed on a selected template, launch its demo version. It is free of charge and requires only your email or social media account to log in.

Press the Try Free for 14 Days button on a template’s page, enter your personal data, wait a few seconds and voila – your demo is ready! Don’t forget to check your mailbox to confirm the registration when using an email.


Now you have an access to the same functionality of MotoCMS admin panel as if you would purchase your template. The gimmick is you have no limitations in creating a professional website. The only thing you should not forget about is timing – note that the trial period lasts 14 days. Admit that two weeks are more than enough to complete your project.

So go ahead! Сustomize an original template with an admin panel and turn it into the website of your customer’s dreams. Once the work is done, show it to your client.

* * *

TIP: Before getting started with a website customization, get all necessary content from your client to avoid any difficulties in future.

Step 4. Get paid and complete the project

What’s next? Your client is completely satisfied and you get your pay cheque. It is up to you how you appraise your work. Just ensure a profit for yourself minus the actual cost of the template and its launching (an installation offer).

When the money in your hands, so to say, complete the project by purchasing the template with all modifications. There is a special button on the MotoCMS admin panel dashboard.


The last, but not the least issue is launching the website you created. In fact, this process is a mere trifle, because you need only to upload the template’s files on a hosting server. Here are recommended hosting requirements:

  • PHP v. 5.4+, 5.5+ or 5.6+;
  • Zend Guard Loader;
  • MySQL database support.

If you don’t want to waste your time on a website installation, you can use the template + installation offer. The MotoCMS team will transfer the files for you. In this case, just include the cost of the offer to the price of your project.


TIP: Try to offer your client a hosting solution in addition to a website installation. With the template + installation + hosting bundle you can save a lot more time.

* * *

Do you like the plan? There is more to come. Now I am going to share with you how to save your money and reduce the initial cost of the MotoCMS templates you will use for your projects.

Get Your Work Done and Keep It Up!

Now you know the most simple and free way of making both professional websites and net profit. The most important thing at this point is not losing momentum. Here’s what you should do next…

To grow your business, you must search for new clients. Make more websites for your customers with the strategy I shared with you before. In this way, you guarantee yourself a good foundation for increasing a loyalty level. More about this below.

Join MotoCMS Loyalty Program


MotoCMS Loyalty Program allows web developers to save money and time on creating websites for their clients. You become a participant as soon as you buy your first MotoCMS template. Buy the second template and start getting permanent discounts, free installations, and many other goodies.

The loyalty program allows you not just to spend fewer resources. It helps you to optimize the working process in general. Let me walk you through and show you how this works in practice.

Increase your loyalty level

There are six levels in MotoCMS Loyalty Program. To achieve the next level with a bigger discount, you have to meet particular requirements in your personal account.


This is the first loyalty level. You should have 2 licenses under your account, register a demo version for your friend and subscribe to our pages on social networks to become a Rookie. Then you get:

  • 10% discount permanently on any MotoCMS templates.


To reach the second level, you should have 5 licenses under your account, leave 3 reviews for any templates under your account and make a photo with MotoCMS Heart. The benefits of this level are:

  • 15% discount permanently on any MotoCMS templates;
  • 1 month of Pro Support for free.


Get 10 licenses, add a website to MotoCMS Gallery and subscribe to MotoCMS Library to reach the Junior level with:

  • 20% discount permanently on any MotoCMS templates;
  • 2 months of free Pro Support.



The requirements for this level are: 25 licenses under your account and talk to MotoCMS Marketing. The benefits:

  • 30% discount permanently on any MotoCMS templates;
  • 3 months of Pro Support for free.


To become a Senior, you should have 50 licenses under your account and share a video testimonial. Your reward is:

  • 40% discount permanently on any MotoCMS templates;
  • 4 months of Pro Support for free.


The requirements are 100 licenses under your account and RMS (Ready Made Store) installation. The final level guarantees you:

  • 50% discount permanently on any MotoCMS templates;
  • LIVE TIME Pro Support for free.

Note that your loyalty level discount can’t be combined with any sales on the MotoCMS official website. But, please, don’t worry. You will get a bigger discount no matter happens.

For example, if you are a Rookie with your 10% discount during a 40% sale campaign, you will get 40% OFF! All purchases are counted automatically. You can check the total number of licenses in your account.

Become a guru in building websites

The most of the requirements are pretty simple, no matter what level you are trying to achieve. Uploading a photo or subscribing to social media accounts is easy as pie, agree? So just keep doing your job. Create as many websites as possible to reach the next level.

Don’t focus on getting a bigger discount. Look at this from another perspective. Think about how to make your business more prosperous, love what you do and I guarantee that you will succeed.

Build Your Own Brand with White Label

The website creation is definitely a business. Aside from building websites, you should also build a brand to identify yourself on the market. However, branding is a sophisticated process. It may take a lot of your time, sweat, blood and tears.


The MotoCMS White Label offer will help you to avoid all this and develop your business brand much faster. All you need is a brand name and a logo. The MotoCMS team will take care of everything else.

For those who are not familiar with the notion of White Label, the process looks like this:

  • You get a template with a White Label license;
  • You replace the MotoCMS branding with your own logo;
  • You retail the template with a built-in admin panel under your personal brand and price with no restrictions.

Don’t forget that the cost of a White level license depends directly on your loyalty level. The higher level you have, the less money you spend. Create up to 5 different brand identities and retail MotoCMS templates under your own price.

The Bottom Line

No matter who you are, you can start building fascinating websites, get real profit from this and save big on developing of your own successful business with MotoCMS. If you have any questions, our support center is free and available for everyone 24/7.

Thank you for reading this tutorial. We hope you enjoyed it. Wish you all the best in creating beautiful websites for your customers and welcome to the MotoCMS developers community!

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