9 Cool Websites of 9 MotoCMS Clients – Can You Do Better?

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Helen Stark 4 March, 2013

Hello friends! We always say that by using our Flash CMS templates you can create many different designs with powerful functionality. Now we would like to show you what exactly you can do with our products. We will demonstrate several websites of our customers, so that you see real examples of how the same business template can look like. Today we will consider the Flash CMS template #36742.

MotoCMS business website template

This is a business website template that can be used almost for all purposes. It is designed in light colors with bright orange accents and can be used by consulting and financial companies, stock market brokers and agents, insurance and industrial companies. So now lets examine how the template’s potential can be evoked and enriched.

Allbay Solar

This solar integration company made a good use of template popups. Like many other business companies this one has a lot of menu tabs. In case your business website also has a complex menu you can simplify its structure as Allbay Solar did. Make a sub-menu that is well visible on the home page and let every item be opened in a separate popup.

By default the Flash CMS template has one home page image slider. This solar energy company created another gallery that showcases additional photos in a popup. These pictures can be looked through by using left and right arrow buttons (they become visible when you hover the mouse pointer over the gallery) or coin sliders (take a look to the bottom left corner of the gallery).

There is one more thing that we would like to compliment Allbay Solar for. By using our Mobile editor they created a nice mobile version of the main website.

Evangeliegemeente De Deur Breda

This is another website built with MotoCMS template #36742. This evangelic ministry customized the business web template and launched a nice looking religious website.

When looking through the site you can see how Google Calendar can be used. The organization schedule is up to review and every site visitor can stay informed about date and time of upcoming events.

The next screenshot displays a page with a lot of information in the text form. People are inclined to leave out huge texts. That is why you should give much attention to text blocks in your design. This religious organization uses images and colorful frames to visually break it up into paragraphs. Such eye-catchy details increase the website readability.

Al Sunnah

Do you recognize our business Flash CMS template in this clean style website? Its color scheme and general layout differ greatly from default ones. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the template’s functionality: upload new pictures from your computer, your Picassa or Flickr accounts, edit them with the Image edotor, delete needless pages and create new ones.


This business website has a simple home page that differs greatly from the original template. The horizontally oriented menu toolbar is duplicated at the bottom of the home page. It is a good solution when you want site visitors to find information they need with ease. The bottom menu is visible only on the home page, so it doesn’t draw visitors attention from important information.

This Polish company has a lot of photos to showcase. Nowadays many business firms want and even need to have a portfolio. Our control panel can help them in this situation. By using business website template you can create a fully functional photo gallery with thumbnails or without them. INST-EL created several galleries that display photos of different types of their activity.

Rumpel Bar

This is our another customer that made a good looking website based on our Flash CMS template. The first thing that we would like to pay your attention to is a website preloader. Rumpel Bar customized it a little bit by adding a polite request to wait for a moment. You can versatile it too with creative images and new messages.

If you follow our news regularly you probably heard a lot about the Advanced contact form widget. Here it is in action.

By using this widget you can enhance your contact form functionality with Text fields and Text areas, Select, CheckBox, Radio button and File upload items.

Gualotuna Motorsports

What would you say about this stylish design? Its splash page welcomes you with a fantastic photo. If you use this MotoCMS template (or any other template from MotoCMS store) you can do the same, that is create new page and set it as a welcome page.

People who created this website used an ability to stretch web pages at most. Try to scroll the home page of the website and you will see how long and substantial it can be.

Take a look to the right sidebar of this website. There is a ‘Donate’ button with payment types you can use. Among the template’s widgets you can also find a ‘Buy Now’ button. These two e-Commerce components are always available within all our templates.

This website also has several videos. We did our best, so that you can upload them from a computer and from YouTube directly. We are glad to know that our customers appreciate this feature and use individual videos as well as video galleries.

Best Bizzes

Now let’s take a look at Best Bizzes company website. This is another example of what you can do with our Flash CMS templates. Bright colors and original header make this website look impressive and nice.

Best Bizzes used our HTML widget to create a members forum.

The Nabble forum is quickly and easily embedded, so you can test it too. To start the forum you just need to create an account on nabble.com and to paste the received code to our HTML widget.

Rongtai International

The next and the last website that we want you to see is Rongtai International. Orange and gray colors combination looks really good. This solution increases texts readability and makes all images more eye-catchy

This industrial company successfully implemented one of our gallery widgets. The gallery is opened in a separate popup. Site visitors can look through photos by using left and right arrow buttons or thumbnails.

Now you know how to work with our templates and how they can be personalized. We are proud of our customers who dare to be cooler than their competitors. Be the next star of MotoCMS, so that we can be proud of you too!

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Author: Helen Stark
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