31% MotoCMS Discount on All Templates and Services – Last Summer Sale

Allison Reed 29 August, 2017

You are probably experiencing a kind of nostalgic feeling for the hottest summer moments. In order to give our clients some extra happy days, we are announcing a 31% MotoCMS discount for all our products and services. Yup, you read that right. Starting from the 29th of August till the end of the month you will have an opportunity to save on website builder templates, installation, customization, hosting, additional plugins and social media packs.

MotoCMS Discount featured

Here is the list of discounted prices so that you could check how much you save during the sale:

The most pleasant part is that there is no need to search for promo-codes or coupons, all the prices will be slashed. Therefore, you can simply add your favorite templates and professional services to the shopping-cart and enjoy the process! Don`t lose your chance, the offer will last only until the 31st of August. Grab yours!

Save now


Author: Allison Reed
Allison is a professional content marketer and an inspired author. Marketing manager by day and a writer by night, she is creating many articles on business, marketing, design and web development. She loves working with website builders and CMS, and sharing her experience with the readers. Follow her on LinkedIn and Facebook.
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