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MotoCMS Editorial 29 May, 2017

2017 UEFA Champions League Final will leave a mark in football history in a couple of days. Talking about history, if you turn to the statistics, you will find out that this match has a pretty solid background within the umbrella of Champions League. Before we describe conditions of the special giveaway from MotoCMS, let us get you inspired with a couple of interesting facts about both teams and their participation in the tournament.

Is Zinedine Zidane A New Legendary Coach?

If you are a hardcore football fan, then you probably remember the 2006 World Cup final. We can only guess what made Zizu finish his own football career in the way he did. You won’t deny that this man had an alternative way that might affect the final score and not cost his team the championship.

No matter what this player deserves respect, even despite his bad sportsmanship that day. As for now, the Champions League final 2017 is a special page in Zidane’s career. There is a number of good reasons why. If you believe in supernatural and something we call “fate”, then you will find the path of Zizou in football pretty interesting.

During his career, Zidane was a member of just four clubs, two of which are the finalists of the Champions League this year. Both Juventus and Real Madrid played a huge role in the fate of Zinedine, so it is no secret that this year final means a lot to him as the former player and present coach. The more exciting news that it is only at the beginning of his coaching career. We can only guess what will happen next. 🙂

Can Real Madrid Step Twice Into The Same Rivers?

Champions League is a tournament with its own history. In 2017, the Royal Club is currently trying to rewrite it. Once upon a time, Real Madrid won the first 5 tournaments in history. Now the club is seeking for more glory and wants to win Champions League twice in a row for the first time since the League reformatting. Will they succeed in this? The plot thickens.

The Champions League Finals Undergod

Despite the numerous achievements of the club during its history, Juventus has one difference that is quite unique when comparing this club to other Champions League members. According to statistics, the Italian club is notorious thanks to the biggest number of the Champion League finals ever lost – 4 times. The last attempt was registered in the season 2014/15. The team that defeated Juventus that day turned out to be the arch-enemy of the Royal Club – Barcelona – with a score of 1: 3.

12th Possible Victory in The History of Royal Club

If Real Madrid becomes the Champions League winner this season, this final will not only be the second victory of the club in a row but the twelfth trophy in the overall standings. Of course, the stakes are higher than ever and the team of Zinedine Zidane must be in a very good mood.

Some Statistics For A Tidbit

  • Real Madrid is the record-holder in Champions League finals with 5 victories in its history.
  • Zinedine Zidane may become the first coach who won Champions League twice in a row.
  • Ronaldo and Ramos have a chance to score the third time in Champions League finals. No one did this before.
  • Ramos may be the first captain who won Champions League twice in a row.
  • For Ronaldo, this final can make him the fourfold Champions League champion. The one and only record-holder so far is Clarence Seedorf.
  • Massimiliano Allegri has all the chances to make the treble – Serie A championship, Coppa Italia and Championship League.
  • If his team wins, Gigi Buffon will become the most experienced winner of Champions League at the age of 39 years.

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