What Are the Top 10 Websites for Web Developers to Follow?

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MotoCMS Editorial 2 June, 2016

I already covered the topic of the most popular blogs for web designers every professionally sound designer should at least be aware of. It’s time to broaden this list. Today I’m about to offer you a roundup of 10 top websites for web developers that should be definitely bookmarked.

Top 10 Websites for Web Developers - main

Web development is a specific field that requires from professionals great knowledge of coding, UX, web design and many more skills. Online resources make a great investment of time when you need to get the latest info on new trends and standards, coding languages and best practices. Websites for developers usually more advanced, tech-oriented and down-to-earth. On such websites we can see more coding tricks, tutorials and useful resources.

First, I should mention some of the most popular and renowned blogs and websites that are focused on both – web design and development. It’s Smashing Magazine, of course, that is a must-read resource for anyone who deals with website and apps creation. Every web developer should also monitor Google’s and Mozilla’s special developer’s resources. Here I will offer you 10 more amazing websites that will raise your web development skills and let you stay on top of things.


Alexa Rank: 1,339
Social Media: Twitter – 133K followers; Facebook – 83K likes
Posting frequency: a few posts everyday
Types of content: articles, guides, researches, contests, freebies, ebooks

Top Websites for Web Developers - sitepoint

Amazing website that grows and changes with the Web itself. It can be a great source of info for both – web developers and designers. SitePoint offers various sections with research articles, web design tutorials and CSS, HTML tips. You will also find here courses and instructional videos (both – paid and free) as well as a cool developers community.

A List Apart

Alexa: 23,900
Social Media: Twitter – 144K followers; Facebook – 38K likes
Posting frequency: up to 7 posts a month
Types of content: articles, researches

Top Websites for Web Developers - alistapart

A very “serious”-looking website that offers top-notch articles and thorough researches on web development and web design topics. You won’t find here shallow “inspirational” posts that show beautiful website designs. The posts on A List Apart are focused on development processes and workflow improvement.


Alexa: 4,940
Social Media: Twitter – 37,7K followers; Facebook – 14K likes
Posting frequency: everyday
Types of content: articles, researches, tools, tutorials, news

Top Websites for Web Developers - dzone

Amazing resource that can bee seen as a link sharing community for web developers and IT professionals. Tutorials, free stuff, tips and tricks are here as well as researches and the latest news on development field.

CSS Tricks

Alexa: 2,236
Social Media: Twitter – 273K followers; Facebook – 63K likes
Posting frequency: Up to 7 posts per week
Types of content: articles, videos, podcasts, tutorials

Top Websites for Web Developers - csstricks

As it’s seen from its title, CSS tricks is a great repository of practical tricks and tips for coders, developers and designers. They offer tons of useful CSS lessons, code snippets you can use as is, practical guides and explanations. Most of their posts are evergreen and many are made in response to the latest trends in website building. CSS Tricks also have a videos section and in “The Lodge” for a small fee you can get access to the more in-depth studies and tutorials.


Alexa: 1,519
Social Media: Twitter – 116K followers; Facebook – 206K likes
Posting frequency: a few posts per day
Types of content: articles, videos, tutorials, courses

Top Websites for Web Developers - tuts

One of the largest websites that offers various “tuts” and how-to’s on pretty any web design and development topics. If you’re a starter and just start from scratch of coding, Tuts+ brings you loads of free tutorials you can learn in no time. For more experienced techies the website offers more profound approach with courses and complex tutorials on a paid basis.


Alexa: 9,378
Social Media: Twitter – 40,8K followers; Facebook – 8K likes
Posting frequency: weekly
Types of content: articles, tutorials

Top Websites for Web Developers - scotch

Another fast growing resource that offers a great range of step-by-step tutorials and useful articles with coding tips and tricks. It can be an endless resource of inspiration for JavaScript, Bootstrap, node and other modern tools’ fans.

Code Project

Alexa: 1,347
Social Media: Facebook – 15K likes
Posting frequency: weekly
Types of content: articles, tutorials

Top Websites for Web Developers - codeproject

This resource is famous for their articles written by developers and for developers. It seems to be more like a forum where anyone of the community can ask a quick question and find the answer to it.

As for the next three resources, it doesn’t matter how many followers they can have on social or the level of their Alexa rank. These resources are a treasure island for developers who wish to improve their skills and find communities that share their passion.


Top Websites for Web Developers - github

The greatest community for web and app developers. It’s highly popular for many reasons. It’s a community that helps you raising your level up. GitHub offers tons of ready-made code that you can use as a springboard for your developer’s projects.



W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is the major source to look up for the most standards for the web. Its pet project W3Schools offers the best and latest resources for learning all basics for HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and website building.

Stack Overflow

Top Websites for Web Developers - stackoverflow

It’s a community of web developers, coders and web-design related enthusiasts who are there to help each other with issues that can happen within the process of website creation. Submit your own question or search for answers inside the community. It has a Jobs section that can help you to get work and raise some money.

Video Channels on YouTube

Videos are amazing source of new info and profound knowledge. YouTube channels are a popular way of making this knowledge closer to all people. Traditionally, fashion and cooking vlogs were the hottest numbers on YouTube. Today we can find there video channels offering the most versatile info on any topic.


DevTips vlog offers fun and creative videos on various topics related to website creation, web design, coding and programming. A short course on how to design and code a website in 12 hours – my favorite!

Learn Code Academy

This developer’s vlog has tons of tutorial playlists and tools roundups. As you can spot, it is mostly focused on JQuery, JavaScript and Node.js tips and offers specific info on those topics.


This vlog covers the most versatile web development and website design topics. Here you’ll find detailed videos on HTML and CSS tricks, Drupal and Magento basics, Sketch use and many more.

Hope, you have already bookmarked a few resources for everyday use. Don’t forget to subscribe to MotoCMS newsletter for more useful articles and resources. And share in comments – what are your favorite web developer’s websites that help you in your workflow?

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