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10 On-Page Optimization Techniques to Skyrocket Your Website’s Ranking

Dennis Cyrus 22 June, 2023

The pandemic has accelerated the demand for digitalization. Businesses that refuse to incorporate digital technologies are lagging behind their competitors. When discussing digitalization, the first step is to have and maintain a robust online presence. Still, it can be challenging to maintain a top position in online rankings in today’s digital landscape. Why? It is primarily due to the increasing competition and changing search algorithms. However, we can help you improve your website’s online presence with a few tweaks and dedication. The best thing is that there is no need to engage an SEO company for on-page optimization or have technical expertise. If you hit a dead end, just Google the problem and you will find the solution immediately.

This article will list the top 10 on-page optimization techniques to boost your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). We can say with 100% confidence that you will improve your website’s organic traffic and, ultimately, your sales by following these tips alone. Without further ado, let’s go through the easy-to-follow tips one by one.

Tips to Boost Website Visibility Without Hiring an SEO Company

Keyword Research

The first step in your on-page optimization journey is keyword research. Use keyword research tools like Moz, Ahrefs, or Google’s own Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords related to your website. Suppose you are a web development company in Pakistan offering eCommerce web development services.

The relevant keywords can include ‘web development company in Islamabad’, ‘Shopify development services Islamabad’, ‘WooCommerce development Lahore’, or ‘Magento development company Pakistan’.

Use these tools to find primary and secondary keywords. The primary keywords describe your main services, while secondary keywords can be described as supporting keywords. Go for keywords that have high search volume and low competition.

Keyword Research

The low competition means fewer companies are trying to rank their websites against these keywords. You can rank for these keywords quite easily without much effort in link building or content creation.

Optimise Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

After finding the relevant primary and secondary keywords, it is time to optimize the page titles and meta descriptions. Make the page titles short but compelling. You must add the primary keywords in your page titles as it can improve visibility. The meta description should describe the page and it can be anywhere between 140 – 160 characters.

The text below the main title is your meta description, as seen in the image below.

Meta Description Optimization

Remember, characters not words! You should keep in mind that you are creating content for humans and not the search engine crawler. So, use keywords naturally in a way that it entices users to click on your website.

Create Engaging Content

Content is king and will always remain so. When we say content, we do not necessarily refer to your website’s blog section or content itself. Content can be pictures on your website, videos, infographics or anything similar. You need to ensure that all content on your website is unique and engaging.

Engaging Content Tips

It will automatically compel users to keep returning to your website. When developing a content strategy, you can take inspiration from your competitors. We even recommend using tools like ChatGPT to develop the content strategy.

Don’t forget to focus on aspects like readability when creating the content. For instance, divide the content into paragraphs or bullet points.

Optimise Heading Tags and URL Structure

You need to use heading tags effectively when it comes to written content. The page title is always H1, while you can divide the rest of the content into H2, H3, H4, and so on. You can have as many H2, H3, and H4 as you want but only one H1.

Heading Tags Optimization

Add primary keywords in the headings, making it easier for the crawlers to understand the page’s purpose. When it comes to the URLs, keep them short but keyword rich. These two simple techniques can do wonders for your website’s visibility.

Don’t Stuff Keywords

When we discuss inserting primary and secondary keywords in the content, we are not asking you to engage in keyword stuffing, i.e., unnecessarily placing keywords. While keyword stuffing may give your ranking a temporary boost, soon, the crawler may mark your page as spam.

Improve Loading Times

The website’s loading time directly influences your search engine ranking. Therefore, you need to focus on improving it. You can do so through different means. As promised, we will keep things simple and not talk about code on-page optimization as it is pretty technical.

Instead, you can improve the loading times by serving images in the next-gen format. Secondly, move to a better hosting service provider. Thirdly, reduce the plugins on your website. Fourth, use caching tools to make the web pages load faster.

Lastly, depending on your content management system, there may be different plugins to help optimize the code. You can use them to optimize your website’s code and see a noticeable improvement in website loading times.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a code that helps search engine crawlers better understand your code. If you are only beginning your on-page optimization journey, then skip this point altogether.

The reason is that it is best for websites that have an established online presence. It is better to focus on other areas, such as mobile device optimization. Most website traffic now comes from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Therefore, website owners need to optimise their websites for such devices. Ensure your website is responsive and users can easily browse it on different screens. Here’s how you can seize advantage in mobile-first SEO.

Alt Tags

Images are critical to creating engaging content. What is equally important is to optimize the images and add alt tags that describe the image’s content using keywords. These alt tags enable crawlers to better understand the text and allow visually impaired users to understand the images.

On-Page Optimization Alt Tags

Refer to how to select the right photos for your website to avoid image stuffing.

Add Links

Don’t forget to add internal and external links during on-page optimization. Internal links allow you to send visitors to different pages on your website. External links help build website authority. Users and search engine crawlers understand that the website is authoritative by adding references wherever possible.

Try to Build a Community

Lastly, try to build a community on your website. Encourage readers to post comments and share feedback. It will help reduce your bounce rate and create a positive user experience. Do not allow users to abuse one another, as it can result in a higher spam score and lead to a poor user experience.

Advanced SEO

The above tips are only for beginners. What if you already have implemented the above tips? Well, in that case, you need to move to the advanced stage. It is here you will need expert-level skills and knowledge. We recommend hiring a specialist SEO company for this purpose.

However, the problem is that too many SEO companies are operating globally. Some are worth the money, while others hardly know what they are doing. So, let’s see how you can select the right SEO company.

Selecting the Best SEO Company

Regardless of where you live, you can hire a company for on-page optimization anywhere. The SEO experts don’t need to be in the same building as you or the city. All they need is access to your website. Let’s go through the process of hiring an SEO company.

Google is your Friend

You first need to go to Google and search for terms like ‘SEO company in Islamabad’ or ‘web development company in Islamabad’. Why a web development company? Well, most web development companies offer digital marketing services.

In other words, you can access comprehensive web development and digital marketing services under one roof. It is undoubtedly better than juggling between different agencies, which is quite a big hassle.

Moreover, there is a chance that your website has technical issues. Only a specialist web development company can identify and fix these issues. So, we do recommend hiring a company that offers comprehensive services.

Once you Google these terms, you will get an endless list of companies offering SEO services in your area. Make a list of the top 10 SEO companies. They don’t need to be necessarily the first 10 links.

Go Through their Reviews

The next step is to go through their reviews. Don’t rely on Google reviews alone. We recommend searching for the company on social media and relevant forums. It will help you assess which company offers quality services. Trim the list to 5 SEO companies by selecting the ones with the best reviews.

Reviews on SEO Services

Look at their Portfolio

Now, it is time to go through each agency’s portfolio. Almost every web development company in Islamabad or elsewhere will have a portfolio section on their website or a list of existing and past clients.

Don’t believe everything on their website. Instead, approach the clients and ask about their perspective on the SEO company. In rare cases, the client may say they never worked with this company.

Indeed, it is a red flag. Remove that company from your list straight away. If the client verifies the agency, ask about the work quality, communication, and other aspects. The purpose is to develop a comprehensive understanding of what to expect from the agency.


At this stage, you will usually end up with 3 SEO agencies. Now, it is time to compare each company with one another. It is also the time to talk to the company about the pricing and what you get for the price. You will need to share your website’s URL and possible expectations.

Once the company responds back with their customized package, start the comparison. Look at how many keywords the company plans to target, the contract duration, the number of guest posts and blog posts, and whether they will handle any technical website issues such as code optimization.

It is imperative that you now focus on high-competition keywords rather than the low competition. Otherwise, hiring a specialist company is not beneficial as you can easily rank on low-competition keywords yourself. So, specifically, ask the company to share details of which high-competition keywords they plan to target.

Finalize the SEO Company

After the comparison, you will find yourself in a position that allows you to finalise your SEO company. However, do not sign anything in haste. Instead, read the contract details carefully. Specifically, ask for ethical SEO practices.

Unfortunately, website owners don’t know about Black Hat SEO which are unethical SEO practices. While they can boost your website’s visibility quickly, they go against Google and other search engines’ guidelines.

So, if the search engine crawler recognizes your Black Hat SEO practices, it will penalize your website. Your website may not even show up on the search engine. It can take considerable time to recover from a penalty.

Therefore, it is best to avoid such practices. Secondly, if your SEO company promises a specific rank within a specific time period, then steer far away from this company as possible. The reason is that no SEO specialists can guarantee results.

Your competitors may also be doing SEO, meaning they will be competing for the same keywords and rank. Google may introduce a new search engine update which can disrupt the rankings.

Lastly, expect transparency along every step. If the SEO company is reluctant to share the details of its workings, then there is a chance that it is doing something unethical. The reason is that there is nothing to hide about SEO. There is no ‘secret’ formula.


This concludes our article on the top 10 on-page optimization techniques to boost your website’s visibility. These are simple tips that anyone can easily implement on their website.

We even discussed tips to hire the best SEO company in your area. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section below. Thank You.

Besides, if you require advanced SEO, you can contact our SEO team for on-page SEO optimization of your website!


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