How to Select Your Hosting and Domain: Get an Edgy Guide

MotoCMS Editorial 11 August, 2015

The Internet has been infiltrated through all spheres of our life. Today millions of websites represent millions of companies, services, and communities all over the world. Therefore, you must have a website to focus people’s attention; otherwise, you have no chances to raise your business. Start with defining how to select your hosting and domain and create a professional site for your company or brand.

Select your hosting

Select Your Hosting and Domain Fast and Easy with Our Complete Guide

In practice, throughout the years, the website building process has been simplified to the details. Most website builders are customizable. The wide range of integrated inside tools helps to transform your website appearance. Placing elements like text, photos, galleries, and adding the whole page to your website became possible without coding. Nevertheless, before making a website design, there are a few essential things to consider first. No doubt, you have heard about website domain and hosting. But are you familiar with the nuances concerning their selection?

choose the right domain name

Our complete guide on how to select your hosting and domain includes tips that will help you to:

  • choose a perfect domain name;
  • highlight your website among a variety of others by choosing the right words, as well as using proper tools;
  • and define the criteria to select your hosting template.

Moreover, from this tutorial, you will also find out:

  1. What services to use while choosing a domain name?
  2. Why is it better to register your domain name for a maximum period?
  3. What is the difference between shared, co-located, and dedicated hosting kinds?
  4. Why does your hosting require high-quality technical support?

Select Your Hosting and Domain in 5 Steps

If you’ve never faced web development, you probably have no idea how to select your hosting and domain. For that reason, you need to check out this useful guide that will help you to determine the most appropriate web host for your platform.

Once you use our recommendations, you’ll find reliable, high-impact hosting for your website or online store that will always be available via phone, chat, or email. Thus, you can forget about internet-related problems once and for only, as the right host will solve even your most burning late-night questions.

1. Determine Your Website Needs to Select Your Hosting and Domain

The first thing you should do when considering selecting your hosting and domain is defining the type of your existing or future website. Since some hosting providers promote eCommerce functionality or concentrate on personal sites, it is crucial to figure out which one of the below types of websites characterizes your business the most:

  • portfolio or resumes;
  • personal websites;
  • corporate sites;
  • and online stores.

website builder


Are you planning on building a portfolio and don’t feel like going through the web development independently? Or, maybe you strive to open a successful eCommerce platform for your store? Website builders are the perfect solution for you! This is the fastest yet the easiest way to produce a professional online presence and demonstrate your work and expertise. MotoCMS hosting provides lucrative Bluehost offers for all types of websites mentioned above. Moreover, this web constructor helps create a professional website with no coding skills in just a few days!

2. Define Which Type of Hosting You Need

If you’ve decided to launch a website using one of the builders represented on the web, you will most likely get hosting as part of the lifetime or monthly package. There are several types of servers you can pick from:

  • a shared server;
  • and a virtual private server (VPS).

A shared hosting environment implies your website ‘lives’ with other sites on the same server. In this case, all websites living on that server will share the server’s resources like RAM, disk space, processor, and more. This server type is considered the most affordable option, especially if your website is brand new and you don’t have many visitors.

The virtual private hosting server entails your website ‘lives’ in the same server as other websites but in an isolated environment. Although VPS costs more, it provides you with dedicated processing power, RAM, and disk space. Therefore, if you have a well-established business and aim to get a lot of traffic, a virtual private server is an excellent solution for meeting your expectations.

3. Do Some Research on Best Hosting Options

Once you define your website needs and requirements for a host, it’s time to look through the available options. You can find an extensive selection of hosting solutions on the web, each offering various tools. However, you have to get to know all details of every possible option before you select your hosting and domain. Check out our ultimate guide on Bluehost benefits to save your time searching for the best hosting for your website.

professional website templates


4. Compare Key Factors of Appropriate Hosts

In the above steps, we described how to choose the best hosting for your website. As you can see, a reliable web hosting provider should offer basic features like SSL certificate, personal domain, and more. However, all providers suggest different hosting plans; therefore, before you select your hosting and domain, you have to look out for a few things, such as:

  • Unlimited plans. Some hosting providers offer free space and storage; however, you should carefully read their terms to ensure the plans are truly unlimited.
  • Technical needs. Ensure the web builder and a host you choose meets all your requirements, including management settings and ease-of-use.
  • Expert customer support. A reliable hosting provider should provide you with excellent support to solve any hosting problems you may have fast and easy.
  • High-quality training resources. Your hosting provider should offer you high-quality resources to learn how to manage your website. Thus, you can do everything on your own, without relying on customer support every time you need to solve a problem.

Selecting a web hosting provider isn’t that difficult if you have an excellent website builder at your hand. MotoCMS will help you save time and money with a fantastic hosting provider that understands your business needs.

5. Select Your Hosting and Domain with Which You Can Gro

If you’re dreaming about a great future for your website, you need to select your hosting and domain for the long term. It would help if you considered that some budget web hosts concentrate solely on shared hosting, meaning you need to share disk space, RAM, and more with other sites on a shared server. Therefore, if you’re looking for dedicated services, can’t rely on dedicated services, you should prefer hosts you can stick with for the long haul.

Bluehost is the perfect selection, which eases VPS provisioning and deployment greatly. This hosting is powering over 2 million sites worldwide. Just check out the best website examples built on MotoCMS to decide its services, including hosting and domain.

4 Distinctiveness of an Excellent Domain Name

Don’t underestimate the importance of a domain name when building a website, as this part of web development is crucial. Select your hosting and domain might be challenging; however, we can help you make the right decision. Check out our 10 tips guide on choosing a domain name to create an excellent reputation for your brand and raise Google’s search rankings.

free domain mane for your site


It’s not that easy to select the best domain name from the start, especially with no experience in building online platforms. Nevertheless, you will be able to find the most appropriate domain without specific skills by merely following the next four principles of a successful domain name.

Short and Catchy Phrase That Relates Your Business

To stand out among other websites of your niche, you must be unique and eye-catching. Create a domain name that will help you be conspicuous and draw your target audience’s attention. Look through other blogs or sites to determine what domain names are popular. Thus, you’ll figure out what domain will fit your brand and website.

However, don’t copy other domains, as you might accidentally use another company’s trademark name or person. Stay unique and take care of your reputation, as you have to promote your business, not vulnerable it.

Powerful Keywords Availability

Keywords play an essential role in a successful domain name, as they tell the search engines what your website is about. Moreover, keywords in your domain can help you to get to the top of Google search. However, it would help if you considered that other companies from your niche might already occupy domains with your target keywords. Therefore, you’ll need to be creative to combine the appropriate keywords with other words to make your domain stand out and look catchy.

Hyphens and Doubled Letters Absence

Once you find the keywords for your domain name, you will need to work on its final version. Keep in mind that your domain should be simple and easy to pronounce; therefore, you must avoid hyphens and double letters. Never create a domain name with hyphens, as they can indicate this is a spam domain. Besides, if you use hyphens because the domain you want is already taken, your users can forget to type in the hyphen, and they will likely end up at your competitor’s site.

As for the double letters, they can increase your chances of losing traffic to typos. Thus, avoiding doubled letters will make your domain name more brandable and easy to type.

Unique Domain Address That Ends with .com

When it comes to domain name extensions, some users like to create their site using new extensions like .blog, .photography, and others available today. They seem to look more exclusive and attractive, as everyone wants one’s website to stand out from competitors. Nevertheless, despite their uniqueness, these extensions are more likely to be untrustworthy. Thus, we recommend a .com domain name, which is still the most established and reliable domain name extension.


Remember that full customization allows you to bring into life your design ideas without leaving a web browser. Turn your website into the most enjoyable place for yourself and your website visitors. Take advantage of Bluehost’s special offer and join the vast army of MotoCMS fans right here and right now!

how to select your hosting and domain name

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