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How to Select Your Hosting and Domain: Get an Edgy Guide

MotoCMS Editorial 11 August, 2015

Internet has been infiltrated through all spheres of our life. Today millions of websites represent millions of companies, services and communities all over the world. You must have a website to focus people’s attention. Otherwise, you have no chances to raise your business.

Imagine a professional who has a perfect reputation and gained success in his/her field of activity, but don’t have a clue in anything, concerning the web and website building. It seems like you need to read tons of appropriate literature, get a special education, or more – hire professional team to perform this task.

Your Hosting and Domain Guide - main

In practice, throughout the years the website building process has been simplified to the details. Most of website builders are customizable. The wide range of integrated inside tools helps to transform your website appearance. Placing elements like text, photos, galleries and adding the whole pages to your website became possible without coding.

Before making a website design, there are a few essential things for a website that have to be made first. No doubt, you have heard about website domain and hosting. But are you familiar with the nuances, concerning their selection?

“Website Owner’s Complete Guide 2-in-1: Choosing Domain and Hosting” is a detailed ebook for newbies to learn almost everything about these two important stages during your website creating.

The first part of this guide includes tips on how to choose a perfect domain name. Get know how to highlight your website among variety of others by selecting right words, as well as using proper tools.

The part number two tells about the criteria that should be considered when choosing your hosting. There are various characteristics you will certainly come across. It is a good chance to learn them beforehand.

From this tutorial you will also find out:

  • What services it is recommended to use while choosing a domain name;
  • Why it is better to register your domain name for a maximum period;
  • What is the difference between shared, co-located and dedicated hosting kinds;
  • Why does your hosting require high-quality technical support.

You can get this valuable ebook absolutely for free here: MotoCMS Free ebooks.

Remember that full customization allows you to bring into life your design ideas without leaving a web browser. Turn your website into the most enjoyable place for yourself and your website visitors. Join the huge army of MotoCMS fans right here and right now!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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