MotoCMS September Yard Sale – 350 Premium Templates with 35% Discount

Allison Reed 13 September, 2017

All people have some extra stuff they do not use but cannot get rid of. We at MotoCMS have collected so many premium templates that decided to make a yard sale for all our clients. That`s why starting from the 13th of September you will have a stunning opportunity to be among the first lucky ones and save 35% on all themes designed by MotoCMS.

premium templates sale banner

Usually, during yard and garage sales, people sell some unwanted items. In contrast to this general tendency, we are not trying to get rid of the garbage. All our templates have a professional design, cool admin panel with drag and drop editor, and many other features that are vital for responsive websites. Our aim is to help you grow your business at a reasonable price.

Moreover, MotoCMS garage sale can be a perfect opportunity for resellers and web developers, who can buy several templates in advance and use them for their upcoming projects. Just imagine how much you can save if you need to buy a bundle of 5 templates or more. To show you the yard sale in full play, we have prepared the list of prices to show you the saving.

Discounts on Moto 3, Html, eCommerce, and premium templates:

As you see, the discount is quite significant and can help you save several bucks. Therefore, you`d better hurry up and become one of the 350 “early birds” to get perfect premium templates with 35% discount. You can be sure that the game is worth the candle.

premium templates sale

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Author: Allison Reed
Allison is a professional content marketer and an inspired author. Marketing manager by day and a writer by night, she is creating many articles on business, marketing, design and web development. She loves working with website builders and CMS, and sharing her experience with the readers. Follow her on LinkedIn and Facebook.
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