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10 Tips to Follow If You Want to Work in Design While Studying

MotoCMS Editorial 20 July, 2021

Combining studies and work is hard regardless of the major. It requires great time management skills, resilience, and willingness to stand up to challenges regardless of their nature. However, it’s even more difficult for students whose work and studies require some creativity. Inspiration doesn’t come easy. If a person feels tired or even exhausted, they can hardly create something big. That’s why design students should look for a special balance when combining work and studies. Otherwise, they may lose in both. In this article, we decided to list a few tricks that can help you survive if you are one of those designers who want to work while studying.

Work in Design While Studying – Get Better at Concentration

There is no better way to succeed in design studies and work than train yourself to focus better. After all, if you cannot concentrate, the chances are that you are unable to create. Design, however, is all about creativity.

Thus, try to minimize distractions when you are working on design samples and briefs. Make sure your mates and family know when you study or work and do their best to avoid disturbing you. Concentration is important for creators, so take all possible measures to ensure that you are left alone while studying or working.

Delegate Your Tasks

If you feel that you can’t handle certain tasks because of the lack of time, delegate them. You don’t have to carry on doing everything by yourself. On the contrary, the better you prioritize, the more successful you are at work and studies. Essay writing companies today really do magic. They not only write essays but complete math assignments and even write dissertations. Thus, you can easily find an essay writer for you who’ll complete any design assignment, including the ones requiring special software. Even free citation generators exist nowadays to help you list your references!

Tips for Work in Design – Stay Organized

Many designers support the idea that disorganization is common for designers. But in fact, it’s wrong. Don’t accept it as a rule, especially if you have to balance both work and studies. Being organized really helps. If you are organized, you are on time with your assignments, act proactively, and can start certain tasks in advance. Time management and planning can really do magic to your calendar, so you’d better take them seriously.

Control Your Passion

Design is often about passion and your ability to express it. Sometimes it overwhelms people so much that they lose control over other errands and commitments they have. Don’t let passion and emotions take control. Stay as cool as you can when it comes to creativity. Master it instead of giving up and becoming a slave to your mood and emotions. You must be able to set yourself to a work or study mood whenever you need it rather than going with the flow.

Find Your Own Source of Relaxation

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Designer or not, a person needs to recover their energy to move forward and achieve more. However, designers depend on their source of relaxation because they depend on inspiration. The latter, however, comes to those who feel energized.

Therefore, no matter how busy you are, find time to do things that make you feel complete. Make sure you can always visit places where you feel relaxed and happy to channel some energy. Such getaways really help those who combine creative work and studies.

Get Involved and Actively Network

For those designers who decided to work while studying, networking and student involvement becomes imperative. Try to get involved as much as you can. Attend events, join organizations, and follow industry leaders.

The more you are engaged in professional social life, the easier it gets to balance school and work. You learn to read trends and projects, utilize knowledge and skills cross-functionally, and get better at navigating through the professional landscape.

Double Save Sketches and Own Them

Sometimes design students do not take their work seriously. Regardless of the nature of the assignment, double save your sketches and make sure you own the copyright. Then, you can add them to your portfolio and claim them as yours. Such an attitude will help you grow your professionalism and optimize your performance. After all, if you own the sketch you’ve made for work, you can use it for your school project as well.

Recommendations for Work in Design – Impress Your Employers

Word of mouth really matters in designer circles. If you manage to build a brand while studying, you will likely develop a skyrocketing career after graduation. That’s why it’s essential to make your work noticed and recognized by experienced designers. Make sure you do your job well to apply for bigger jobs and progress while at college. It makes career pursuit so much easier as soon as you have the academic credentials.

Learn to Accept Criticism with Honor

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Creative professions require people to be susceptible to criticism. Designers’ sketches get criticized more often than writers’ papers, for example. You have to learn to take this criticism from college to be happy with what you do when you finally go solo. Thus, as soon as you get feedback that is not so praising as you’d want, let it go but learn your lesson. Sometimes constructive criticism really helps. However, more often, you need to resist it to defend your vision.

Top Tips for Work in Design – Keep Abreast of Trends

A designer needs to be aware of trends if not set new ones themselves. Therefore, take full advantage of being a student to keep abreast of all developments in the field. Check news, read literature, follow up with some industry leaders – you need to learn to recognize the trend before it gets viral. This knowledge is definitely helpful at college, but it also keeps you updated at work.

If You Want to Work in Design While Studying – Final Words

The advice this article provides is not only about balancing career and studies. It’s about incorporating both colleges and work into your life without making it too difficult. If you follow those tips, you are likely to avoid making lots of mistakes. At the same time, there is a good chance that building a designer career will turn out to be easier than it seems at first sight.

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