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The Importance of Unlimited Data Solutions for International Business Trips

Veljko Petrovic 24 May, 2024

While we can have a video call with individuals across the globe and discuss video games, friendships, or business, many entrepreneurs still believe that physical presence is a key to a good deal. Furthermore, making an international business trip shows your seriousness and allows you to network easily. You can complete your business tasks with only a phone or a laptop, but you would have to rely on Wi-Fi. This can be problematic in many ways. Traveling to Asian countries can be challenging because of the language barrier, but the internet and translating tools can make this easier. With high mobile internet penetration in Singapore, for example, you can significantly facilitate communication during trips. This article will break down the advantages of unlimited data solutions for entrepreneurs and individuals who go on business trips across the globe.

eSIM Cellular Technology Breakdown

eSIM cellular technology breakdown


eSIM technology allows individuals to switch their data operators without having to switch SIM cards in their phones physically. This is an essential advantage for those who often travel abroad and need data to complete their work-related tasks. The full name for eSIM is embedded SIM, which means that the card is a part of the device’s hardware. Many latest mobile devices support this technology.

If you travel to tech hubs in Southeast Asia, you can stay connected effortlessly by using a travel eSIM for Singapore, for example. However, many providers also offer plans for China, Korea, and other countries in the region. eSIM plans allow you to customize a data plan depending on the number of days that you’re staying in a certain country.

This technology is compatible with the latest data technology, such as 4G and 5G, allowing you to perform advanced tasks that require a lot of data and reliable connection.

Advantages of Unlimited Data Solutions

Advantages of unlimited data solutions


Data solutions can provide numerous advantages, but here are some most applicable if you’re going on an international business trip.

1. Better Communication

Unlimited data allows you to communicate with your friends, family, or business partners regardless of location. Let’s say that you’ve decided to rely on Wi-Fi networks. You have a meeting scheduled at a particular time.

Yet when you arrive at the local coffee shop, the Wi-Fi is unreliable, or the environment is too distracting for you to concentrate. Data solutions allow you to answer your messages on Slack when you want to or have a Zoom call in an environment that suits you the most.

Also, let’s not neglect friends and family; staying in touch with them during long periods abroad is essential for your relationships and personal well-being. Data plans bridge the distance and allow you to maintain your relationships.

2. More Affordable

One of the significant advantages of using Wi-Fi networks is that they’re free. Yet, they can be insecure or unreliable. On the other hand, we have international roaming that mobile operators offer, which is often quite expensive or limiting.

For example, my local mobile operator allows you to buy a roaming package with 10 or 20 GB of internet for some time. One could ideally use this to answer messages or make occasional calls, but we can never be sure whether that will be enough for our needs.

On the other hand, eSIMs with unlimited data solutions allow you to subscribe for a certain number of days and receive unlimited internet. This means that no internet goes to waste, and you get an incredible and reliable connection for a fraction of the price roaming packages offer.

3. More Connected to Co-workers

I strongly support separating work hours from the rest of your day. However, it’s understandable that some responsibilities must be completed immediately; the sooner you handle them, the better. Unlimited data plans allow entrepreneurs and managers to stay connected with their employees regardless of location or the time of the day. Let’s say you happen to be on a business trip in Singapore during the month when you usually pay invoices.

With a reliable data plan, you can complete this on time without your employees receiving their salaries late. Similarly, a risky situation can occur in your company that no one present can fix.

If you aren’t constantly online while awake, you won’t be able to handle that problem. Instead, you would find out about it hours or days later, and then you would have to fix that using unreliable Wi-Fi or waste expensive data that your roaming package has.

Many companies have regular calls, as a manager or a CEO, not attending to them during a long trip can make you feel disconnected from the overall goal and state of your company or team.

4. Increased Chances of Being Able to Make Sales or Deals

Traveling to tech-savvy countries known as hubs for innovative companies is often a way to find new clients or partners. Whether you’re traveling to seminars, conferences, or startup events, such environments are just the perfect place to connect with like-minded people.

However, if you pitch your idea to someone in person, it’s likely that future negotiations will continue online. If you have a hot lead, not targeting them soon enough can lead to losing that potential client.

Data plans solve this problem by allowing you to communicate with clients as soon as you intend to. Similarly, you can receive deals and offers in your email, and not answering them soon enough can make you seem unprofessional.

5. Tethering and Hotspot Use

Not all eSIM providers allow you to use a hotspot and share the internet with other devices. However, those that provide have another advantage over roaming packages or Wi-Fi.

With a hotspot, you can share your data with other team members on your trip, whether on the street or in a hotel. This further improves collaboration between you and your team members.

6. More Reliable than Wi-Fi

Throughout the article, I’ve repeatedly mentioned how unlimited data solutions are preferable over Wi-Fi, but let’s explain this in detail. Some of the key disadvantages that Wi-FI has are:

  • Insecure networks: Public Wi-Fi networks simply aren’t secure enough. Some connections have security standards that are vulnerable to various attacks. This poses a significant risk when traveling on a business trip and taking necessary actions on the Internet.
  • Slower connection: Although many businesses use the latest Wi-Fi technology and plans, you can still experience slow connections. This can significantly ruin your business plans, preventing you from meeting or sending messages. Wi-Fi networks are also inconsistent. When you walk into a coffee shop, nobody guarantees you that you will find a good internet connection.
  • Overcrowded locations: Of course, this isn’t a disadvantage of Wi-Fi per se, but you should consider it when using It. An overcrowded hotel lobby, cafe, or restaurant can distract you from taking proper action for your business.
  • Limited range: You can use Wi-Fi only in a particular building or store. Walking away from it means that you will lose a connection. So, you must be chained to a single place until you finish your tasks.
  • Dependency on location’s work hours: Unlimited data plans allow you to complete your tasks regardless of the time of the day. Relying on Wi-Fi means that you can work until the location closes. This can sometimes be a deal breaker, as working in different time zones can require you to work in the middle of the night if necessary.

Of course, let’s not wholly bash Wi-Fi. It’s still an incredible technology that can help you finish your tasks and work outside if your data solution isn’t available. Furthermore, Wi-Fi can help you until you get your eSIM.

Leveraging Unlimited Data Solutions Is Crucial for Business Trips

With unlimited data, you will alleviate some of the anxiety related to international trips, making you feel calmer and more focused on your tasks. Whether you have to organize business meetings, pay invoices on another continent, or just search for the closest restaurant, eSIM technology is of great help. However, ensure you choose the proper plan for your time abroad and needs. Great eSim providers will allow you to customize your plan and get the most benefit for the least amount of money. ESIM is convenient and necessary for successful international business operations in tech-savvy regions like Singapore, China, and Korea.

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