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What Is Native Advertising And Why Is It So Powerful?

MotoCMS Editorial 25 June, 2021

With consumers being inundated with ads from every corner, from their emails to social media feeds, the last they want to see is yet another ad. So, how can you carry on with your marketing efforts without showing any ads? Well, this is where native advertising comes into the picture as a form of unobtrusive ads that get the job done without annoying the customer.

What Is Native Advertising?

In the simplest terms, native advertising is a type of paid content. Videos, infographics, and articles – you name it! When content producers can make it, corporations will purchase, and the publishing platforms will welcome and promote it. However, to be a true native ad, the content needs to align with the site or publication’s established editorial tone and style. It also offers the type of information that the audience of the publication usually expects.

These features make native ads hard to spot because they blend with the organic content well. It’s even harder to spot native ads because there are no set guidelines or rules regarding how publishers should label native ads. The standard of transparency is also not the same for every publication. So, even before you start considering the use of native ads for your brand, you have seen abundant native ads examples of it while surfing the interest. However, these ads have been so well concealed that you couldn’t spot that you were engaging with an advertisement.

What Makes Native Advertising So Powerful?

Native ads can serve as a powerful source of revenue for the brands because it comes with the following advantages:

Custom Content Comes With Greater Trustworthiness

The thing about custom content, both branded content and branded native, is that it has greater trustworthiness than conventional advertising. Studies suggest two in three Gen Z, millennials, and Gen X consumers place greater trust in branded content than traditional ads. Gen Z, as a section of more visually-inclined people, is happy to engage with custom content over conventional ads. To Gen Z, custom content is more thought-provoking, entertaining, and leaves an impression.

Interesting and Entertaining Content Drives Greater Engagement

For a consumer, anything that is relevant and addresses their needs is interesting. As per a survey, 75% of people say that when content captures their interest, they engage with it regardless of whether the content is branded. However, there are added steps in creating a branded content campaign that drives it towards success. You need to understand the audience, know why, where, when, and how content needs to be placed, and personalize the content. Furthermore, you need to create an emotional connection with the consumer and align the content with their needs, along with employing engaging formats like infographics and videos.

Native Ads Get a Higher CTR than Conventional Display Ads

Native ads get a higher CTR (click-through-rate) than conventional display ads. As a matter of fact, the CTR is at least 8.8 times higher in the case of native display ads. Native ads have worked particularly fine for advertisers in parenting and family, drinks and food, and pets categories.

Native Ads Help Millennials to Make the Purchases

A recent survey revealed that 1/3 of millennials say that they have bought something after seeing a sponsored post. And surprisingly, these posts are not immediately dismissed by the consumers. Almost 37% of people agree that high-quality and useful posts refute the branded nature of the content.

Affiliate Ads Are Ad-Blocking Friendly and Tracked by Software

Affiliate ads are unobtrusive and read like standard content without disrupting a user’s experience. With affiliate ads, you have ad-block-friendly content in your hand. Moreover, you can easily track, automate as well as optimize all kinds of ads using the affiliate tracking software Voluum. Get everything on a single platform!

Native Advertising – Wrapping Up

Native ads are another way to get your content in the hands of the right audience. And thus, you can rest assured that more and more marketers will be turning towards it. This also means that you will be missing out on a lucrative opportunity to reach out to your customers if you don’t follow suit soon enough along these lines too.

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