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MotoCMS Editorial 5 February, 2015

Having a beautifully designed website filled with useful and catchy content is not enough today to make sure your website really makes money. All other things don’t matter when your website looks good and is easily crawled by search engines. Getting the website easy to crawl and making sure it communicates the right messages is called a good website optimization.

Understanding the specifics of search engine algorithms work is essential for good website optimization. However, optimization for search engines is not as much of a twisted process as we tend to think. This “In-Depth Guide to On-Page Website Optimization” created by the MotoCMS professionals sets simple yet effective strategy that allows making website visible in the right way. Tips you’ll find in this guide are suitable for any website built on any platform.

Website Optimization Tips - SEO eBook

This SEO guide will be useful for anyone who just created a website and wonders what steps to take to get traffic to it and avoid penalties from search engines. “The Guide” features three parts. First part will be useful for anyone who wishes to learn the basics of search engine optimization. The second part reveals some in-depth secrets on SEO for more advanced users. From this Guide you will learn:

  • Basics of keyword research, keyword types and their use in website content;
  • Optimization practices for URLs, title tags, descriptions and other metadata;
  • Optimization of page content, images and links;
  • Tips and recommendations on fixing broken links, redirects and crawl errors;
  • Best practices that allow avoiding duplicate content as well as suggestions on server side optimization;
  • Roundup of various tools and services that help test a website in terms of SEO etc.

The third chapter of “The Guide” will be particularly helpful for MotoCMS clients. It gives practical recommendations on search engine optimization of a MotoCMS 3.0 website. Each part of the process is illustrated with screenshots from the MotoCMS 3.0 admin panel and displays the exact actions you should take to optimize your site, page or image for search engines.

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