Try New FlashMoto Live Demo. We Go Beyond Our Limits!

MotoCMS Editorial 28 October, 2009

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

Now you can try a new FlashMoto Live Demo that has no limitations and fully presents all features and possibilities of the stand alone Flash CMS. The Live Demo provides an excellent opportunity to play with the product and test it at its full capacity. Our Flash CMS was designed for users with all knowledge levels and skills and is characterized by interactivity and intuitive management. So, the only things you need to start playing with the demo are a web browser and a desire to create a powerful Flash website.

First of all register a free demo account by following this link: Online Demo. After successful registration you can log into your FlashMoto control panel and start editing your website.

So, let’s set to work! Inside demo version you will be able:

  • to add, edit and delete website pages and popups;
  • to edit website menu;
  • to manage your media files via built-in media library (upload, delete and save photos,
    clipart and video);
  • to upload custom fonts and then create content in any language;
  • to change page layout and edit its content (via WYSIWYG editor);
  • to create contact forms and news sections;
  • to create and manage image galleries;
  • to add new tracks using music player.

The list seems to go on forever… We improved websites search engine optimization by creating additional fields like keywords, description, no index and no follow options for every page. You can now integrate your Google Webmaster Tools account or even track flash events with Google analytics. Menus section is also updated. Now you can add new menu data providers, edit or remove them. We also improved our Fonts Manager and are releasing Online Fonts Creator in a few days, so you can test it with your own fonts and then upload them to your demo website. But it’s better to see and try one time than to talk about it hundreds times. Let success accompany you! Cheers!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • anon

    your online demo link is not working!! just takes you to a screen to get adobe flash player, even when i already have flash installed…

  • lucas

    anon is right. demo link doesn´t work. we want to try , so… thank you

  • Alan Robinson

    I get the same thing. I have the latest flash player installed.

  • Difort

    We were experiencing some technical troubles. But now FlashMoto demo works properly.

  • lucas

    now works? maybe not yet…

  • Michael

    Having the same trouble. Says I don’t have the Flash plugin when I know I do.

  • I noticed that in making a clickable object in the demo, I could not apply a mouse over sound to it. Will the full version have different stock mouse over sounds for menu buttons? If yes, how many mouse over sounds will be available?

  • Also, will the full version have different preloaded templates in it?

  • Rob

    Demo is not working, this is not a good way to start out

  • Difort

    @mike You can not apply mouse over sounds or animations to objects in FlashMoto. All animation and sound effects are built into the template. We have got this feature in our feature list but still don’t know if it important. There are no any preloaded templates in a full version. There are only templates and examples for the developers.

    @Rob There are almost 1k demo accounts registered. Please send us your registration details to [email protected] and we check your demo website as soon as possible.

  • @difort Thanks for your response…Well, I’m not looking for much…one or two mouseover and animation choices would be great if you can get that in there..

    I just l love the menus in this template you have on template monster:


  • andrew

    Hy ,
    is it possible (when i purchased the flashmoto cms) to change the domain where the cms will be installed with one license ?
    i will work on a develope version of a new website and when work has been ready the new flashmoto website will change to a new domain ?!

  • andrew

    don´t answer me on my thread before – i read the manual till it´s end 😉 sorry

  • Kyle Davis

    I would really like to try this product as I am seriously considering wether to purchase your product or not, but the live demo page will not work. I’ve tried the page from multiple computers from different locations. All of these computers have the latest Flash players on them.

  • Sal

    A live demo is available on the templatemonster site. Just find the flashmoto templates and click “Click here to see LIVE demo of this template”. The demo should pop up. It’s better viewed in full screen. Hope this helps.

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  • I can’t view the demo even though I have the latest Flash player installed. I have tried to view it through Template Monster and have the same problem.

  • Rogerio

    I have a problem that generates the following information

    “Adobe Extension Manager

    Can not install this extension. You must have Flash version 9 or higher. ”

    I installed the version of flash player to the latest available, and it continues Sizzling the same error.

    I tried to install the version that is the Minimal own 9 and also not getting results.

    intal an earlier version of Adobe Manager for a version compatible with CS3 and still the same message, can someone direct me to the resolution of this problem.

    • Admin

      @ Rogerio
      Our Support Team took a look into your issue and responded to your ticket. Sorry for such a delay!

  • Rogerio

    And also wanted to post a suggestion, as a company that develops a product as good as this, is not able to do step by step video lessons from the download and installation, as well as links to related products? Shit and so the requirements to link the specific pages of the manufacturer crap. We lost a precise time in the installation that is stressful.

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