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Website Templates Real Estate – Top 10 Deserving Your Attention

Alex Foxx-Lee 25 January, 2022

Modern Content Management Systems with visual editing capabilities have dramatically simplified the creation of web resources, allowing everyone to get the perfect one depending on niche features, personal requirements & needs. Besides, CMS developers and web designers regularly delight users with functional updates and ready-to-use themes that need finishing touches only. It is excellent news for those who value their resources and want to get the most out of their investment. However, few people agree to take the first solution that comes across, preferring a long search for the perfect option among the abundance of website templates real estate available.

In turn, MotoCMS experts want to make your task a little easier by offering a selection of top 10 website templates to meet the needs of real estate companies, agencies & brokers. These bright and feature-packed solutions are guaranteed to deserve your attention because we strive to create not only attractive website themes but niche resources that boost your internet presence and grow your business accordingly.

Features and Requirements for Website Templates Real Estate

Niche and business web resources differ from personal and non-commercial ones in that they provide independent requirements for the site design, functionality & filling. Let’s agree that it would be strange to see rainbow decor on the pages devoted to describing medical services for the elderly. An abundance of intrusive discount banners for a roofer or a plumber site would also look unusual.

Real Estate

The website templates real estate have unique features and requirements that favorably distinguish web resources of professional real estate companies from less competent competitors. So, if you want to know how to design a great real estate website, remember about the following vital features:

  • Clear and ergonomic design with intuitive navigation is a must-have, allowing site visitors to easily surf through the information massives, quickly finding the necessary data.
  • High-quality content and transparency of information are needed so visitors can be sure of the quality and reliability of your offers. These factors are no less actual for placed media data, which must be unique and protected by copyright.
  • Building trust is also among the 10 most important elements of a real estate website. It can be a blog with valuable tips and tricks, reviews and testimonials, evaluation tools, and more.
  • Client focus is a crucial point for website templates real estate. A reliable and proven broker will not allow the loss of a client due to low site ergonomics. In addition to ease of use on mobile devices, a real estate resource should work correctly and quickly under any conditions, regardless of the amount of text and media content available.
  • Relevance is paramount for real estate web resources, so you must ensure that your site is always trending and provides visitors with the latest and most relevant information about your services and available offers.

Top 10 Website Templates for Real Estate Purposes

The real estate business has always been popular and profitable because people constantly need to buy, sell, and rent residential, commercial & industrial property. A lot of competition imposes some restrictions on developing unique and unusual design solutions. However, professional developers easily compensate for this by offering feature-rich web products ready to become your reliable assistants in the long run.

Investor Website Template

The multipage theme with premium customization access is perfect for a multi-purpose business offering multiple customer solutions to buy, rent, or sell. The nine separate web pages do a great job of hosting a large amount of content by grouping offers into a gallery grid. You can also link objects to Google Maps available here and set up many additional pages with descriptions of houses and apartments.

Investor Agency


Real Estate Website Design for Property Agents

Modern design and fantastic ergonomics allow you to use this template for your best offers and apartments with beautiful views. There is enough site space to place a variety of services, which you can provide several separate pages with detailed descriptions, photos, and even VR reviews. The theme also offers a collaboration pricing tab with pricing plans for searching for a particular house or apartment.

Projects Page


Realtor Website Template

This multifunctional template is ideal for realtors and companies offering consulting and rental services. Pay attention to the home page of the solution, where the developers have correctly distributed the maximum amount of information into readable and ergonomic groupings. In addition to the available options, the user will also be able to choose a city to live in, read your customers’ reviews, and the latest news from the blog.

Web Template


Commercial Website Design for Brokers

Strict and concise, this theme surprises with a sudden transition from a gray offer to bright and colorful content structures and pop-up menus. Everything here is unusual and attractive – from typography solutions to contact forms and blog post design. This theme is ideal for connoisseurs of minimalist design, emphasizing the high quality of media materials and text content.

Apartments Website


Real Estate Broker Website Template for Land Brokerage

Do you remember that real estate is not only about country villas and luxurious city apartments? MotoCMS has made sure that land brokers can also find the perfect web product for their business. This template is versatile and feature-rich, offering a variety of ready-made land sales information solutions for individuals and commercial organizations. Let future customers enjoy a selection of affordable locations and proposals that come with comprehensive text descriptions and high-quality media.

Lands for Sale Website


Real Estate Agency Website Template for Realtors

When you first encounter this template, you might think of a classic design without fancy touches and features. However, the standard scrolling and examination of individual web pages will change your mind. Bright color accents, unusual ways of structuring content, and navigation solutions attract attention and motivate to explore the theme in full, trying out every web page, button, and call-to-action element.

Website with CTA


Real Estate Agent Website Design for Realtors

If you are genuinely interested in your customers’ needs and ready to give maximum attention to satisfying their needs, then this theme will be your best choice. The solution is a powerful multipage solution, although it is inferior in size to many analogs. However, it would be ideal for an independent real estate agent or a small company providing a wide range of top-notch real estate services to individuals. The template demonstrates care for visitors everywhere – in navigation points, separate pages for offers and blog posts, information about the team, and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Real Estate Agent Template


Commercial Real Estate Website Template for Land Brokers

Another solution is dedicated to land brokerage activity. In addition to the standard features & benefits of a real estate website, this template can immerse visitors in the beauty of the land and the joys of life outside big cities. Attractive design with many high-resolution photos organically uses the latest typographic solutions and offers the necessary functionality for comfortable interaction with users and site managers.

Land Broker Site


Company Website Template for Brokers

This multifunctional solution for a real estate agency provides several stylized web pages focused on the ergonomic presentation of large amounts of content. This template is perfect for creating an image of a trusted and reliable realtor, which is ideal for large companies working with business clients. Although small in size compared to similar themes, this one does a great job of providing all the necessary information, contact details, and feedback forms.

Property Management Site


Rental Website Template for Realtor Site

Initially, the solution is aimed at realtors who offer a large selection of apartments for rent, which users can choose directly from the home page. The template provides five independent web pages, 2 of which are reserved for the blog and gallery. There are not many tabs for describing individual services, which dramatically speeds up the customization and launch of the site. However, the built-in online editor will allow you to effortlessly expand the site’s functionality and create more web pages if necessary.

Apartments for Rent Site


Website Design for Real Estate Company

Getting to know this template starts with the main offer with your best proposals that attract the visitors’ attention. However, further research will show that the rest of the services and features are in no way inferior to the bestsellers. This web solution’s excellent ergonomics and responsiveness do a great job of demonstrating your concern for your customers’ needs. Visitors will be able to enjoy not only the details of your offers and services but also contact you in the shortest possible time.

Real Estate Platform


MotoCMS Solutions

Being one of the leading development companies, MotoCMS has collected tens of hundreds of trending web solutions in its catalog, carefully sorted into their respective categories. Website templates real estate is no exception, and every year many users create powerful and attractive web resources based on them for their business.

Made on MotoCMS

Our Benefits

Today’s top 10 website templates list is subjective, although our best designers, marketers, and web developers have contributed to this. However, you can also make a list of your own favorites based on the benefits that MotoCMS provides for each user:

  • Convenient system of filters and categories. Never before has the search for the perfect web product been so easy and affordable. Select the appropriate product category on the page with website builder templates and sort them by the right type. You can also use keywords to search by combining them with the desired category.
  • Wide selection of website types. It’s great if you know which site you need in advance – a multi-purpose landing page, a multipage business resource, or an online store. MotoCMS offers a vast range of templates available for various niches and user needs, from which you can easily create an exclusive web product.
  • Demo version for each template. How to understand that a skin site is suitable for your task? Of course, test it with a demo version, which allows not only to evaluate the appearance and functionality of the template but also to try it out from various devices.
  • Visual editor for online customization. All presented real estate website templates come with a built-in online builder that allows you to customize your chosen one by dragging & dropping interface elements. All processes are available online and do not require installing and using third-party applications and extensions.
  • Free trial period. MotoCMS is confident in the quality of each of our many products, so we do not impose any restrictions on the use of Moto online builder. Start a free test drive of any template with full access to the functionality and features of the editor.

Browse Website Templates Real Estate

More Ideas for Creating the Best Real Estate Website

Instead of concluding, we would like to recommend a few more practical solutions that expand the possibilities of website templates real estate. MotoCMS designers are sure that sometimes you need to go beyond the traditional perception, looking for inspiration in other areas and resources. If you are interested in creating a unique experience for real estate website users, check out the construction & architecture website templates categories. You can also look for inspiration in exterior design website templates or themed blog posts like best website themes.

The highest quality requires time, effort, and investment, which are fully paid off by first-class results and the practicality of the chosen solution. It is especially true for developing a multifunctional real estate website, which will become powerful support for your business and your personal online assistant.

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