The Fortunate Winners of Flash CMS and 20% Discount Coupons Announced!

MotoCMS Editorial 22 December, 2009

Now a long-awaited moment has come and we announce the names of a fortunate winner of the advanced Flash CMS from FlashMoto and 5 owners of 20% discount on every FlashMoto CMS package (FlashMoto CMS + ready made template) purchase.

As it was said earlier, the contest was open to all people, so everyone could participate in it. The only thing the participants needed to do was to make a tweet and post a comment with a RT link to the blog announcement thereby leaving a request for a free license and discount coupons codes.

The winners were nominated randomly via So, here they are.

1. JEANETTE PHAM. Jeanette, you get an opportunity to choose any Flash CMS template from our collection.

1. Simon Richards
2. Marina
3. NT
4. Eric
5. Terry

This discount coupons are only valid for Flash Moto CMS package purchase (FlashMoto control panel + template).

Winners, take our congratulations! You will be contacted via e-mail where you will find further instructions with the discount code. Cheers!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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