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MotoCMS Editorial 3 August, 2022

When the dark times come, everything becomes real, and we can see who is a real friend and who is only talking about support. Those who support Ukraine are real heroes. On the 24th of February, Russia launched a large-scale military invasion of Ukraine. Thousands of bombs and rockets were thrown on people’s heads, destroying houses and killing Ukrainian children.

The world’s reaction was immediate as the United States, G7, and EU announced and implemented strong sanctions. Still, those who pay taxes in Russia are sponsoring the act of terrorism. More money in the Russian budget means more deaths of Ukrainians. As an international company with a clear position, we decided to support Ukraine’s people and help them go through these dark times.

Due to the official statement of the US government, we have stopped providing our services and technical support to clients from Russia and Belarus. People across the globe started to support Ukraine with donations and help Ukrainian refugees who lost their homes.

Support for Ukraine – From Small Donations To Fundraising

The war that Russia started against Ukraine is nothing else than an act of terrorism. Putin targets civilians, hospitals, schools, and apartment buildings and even attacks Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and other defense forces fight to free the territory from the occupiers. However, with huge targets come huge needs, and the army needs drones, cars, bulletproof vests, night vision devices, and other stuff.

How Can Customers Help Defenders to Get What They Need?

You can support Ukraine with donations. On May 5, 2022, the President of Ukraine launched the fundraising platform United 24. It is the main source to collect charitable donations for urgent needs, building recovery, medical and armored vehicles, etc. However, it’s not only where to support Ukraine. Hundreds of volunteers across the world collect funds to help brave Ukrainian people defend their country.

How MotoCMS Supports Ukraine

We also support Ukraine, and we are combining this method with our services. As you probably know, we offer a regular monthly subscription and a lifetime plan. The second one allows you to get an amazing template with access to lifetime updates. You receive all documentation and instructions, so you will be able to launch everything on your own. Ensure that there is no hosting and domain name support in the lifetime plan. However, the price of this plan could be a problem for some customers, and we know it.

That is why we announce a special offer for everyone who wants to support Ukraine. Every customer who shows any proof of financial support for Ukraine (for example, a screenshot of the transaction) will receive a 25% discount for the lifetime plan. You decide how much you can donate and send us the proof. Below you can find some options of where to send funds:

Summing Up

People are suffering the consequences of this terrible war that Russia started by throwing bombs and missiles. Every day people in Ukraine hear the air alarm and the sounds of explosions. Russia violated all international agreements and decided to invade the neighboring country. The sanctions will be active until Russia will not leave the Ukrainian territory, including Crimea and previously occupied regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and pay for all war crimes. Until this moment, we will continue to support Ukraine.

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