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Summer End Promo Officially Prolonged!

MotoCMS Editorial 1 September, 2010

Summertime is slipping away, but not the joy and happiness it brings with itself. And every time when we recall the pleasant summer moments, the warm feeling enfolds our hearts. Of course, autumn prepares for us a lot of interesting things, and if you haven’t had a chance to finish everything during this hot season, autumn will definitely give you this opportunity.

This also concerns those who didn’t manage to buy our Flash CMS templates at such low and affordable prices. But don’t worry, as our summer end promo goes on till the end of this week. It is now officially prolonged till September 3d, 2010. Each FlashMoto template is available with 10% OFF!

Let’s smile to the outgoing summer!

Tags: discount Flash CMS Templates
Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • great news but i am late for it
    anyways thanks!!!

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