How Can I Start a Website? New Project at TemplateMonster

MotoCMS Editorial 7 October, 2015

So you are ready for a killer business website, but don’t know where to start? If you’re an aspiring business owner, you can hardly find the time to explore the whole web development field. You can google some things, of course, try to get the answer on Q&A sites or ask somebody “in the know”.

Start a website - Startup Hub from TemplateMonster

But you can opt for an easy road and just go to Startup Hub – a TemplateMonster’s new educational project. The company’s experts answer here the most common questions people ask when starting their very first website. The guys have already explained many things in simple terms with beginners and non-techy in mind.

Startup Hub consists of two courses: Startup Basics (this one answers general questions regarding website development) and WordPress Startup (that explains how to create and run a WordPress-based website).

Both courses consist of 10 guides each and give clear answers to such questions as how much does it cost to start a website, how to choose a good and effective domain name, or what defines a theme to be SEO friendly and much more.

For additional support you can talk to an expert via live chat and share the problem you face while starting your very first website. You’ll be given a professional guidance directly through the Startup Hub pages.

Startup Hub will be constantly updating and developing providing you with the latest information on website creation. Soon you will find out more info regarding other popular platforms and systems. Stay tuned!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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