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MotoCMS Editorial 17 November, 2009

Look up and not down. Look forward and not back. If you faced with some issues while working with FlashMoto Flash CMS, don’t give up! FlashMoto is always happy to provide you with qualified support and give you the answers or the right advice regarding any aspect of your website maintenance and development. You can always find all necessary help in our Help Center that is now available for every FlashMoto owner.

This section of FlashMoto website includes complete in-product Help and documentation with updates and additions as they become available. Here you will find instructions and tips for FlashMoto CMS and solve any problems you encounter.

FlashMoto Help Center is constantly updating. Every day we are working on improving it and hope it will become all-in-one resource for FlashMoto community.

Help Center includes the following parts:

  • Getting Started: FlashMoto Overview. Learn how FlashMoto can help you simplify your work with flash websites. Here you will find all necessary information concerning Flashmoto basics, hosting requirements, license terms, control panel setup, FlashMoto standalone version functionality and Flashmoto CMS templates structure.
  • User’s Guide. It illuminates such aspects as: Login Screen and Users Management, FlashMoto Wizard, WYSIWYG Editor, Quick Content Editing, preferences, Creating New Page or Popup, Page and Popups Holders, FlashMoto CMS Objects.
  • Developer’s Guide. It is targeted to Flash developers and interactive media specialists. Developer’s Guide describes the main principles of FlashMoto work, structure of FlashMoto template and website.

You may also take advantage of Frequently Asked Questions section. We are happy to present you answers to almost all of the significantly relevant questions.

In addition we are working on video tutorials on different subjects related to the Flash templates and components development that will be of great support to you.

By the way, don’t forget to follow FlashMoto blog that will inform you with the latest project news and the most interesting and useful events in the Flash field. We strive for making our blog a useful and fresh information source for you, because we fully understand that being successful means staying up to date.

In case you have any questions concerning FlashMoto functionality or any other focus that would be of interest to you, feel free to contact us by e-mail support [at] flashmoto [dot] com.

We will help you to succeed!

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  • pipss

    I have bought pattern Flash of a site and I am going to get SMC FlashMoto, whether I can operate the a pattern by means of FlashMoto???

  • pipss

    The pattern has following files: htm, Fla, SWF, folders Images and fonts.
    Whether it will work with FlashMoto?
    Thankful in advance!

  • creena

    Fatal error: Corrupted encoded data detected in /home/siteusername/public_html/admin/config/ProjectConfig.php on line 0

    why is this in my admin panel instead of my admin panel

  • Difort

    @pipss: If you want to integrate your own flash design into FlashMoto CMS, you will need to rebuild the template to suit FlashMoto control panel requirements. For this you will need flash skills and Flash CS3.

    @creena: For any technical issues please contact us at flashmotocms[at]gmail.com

  • Would love to us this but too expensive! You have to pay $200 for every website, greedie!

  • Difort

    @Mike We are releasing multi licenses and discount program soon for FlashMoto developers. Stay in touch!