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4 Great Reasons to Add a Mailing List to Your MotoCMS Site

MotoCMS Editorial 11 June, 2021

No matter what your MotoCMS site is about and what it delivers to visitors, it could benefit from adding a mailing list. Adding one to your site does not need to be complicated or time-consuming. It is every bit as simple as creating any other kind of functionality on the site. The rewards for doing so can be incredible. Whether you provide products, services, or information, it remains the easiest way to open a direct line to people that have already expressed an interest in what you do.

Today, we have brought together four of the best reasons to make a mailing list a priority. Whether you want to start right away or have it ready for future marketing campaigns, MotoCMS makes it easy.

Why Add a Mailing List – Remind Your Visitors That You’re There

Every website in the world thrives on visitor numbers. From the most prominent players like Amazon and Facebook to microsites that contain a few articles, the chances are that they exist because the people behind them want others to see them. That means competition. Even users with dozens of tabs open at once can only read a single website at any time. If your site is not at the level of Amazon and Facebook, it is easy to forget where you were, and a visitor may never return.

However, if you can entice them onto your mailing list, you can directly access them through their email. Ideally, you want to say more than just that you’re reminding them of your existence. You will have something worth saying in each email, but achieving a decent click-through rate means more eyes on your site and potentially far more revenue.

Of course, getting someone to sign up for your mailing list on their first visit is not always easy, especially without prior brand recognition. Many site owners increase the likelihood of registration by offering a benefit in return for an email address. This could be free information related to your site’s subject, a trial for a paid membership option, a competition, or anything else that resonates with your audience. Usually, these incentives are available at no cost beyond the initial investment. Still, they will encourage your audience to join the list and hear from you regularly.

Captive Audience for Your Latest Products & Articles

Anything new is exciting in websites and not just for site owners. Audiences love being among the first to see or purchase something; with a mailing list, you can provide exclusive access.

Most websites rely on search engines and social media for the bulk of their traffic. Essentially, they hope to catch the eye by presenting the best answer to a query. However, they have limited control over how their website is offered to searchers and browsers and none at all over how highly they rank – at least not without paid advertising.

Both of these methods of driving traffic to your site rely on being in the right place at the right time. It’s also crucial to do a better job than the competition. A mailing list makes it less of a race. When you have something new and noteworthy to discuss, composing an email takes a few minutes. A couple of clicks later, your message instantly wings its way to hundreds or thousands of people.

Traffic is a must no matter what your site is about and how it makes revenue. A mailing list is packed with people with at least some interest in your work. They have been to your site at least once and have some interest in the subject matter. These people are prequalified for what you write about and sell. They have a passion, and passion can quickly turn into profits when you do not need to sit back and wait for them to come to you.

Add a Mailing List and Automate the Customer Service Experience

Some site owners thrive on customer service. Others see it as something they must do but often prefer not to. Excellent customer service takes time, no matter which side of the fence you sit on. If you are a business owner, that means time out of your day. If you’re an employee, that could be spent on other things.

Automation is an extremely hot topic at the moment. The basics of customer service can be covered automatically using the mailing list functionality on your site.

If there is a problem with something, such as orders being delayed on a broad scale, your email list enables you to get ahead of the issue. Just as with your marketing emails, a short note and a couple of clicks are all it takes to inform your customers that there may be a slight issue. It also provides an opportunity to reassure them that you and your team struggle to resolve those problems. Customers and fans are virtually always more amenable to handling issues when they feel they have been kept in the loop.

For true automation, there are opportunities to make email a core part of your customer service offering. You can quickly go beyond using a bulk email provider for updates. There are tools out there like Mailosaur that integrate with a wide range of platforms to add incredible functionality to the email process and test it to ensure it works precisely how you have in mind. Or, if you are an Amazon seller, you can use niche squeeze page tools to capture email, such as Landing Cube. An unprofessional email with broken links and missing images can be a great embarrassment for a business. However, trying something new and having the testing to back it up can make any site owner’s life much easier.

Email Remains the Communication Method of Choice Online

Whenever a new online communication method comes along, some people assume it is the email’s end. However, what keeps email going strong is that it is truly universal. As of 2019, there were 3.8 billion email accounts in existence. In 2020, that was compared to 2.7 billion Facebook accounts and 326 million Twitter accounts.

Email is as prolific as phone numbers, and over half the world’s population has at least one email address. That means if you spend time on your site Tweeting, posting to Facebook, and carrying out a whole host of social media tasks, you should be sending emails too. Combine that with not everyone following you will see your social media posts or be prequalified as a potential visitor. It is safe to say that email is not dead yet – far from it.

The MotoCMS website builder makes adding a mailing list signup form a breeze with extensive customization and the necessary functionality to start growing your subscriber base. Once you are up and running, you can learn more about growing your list and staying on the right side of privacy requirements when contacting visitors by email right here on the MotoCMS blog. Email remains a vital component of any comprehensive email marketing strategy. With a low-cost base and a pre-screened audience, it can make an incredible difference in traffic and conversions, which are essential for any successful website to thrive.

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