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Pre-order FlashMoto CMS right now and save 20%

MotoCMS Editorial 13 October, 2009

We are sure some of you will be out of excitement for this attractive offer. While our developers are doing some rocket science, we started a FlashMoto CMS pre-order campaign. From now everyone may pre-order the stand alone version of FlashMoto CMS for only $ 159, not $ 199. By taking advantage of this unique opportunity you’ll save 20%! As soon as FlashMoto CMS is released, you’ll be the first who will get it.

“But how long should we wait?” – You’ll ask. Well, the release date is planned on the 4th of November, 2009. During this time we will prepare all necessary documentation, instructions and tutorials in order to make working with FlashMoto CMS easy and pleasant. You are guaranteed that you will receive an e-mail with a premium quality FlashMoto CMS on the day of its release.

The pre-order procedure is very simple. Just follow the link below and you’ll be taken to the checkout page where you will be asked to enter your billing details, contact details and choose a type of payment.

Find out more here.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Wise1

    Assuming someone actually does manage to fix the template monster template I purchased to try out Fash Moto, what does this stand alone version actually give you? What are the limitations of the licence? Can you use it for just 1 instance or many?



  • Someone

    $40 off of $200 is 20%, not 40%

  • Does the $159 give a lifetime subscription and how many websites can we make? Thank you.

  • md

    With the stand-alone product then I would need to purchase the a template, I read that I could used or edit any flash template. So, I would not be limited to 3 CMS (240.00) flash templates correct? I could purchase on of the $60.00 template if I wanted correct? And I could use the Stand-alone editor, for as many website template as I want correct?
    Please confirm….Thank you

  • А что входит в этот СMS? Что можно в нем делать?

  • jim

    This is pretty incredible. We would use this all the time but I don’t quite understand it completely. Do you need to own flash or is this a standalone? You guys have mad an amazing product…I just want to understand what is required.



  • veegee

    Will the pre-order Flashmoto be available for both mac and pc?

  • It’s an excellent content management system, but I was curious on how difficult is it to implement your own transitions or it there are prefab page transitions that could be utilized?

  • J

    Thanks for making what seems to be a great product once its released. Can you please provide more details so we can feel confident on pre-purchasing FlashMoto CMS. The above questions do need to be answered plus a few “some are repeats”.

    – Mac/PC/Both?
    – Is the delivery date going to be pushed any more? I was told July, then Aug, then Sept, then Oct now Nov delivery? We understand things do take time but…
    – Can you use any flash template or only ones designed from Template Monster, how many and what templates will come with the standalone version? I was told originally that it will come with one template and templates should be $44 but now are going for $250 on T.M.!
    – Will there be templates that will have shopping cart features?
    – Are you able to use/host your own videos? (not being loaded by another website like youtube for example)?
    – Your pricing does seem inaccurate 40% off, which is it? $40% off or $159?

    Pretty much please provide a spec sheet of what FlashMoto can/can’t do and what is included in the purchase of the API. Right now we have all tested it and love it but not sure of what its full capability or limitations are.

    Thanks, J

  • Wise1

    This is all pretty poor. The first templates released dont work smoothly, support is terrible and here we are being asked to pre-order the software at $159 but nobody will tell us what we get for the money! Someone? Anyone?

  • planetgman

    It isn’t a real big vote of confidence that they aren’t immediately posting responses to great questions.
    I mean, clearly they fixed the pricing/discount issue (of course, it is money), but the other questions (and I have a lot of the same ones) aren’t getting answered, yet you want us to pay for it prior to release with NO support questions being answered.

  • Difort

    Hi guys!

    Finally I found time to respond to your blog comments. Our e-mail is overloaded with your feedbacks and questions, so it hardly possible to answer all of them and at once. So, thank you for your patience.

    1. > Is Flashmoto available for both mac and pc?
    – At the moment FlashMoto is available only for PC.
    UPDATE – FlashMoto is available for any platform that supports Flash Player 9 +.

    2. License terms.
    – When you buy FlashMoto CMS, you automatically get the “per domain” license. It enables you to use our product on a single website only, belonging to either you or your client. You have to purchase the software again if you want to use it for another project.

    3. Delivery date.
    – Hopefully, the delivery date won’t be pushed any more. It is set on the 4th of November. Sorry for inconveniences.

    4. Concerning shopping cart features.
    – In the nearest future we are going to release eCommerce widget that will allow creating a fully functional online store.

    5. > Can you use any flash template or only ones designed from Template Monster?
    – You may use the templates designed by TemplateMonster especially for FlashMoto – FlashMoto CMS templates. OR you may create YOUR own design and integrate it into the software. Flash skills required.

    As for not CMS templates, of course you can use FlashMoto CMS for any flash website, but FlashMoto flash websites have their own structure and files and you need to rebuild flash template for FlashMoto.

    6. > How many and what templates will come with the standalone version?
    – You may already view the examples of FlashMoto CMS templates on TemplateMonstre’s website (http://www.templatemonster.com/flash-cms-templates.php). Their quality corresponds to the main standards and CMS requirements. The collection will be constantly increasing, so you will have an opportunity to choose the templates for your project needs.

    If you have necessary Flash skills, you may create your own Flash sites based on our API.

    7. Prices.
    The standalone version of FlashMoto CMS costs $ 199 (by pre-ordering – $159).
    The price of FlashMoto CMS pack (that includes the CMS itself + TemplateMonster’s template) ranges from $ 235 to $ 252.

    The price stands for FlashMoto CMS + Templatemonster’s design. You don’t need to upload CMS separately; CMS software is included with the template files.

  • Wise1

    Thanks for this Demetrio. All appears reasonable and well priced for a per use licence. When you get a chance can you advise if there is going to to be a multi licence for flash developers who will be be able to offer the control panel to customers and what if you have thought that far down the line will be the approximate cost?



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  • Is FlashMoto.com CMS support right to left languages like Arabic or Persian?

  • I wouldnt use this for a mac until all problems are fixed. I cant even get basic text or picture upload to work. Its a cool product if it worked well for a mac.

  • They have really good customer service

  • Добрый день.
    Будет ли перевод на русский язык? Если да то когда? Чем принципиально ваша система отличается от других аналогов?

  • Toby

    Will it have a COMMENT function in standalone version when released on 4th Nov.? Is the update of FlashMoto free after purchasing?

  • Difort


    Thank you for the interest in our product! We greatly appreciate your feedbacks.
    For all technical and pre-order questions please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]
    We’ll respond to you as soon as possible.


    For now, there is no support for right to left languages. It will be available with the next FlashMoto CMS version where Text Layout Framework is used.


    Spanish, German, Japanese and Russian translations of FlashMoto Control Panel will be available soon.


    Sorry, what do you mean by COMMENT function? FlashMoto updates are free up to the next major product version.

  • Mario


    So I have a question, you seem to have answered it already but I dont seem to quote understand.
    If I buy the software, I will only be able to use it for 1 project? Then I would need to buy another license before I could proceed to do any other work?

    The price seems to be quote high for a software that needs license for each product, especially if you looking for experience it only or just learn it..

  • Difort

    @ Mario

    Yes, you are right. Our license enables you to use 1 FlashMoto CMS for only 1 project. If you want to use for one more project, you have to purchase the CMS once again.

  • Прива а скачать можно хотябы демку ?

  • Mario

    Will you have a demo version of this software available?

  • Mario

    Also, say I work on a template, and then I publish it, and realize I made some mistakes, Can I still use that program to fix it, or I would have to buy another license?

  • Babylon

    Do you offer rebranding (changing the logo so the client doesn’t know what package is used)?

  • andrew

    Is the licence open ended or is there an expiry on it?
    Can i update the licenced website in 12 or 36months on the same license or do i need to buy a new one?
    Also, how does the licence work? Is it linked to a web address?
    Can i totally restructure the website on the same licence in the future provided the address stays the same?
    Thanks in advance.

  • 2Mario
    Yes of course you can use the same CMS and the same license to correct your work, you don’t have to buy another website.

    The license does not have an expiration date, it includes all upgrades until the next major release.. So, let’s say you bought FlashMoto CMS v 1.0 so you will get free upgrades to v. 1.1 – 1.9. Once we release FlashMoto CMS v 2.0 and you will want to update it – you will have to pay for update (the same way you pay to switch from once version of Adobe Photoshop to another one). You don’t need to pay if you are happy with your current version. The license never expires for the domain it was issued to.

    We do not offer any rebranding options at the moment but it is our feature-request list we plan to release it asap.

  • J

    Thanks for answering all the above questions. I would like some clarification on the pricing for I’m still not 100% sure. There seems to be 2 options – purchase the “Stand Alone Version” or “Template Monster”. I under stand that if purchasing thru “Template Monster” that we get the Flashmoto CMS & a template. What do we get with the “Stand Alone ” version?

    This is my confusion…
    1) I purchase (CMS + Template) from “Template Monster” for around $250.
    2) I purchase (Stand Alone) from “Flashmoto” and I get the “CMS” but what about templates? How much are the templates? If they are still $250, whats the point of buying the “Stand Alone”?

    Also “this is more of a Template Monster question” but what if we try the demo and purchase the template, soon after a better template is release… are there any options for this senerio since there is only a few templates available? Lets say NO but later I buy the template for the same website domain as the original template was purchased for “the original Flashmoto website is up and running but now want to update it with a new template”. Is it as easy as… configuring this new template using the content from the original template – yeah not everything might port over but anything would help or would we have to build the site up from scratch again?


  • Hello J

    Thanks for asking these questions. Let me try to clarify that for you.
    1. If you buy a bundle (Templatemonster template + CMS) you get a discounted price both for the template and CMS. Usually template of that quality costs around $75 and a stand alone CMS costs $199. You get a bundle design plus INTERGRATED CMS for $250.
    Please pay attention to the word INTEGRATED here. It means that this template was made specifically for FlashMoto CMS to make sure everything is working smoothly, all elements are scalable etc.
    This solution is targeted mostly to end users, who like the layout and the style of the template, buy it, customize a little bit and use.

    2. Stand alone version of the CMS is targeted to Flash Developers, Web Designers, Agencies who create their own designs and would like to provide their clients ability to manage content (create new pages, change texts and pictures etc) of flash websites they get from their developers. Nowadays, it is a top notch request – clients want to have a control of their website’s content. We do see that in normal CSS based websites – take a look at the boom of open source CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drumal etc.
    So if you are a developer and you know how to create dynamic XML flash websites from scratch – this option is for you. You create your website and integrate CMS into it. That makes your life easier and your customers happier.

    I hope that helps. I’ll ask somebody from TM to come here and reply to your question about the template change. My opinion – you will have to buy a whole new bundle, because it does not work just a skin for the same website. All designs have their own layouts, elements etc.

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