New Product: Stylish Black and Red Flash CMS Template

MotoCMS Editorial 22 February, 2010

Recently we have launched a new stylish Flash CMS template done in black and red. As you have noticed, this FlashMoto template is characterized by the strict color scheme, angularity and accuracy of forms and ultimate usability. The black color is associated with elegance and formality. It gives the feeling of perspective and depth, while red is used like an accent color and is associated with energy, strength and determination. Both these colors are effective combined and create a very emotionally intense and powerful impression.

This Flash CMS template will greatly work for different business companies, educational projects, financial activities, informational projects, manufacturing services and etc.


Take a look at the template subpages.  Have you noticed the stunning image effects, how beautifully the color images turn into grayscaled images while you mouse over them?

‘About Us’ page:


‘Contacts’ page (Admin panel view):


FlashMoto Flash CMS provides mostly unlimited possibilities in customizing your Flash design. The website title and a tag line can be modified just in two clicks! Graphical menu is also easy editable. You can add as many buttons as your project needs. Different colors can be applied to each menu button. Here is the result of our unpretentious sample customization.


To get a feel for things and view this CMS Flash template in action, just try Online Demo.

Don’t forget to check our full collection of Flash CMS templates that impress with their site structure, content presentation and unusual approaches.

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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