MotoCMS Design Digest: 24 Best Articles for June 2015

MotoCMS Editorial 2 July, 2015

Every month we have something to stress out from the web and our blog. The beginning of July means that we should remember a couple of articles and reviews that you might miss in June. The first summer month was very productive on different ideas, thoughts and points of view in electronic periodicals.

Best web design articles June - digest

As usual, there are different articles, concerning web designers and web design itself as well as user experience. You may also discover the number of freebies like original icon sets, fonts, website templates and a lot more.


Web Design and Development

As always, this part of review is addressed to web design and development. Clean website style, balance in the content, good looking sign-up forms for websites, interaction design and effective navigation are high-light topics of June.

Smashing Magazine – Design Principles: Compositional Balance, Symmetry And Asymmetry

Some important design principles are characterized in another Smashing Magazine review. The better knowledge of balance, symmetry and asymmetry would never be irrelevant for designers who want to achieve something more.

Best web design articles June - assymetry

Vandeley Design – Elements of Design: How to Find the Right Composition for Your Web Design

Looking for a balance, gaining more experience in web design. Read some good information on how not to fail during website composition creation.

Best web design articles June - composition

Design Shack – 10 Popular Trends in Newsletter Signup Forms

How to attract more visitors for signing up a website? Design a decent sign up form to warm up them. There are 10 characteristics to make this possible.

Best web design articles June - sign up

Design Shack – Interaction Design: What Is It, and How Can You Use It?

Get know how to combine motion, space, time, sound and aesthetics in design. What is an Interaction design? Check out the concepts that will help to hold your website visitors back from leaving a website.

Best web design articles-June

Web Designer Depot – 3 Essential Rules for Effective Navigation Design

Visiting a web site, we often draw attention on its navigation. It should be well-organized to make this visit more comfortable. Check out how to do this.

Best web design articles June - navigation

Sitepoint – When Less is More – Why Minimalism STILL Rules the Web

Minimalism is a trend we see throughout recent years. And its popularity seems not to fade away. Why? Sitepoint investigates…

Best web design articles June - minimalism

UX Issues

Last month we found a couple of reviews investigating typical mistakes in UX design. As always, authors tried to identify them and find out the solution

Inspiredmag – 8 Common Design Mistakes That Drive Visitors Crazy

Best web design articles June - 8 mistakes

The core information is shown in the article’s name. Look at some common design fails that may emerge during website development.

Web Designer Depot – Responsive design is failing mobile UX

An interesting topic on is about web and mobile page versions. What happens during the website adaptation to mobile and what designers should do to avoid losing content during this adaptation.

Best web design articles June - ux mobile

Onextrapixel – How to Get the Big Picture of Your Site’s User Experience — A Three-Step Approach

The given article will show you the ways that will be helpful during making your site handier for the visitors. There are three major factors you should know. Go on to know what they are!

Best web design articles June - three step approach

Tips and Tricks for Web Designers

If you always wanted to learn more on web design or just to know how to simplify the whole process, with no loss in quality of work, read the column below.

Treehouse Blog – How to Create a Stunning Site Hero Image in 5 Minutes or Less

What is a hero image? And how to create the good one in only five steps? The answer is be waiting for you inside this post.

Best web design articles June - hero image

Vandelay Design – 45 Photoshop Editing Tutorials

Still learning the features of one of the most famous image editing program? Here it is a huge number of useful guides, concerning different effects.

Best web design articles June - photoshop

JustCreative – How to Optimize Your Single Page Website observed some points that are able to make single page website’s optimization better. Such website structure was reviewed. Click and know how exactly.

Best web design articles June - singlepagewebsite

Web Design Views – Useful and Informational Logo Design Tutorials

If you have some troubles during creating one of the most distinctive website elements, read a cool tutorial in combination with illustrated examples.

Best web design articles June - logo

Best Freebies

One of the last, but not the least column in our digest that is the most enjoyable. Give a look at the best freebies of the month.

Smashing Magazine – Freebie: Responsive Sports Icon Set

Smashing Magazine prepared for you more than a few different icon sets, including the free set of 40 sport icons.

Best web design articles June - sport icons

Web Designer Depot – Free Download: Chalk Vector Elements

Download for free various elements, decorated in chalk style. Badges, ribbons & labels, infographics and a lot more is here.

Best website design articles June - vectorelements

Web Design Ledger – 20 Gorgeous Free Geometric Fonts to Download

Choose the font you prefer. The list is pretty awesome. Original and stylish. Nothing more.

Best web design articles June - fonts

Inspiredmag – Amazing Freebies for Designers from June

This link is a treasure for each passionate designer. There is everything you desire. From icon sets to fonts. Just remember to follow your unique style even when you use free design content.

Best web design articles - freebies

Web Designer Depot – 50+ Incredible Freebies for Web Designers

Another surprise from, including android icon pack, avatars in cavaii style, lots of different themes. Find something cool personally for you.

Best web design articles June - cavaii

Web Designer Depot – Free Download: Font Bundle Featuring 17 Incredible Typefaces

Another nice link to download some creative fonts. Different colors and shapes let designer’s thought fly.

Best web design articles June - typefaces

Onextrapixel – Collection of Fresh Design Freebies offers you user interface designs and subtle outline icons. Grab everything you like for free.

Best web design articles June - freshfreebies

Web Designer Depot – 101 Best Free Logo Fonts

Just enormous number of logo fonts. No words are needed. Take a look and choose your own.

Best web design articles June - logofonts

Hongkiat – 20 Free, Multi-Purpose Iconsets You Should Bookmark

Fonts that suit any taste. You may find here, among different style icons, something for you and your next project.

Best web design articles June - iconset

Design Inspiration

Wake up your creativity and be open to inspiration. Read this column and this will lead you to success in design.

Vandelay Design – Fantastic Examples of a Fullscreen Video Background in Web Design

This review contains information about really stunning background type. Video will definitely make your page memorable. This could be a new era in web design development.

Best web design articles June - videobackground

Line 25 – 20 Artistic Watercolor Website Designs

Watercolor design is really unique. This article contains of 20 fabulous examples that may boost your imagination.

Best web design articles June - watercolor

Designmodo – Fresh Trend in Navigation: Full-Screen Menus presented another type of navigation that should be noted. Take a look at the examples that even may solve some design problems.

Best web design articles June - fullscreenmenus

June was pretty informative on reviews, including different articles we posted. Share with us your thoughts in comments. And let’s see what July is about to please us with.

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