MotoCMS Client Review – Let’s Talk to Alexandre Manguinho

Allison Reed 6 September, 2018

Hi there! Allison is here again. Today while driving to work I suddenly realized that the summer is over. That’s why I started thinking of the amazing things it had given to me. Frankly speaking, this summer brought me much useful experience and unforgettable emotions. However, the best thing was meeting new interesting people. One of them was Alexandre Manguinho, our loyal customer. Alexandre kindly agreed to answer several questions concerning his experience with MotoCMS. So, I got a new MotoCMS client review and I’m eager to share it with you right now.

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Introduction to MotoCMS Client Review

Perhaps, you’ll agree if I say that an interview is much more exciting if you know the interviewee. Therefore, I decided to tell you a bit about Alexandre Manguinho before you start reading his MotoCMS client review.

Alexandre Manguinho is a good-looking young man from Brazil with clever eyes and an open smile. He speaks three languages (Spanish, English, and Portuguese) and knows everything about web development, marketing, and e-commerce. Alexandre is a real pro with a more than 10-years working experience. However, don’t think that he has no interests except his work. Alexandre is fond of sport, especially football. So, he knows how to relax after a hard day at the office:)

Personally, I found Alexandre a quite unordinary person who is very pleasant and interesting to talk to. Hope, you’ll share my opinion after you get acquainted with his MotoCMS client review.

Let`s Talk  – the Interview

To tell the truth, live communication with our customers is one of the most delightful aspects of my job. It’s really a unique chance to get a useful feedback. Every MotoCMS client review gives us an opportunity to evaluate our work and find ways for further improvement. That’s why talking to our customers I usually feel so excited. This time is not an exception. So, I take a deep breath and start the conversation.

Allison: Hi Alexandre, nice to meet you in the real life. To begin with, could you please tell our readers a bit about yourself and your business?

Alexandre: Hi Allison, nice to meet you too. I’m a programmer and digital marketing professional. I work for Set Comunicação, a marketing agency from Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil. Our agency was founded in 1999. It’s well-known at the market. We have already gained many loyal clients and received a number of prestigious awards such as Colibri and Ademi-ES Awards.

Allison: Who is your target audience and what do you offer to your customers?

Alexandre: As an agency, we work for clients from several industries such as education, real estate, financial, cosmetics and others. We define ourselves as a full-service agency. We work with both traditional and digital marketing. Our services cover the areas ranging from social media management and inbound marketing to search, display and social advertising, analytics, web development, etc.

Allison: As far as I know, you’ve been a MotoCMS customer for a couple of years. However, your working experience is considerably longer. What was your experience level in building websites prior to meeting with the MotoCMS admin panel? What other systems have you used before?

Alexandre (smiling): You’re quite right. I wasn’t a novice when I tried MotoCMS. I’ve been working with web design and development since the beginning of my career. So, I have built a few websites using WordPress and some other client-specific platforms.

Allison: Then how did you come up with an idea of creating a website with MotoCMS? What benefits did cut a decisive figure?

Alexandre: You see, time is always one of the most decisive factors in marketing. Unfortunately, we used to spend too much of it on developing. We started looking for a solution that would allow us to save our precious time. That’s when we found out about MotoCMS.

We’ve tested the admin area from MotoCMS by developing a website for a financial company. We were amazed by the fact that we had built the website spending less development time than ever. Besides, it ended up as one of the most good-looking websites we had ever built. We actually finished the website development within the 14- day trial period.

The decisive benefit was the fact that MotoCMS doesn’t charge a monthly fee. At the same time, it drastically reduces the development time spent on the projects.

Allison: What was the last MotoCMS template you bought and why?

Alexandre: It was Naillasi Responsive Website Template. We bought it to develop a new version of a website for a customer from the cosmetics segment. Also, we purchased the Advanced Contact Form plugin. It’s a super helpful widget. Due to it, you can make an outstanding complex Contact Form with a huge number of useful features. That was the very thing our client wanted. By the way, not so long ago we also bought Chiropractic Services Responsive Website Template.

(Click the images below to view the live demo of the templates Alexandre has bought)

Naillasi Responsive Website Template

tempplate chosen by motocms clients
try it free

Chiropractic Services Responsive Website Template

best motocms product reviewed by clients
try it free

Allison: Please, share a few thoughts on getting your website launched. Was it abstruse for you or vice versa? How much time did it take?

Alexandre: Believe, it was a very simple installation process. The manual for installing or transferring a website using MotoCMS is really easy to follow. The installation steps are friendly. The few issues I have run into didn’t, in general, concern the system. They were connected with the host or database. When I eventually requested support from MotoCMS, they promptly helped me.

Allison: What features in the admin panel would you consider the most useful for the editing of your website?

Alexandre: From my point of view, the best thing about using MotoCMS is the potential to do anything without any limitations. And, of course, it’s the ease to quickly build responsive layouts for each device.

Allison: What would you like to get with MotoCMS in future (features, widgets, plugins, improvements)?

Alexandre (thinks a moment): I’d like to have a restricted area feature that would allow people to create their own accounts/logins to access it. The only difficulty I had was to use an external code to build in a restricted area on my website.

Allison: Thanks a lot for your time and all the valuable information you’ve shared with our readers.

Alexandre: You’re always welcome. Hope, my MotoCMS client review will be useful for those who’re just thinking of trying MotoCMS website templates.

MotoCMS Client Review: Conclusion

When our meeting came to its end I felt pleased and greatly thankful to Alexandre for his MotoCMS client review. In case you want to learn more about Alexandre Manguinho and his work, visit one of his public accounts. This guy definitely deserves attention!

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Author: Allison Reed
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