Hot MotoCMS Christmas Sale – 25% Discount on Templates

MotoCMS Editorial 23 December, 2015

The weather outside is frightful but our sale is so delightful! It’s almost Christmas and it’s high time to get more presents. Here, on MotoCMS, we can’t stop pleasing our friends and customers with warm wishes and cool gifts.

MotoCMS Christmas Sale - main

It’s MotoCMS Christmas Sale Today!

Welcome the hot MotoCMS Christmas sale today! Only three days from now on, December 23 to the Christmas day, December 25 you can get any template from our store with a whooping 25% discount. Visit the MotoCMS store now to learn the prices for our templates. It’s the latest promo for 2015 so don’t miss your chance to get this year’s coolest website templates for a good price! Don’t forget you can add any offers to your purchase to get more from MotoCMS functionality, e.g. E-commerce plugin or Ready-made website. Check out the latest MotoCMS 3 templates and choose your favorite to buy!

MotoCMS Sale - 55644

MotoCMS Christmas Sale - 55998

MotoCMS Sale - 55993

MotoCMS Christmas Sale - 55858

MotoCMS Sale - 55861

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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