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MotoCMS Achievements of 2011

Helen Stark 30 December, 2011

The 2011 year is coming to its end. We hope that our Flash CMS templates and updates of our Flash CMS were rather good for you and now you’re satisfied with those results that you achieved with us.

So now we’d like to draw the line of our most important achievements of 2011 (from our point of view of course).

MotoCMS version 1.4 was launched On April 12, 2011 MotoCMS updated to a new version 1.4. This major release made the Flash CMS even more convenient and user-friendly, improved its functionality (Contact Form module and object manipulation in the control panel were improved, content saving process was optimized) and presented new feature-rich options (News Widget and font smoothing for the custom fonts were created, automatic content recovery on errors were added). To remember this update please look here.

MotoCMS updated to the version 1.5 On July 7, 2011 MotoCMS updated to the version 1.5 This release presented significant improvements such as an ability to create stretchable Flash websites, Media Library Integration (YouTube) + Video Gallery, YouTube Quality option, Property dependencies, placement attributes, and others. Also the 1.5 version presented new HTML Widget and Social Network Sharing Slot, so that we can satisfy more of your business needs, dear friends.

Minor releases of MotoCMS On August – September 2011 MotoCMS versions 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 were launched. These minor updates made it possible to enable the non-Latin input compatibility mode and to separate your Facebook content for fans and non-fans. So now you probably won’t have problems with the non-Latin characters in different browsers. Also now it’s possible to hide your Facebook pages from visitors until they are not your fans and to show them some other page instead. Here is a more detailed description of these new features.

e-Commerce Widget for online store websites On December 30, 2011 the innovative e-Commerce Widget was launched. In a few days before the New Year we want to present you an ability to create Flash-based online stores. The e-Commerce widget includes 7 components: Category Menu, Products List, Banner Rotator, Shopping Cart, Shopping Cart List, Product Details and Add to Cart Button. Here you can find detailed information about the widget.

So that’s the end of the year 2011. It was rather kind for us and we hope it was good for you too. We wish you good luck, dear friends, let all your cherished dreams come true!

Author: Helen Stark
Being creating content for fashion, beauty, food and tech blogs during last years, Helen has found herself in web design field now. Constantly evolving, she explores new things to impress her readers with high-quality content. Follow Helen on Twitter and Google +.
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