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MotoCMS 3.0.6 Update: Technical Improvements and Features

MotoCMS Editorial 30 July, 2015

There is an old saying that the best is the enemy of the good. But we think this saying doesn’t concern MotoCMS. Our customers love new features and wait for more updates. Well, your wish is our command! Here are the latest MotoCMS 3.0.6 update that is aimed of making your work with our templates easier and more versatile.

MotoCMS 3.0.6 Update - main

This update has brought tons of new options, widgets and technical tweaks to the admin panel. In this post we will review the technical improvements and updates that should help you to make your website more user- and SEO-friendly. Let’s start!

One of the most helpful improvements from 3.0.6 version is the addition of a Quick Help section right into the admin panel. Any MotoCMS user can find solutions to the most common issues and get the info on a certain widget or section work in the MotoCMS Help Center. From now you can get short tips and video tutorials within the admin panel of a template. A Quick Help pop-up appears whenever you first time enter a new section. Anytime you will need this help again, you can click a Quick Help icon on the top right corner of the admin panel.

MotoCMS 3.0.6 Update - Help

Another significant improvement is that from now users can add custom html-code for Header and Footer. There is two opportunities to use this feature. You can add code in the Settings section to make it valid for the entire website. Or you can inject custom code on each page.

MotoCMS 3.0.6 Update - Code Injection

Vital update was made to mail settings. Yes, now Settings section has a Mail category where you can enable SMTP server use for all your contact forms. In this section you can set up SMTP server type and port number. You can also choose a Security SMTP connection level (none, SSl or TLS).

MotoCMS 3.0.6 Update - SMTP settings

One of the major updates concerns SEO options. Aside from “noindex” and “nofollow” attributes there was added a rel=“canonical” link element. This element allows choosing one “canonical” page of two identical pages on your website (if you have such) and point out search engines to it. rel=“canonical” now is automatically added to all website pages, but you can tick a “Hide canonical” in the page SEO settings if you need.

Minor updates are that now users can see the section title (e.g. Row, Container, Header etc.) not only when they click it. In 3.0.6 version this option works when you just hover the element. And from now you can start editing “Image”, “Menu”, “Slider” and “Grid Gallery” widgets just double-clicking them.

Hope, you liked the features that are listed in this MotoCMS 3 version. But that’s not all you get within the 3.0.6 update. In the next post we will show you in detail what new widgets and design effects were added to this version. Check out the MotoCMS Blog next week!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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