Full Speed Ahead – MotoCMS Version 1.4 Released

Tina Zennand 12 April, 2011

Today is a big day guys: Moto CMS, the advanced Flash content management system that allows to easily create Flash website with minimum efforts, updated to the Version 1.4!

This major release significantly improves the system functionality, includes new tools and options as well as eliminates some system errors. In addition, the MotoCMS developers have made a nice present to all the users and embedded a new module – News Widget in the control panel.

Let’s take a deeper look at the improvements that have been made inside the control panel:

1. The manipulation of objects has been improved.

  • Multiple objects can now be selected and modified (such options as transformation, rotation, resizing, etc. are now available);
  • The objects can now snap to each other and the website center or edges within the control panel.

2. News Widget.

This innovative module makes the process of publishing news much easier.


Within the module, you can manage the following settings:

  • Basic Settings (orientation — vertical or horizontal, number of visible blocks, choose what content to show and clickable area, slideshow interval, animation settings, etc.);
  • Style Settings (choose the title format, text format, date format as well as image height, width, etc,);
  • Arrows Settings (arrows width, heigth, background, alpha, color, corner radius, and arrows icon size);
  • Activate the “Preload Module” function, choose the block’s size parameters, rotation angle and blend mode.



3. Contact Form module improved.


  • The Contact Form display in the control panel is now identical to the one on the website.
  • The tab order of the form fields can now be changed together with their order in the e-mail with results.


4. The process of saving content has been optimized. Content XML files now occupy less space.

  • The “Compress & Preview Website” option compresses XML files to improve the website loading time. This option can be used when the website editing has been finished. If choosing the “Save” option after the option “Compress & Preview Website”, the compressed files will be replaced by the uncompressed ones.


5. Font smoothing for the custom fonts has been added that significantly improves the appearance:

6. New methods to ActionScript Moto API have been added:

  • MotoUtils.setHTMLTextFromPropertyVO(target:TextField, propertyVO:PropertyVO, caching:Boolean = false):void – Assigns the HTML text to the text field with the specific motoCMS parameters.
  • MotoUtils.setHTMLParametersFromPropertyVO(target:TextField, propertyVO:PropertyVO, caching:Boolean = false):void – Assigns specific motoCMS HTML parameters to the text field.
  • MotoUtils.getRasterize(target:DisplayObject, clip:Rectangle = null):Bitmap – Gets the rasterization of the specified visual object.
  • MotoUtils.getStageTLPoint():Point – Returns the top left point of flash movie considering the current stage.align value.
  • MotoUtils.translatePropertyVO(propertyType:uint, propertyVO:PropertyVO):PropertyVO – Clones propertyVO and sets the specified propertyType.

Also, new classes have been added:

  • AbstractTreeInfoModule – Abstract class for the tree-like catalog implementation.
  • AbstractDropDownModule – BaseDropDownModule – Base class which implements the DropDown Catalog.
  • AbstractMotoMenu – comes from AbstractDropDownModule with backward compatibility realization.
  • Updated classes: AbstractMotoObject, AdvancedScrollbar, MotoArranger, AbstractMotoMenu.
  • New Classes: AbstractTreeInfoModule, AbstractDropDownModule, BaseDropDownModule.

For more detailed info please check the API Documentation.

7.  Other system errors have been fixed and modifications have been made:

  • Website display errors in IE9 have been fixed.
  • Automatic content recovery on errors have been added.
  • External rich content module errors have been fixed.
  • Overall control panel performance and responsiveness have been improved.


The above mentioned improvements are available with Moto CMS templates. If you are a Moto CMS user, you will be suggested to install the latest updates when you open your Moto control panel.

Feel free to register a 30 day Free Demo by choosing one of MotoCMS templates and evaluate a new functionality of the updated control panel!

We highly appreciate your feedback and offers concerning Moto CMS functionality.

Author: Tina Zennand
Tina is a writer who has been working with MotoCMS since early 2010. In her articles she covers various aspects of web design and web development. She is also a marketing guru for MotoCMS websites. You can follow her on Twitter.

5 responses to “Full Speed Ahead – MotoCMS Version 1.4 Released”

  1. Lee says:

    I have performed the upgrade, and half of my website has dissapeared, which in turn causes a crash when missing content is requested. I notice that max file size in media library is now reduced to 2Mb. Is this correct? And if so is that the reason for my site being broken?

  2. Stuart Bingham says:

    I wouldn’t recommend the installation f this update until the bugs have been fixed.

  3. Al says:

    Great upgrade, no issues if you read the install guide. Nice new features.

  4. Alvin Chipmunk says:


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