Major Server Improvement: 24/7 MotoCMS Uptime Guarantee

MotoCMS Editorial 29 July, 2015

All website owners understand the importance of stable website work. And how frustrating it is if a website fails because of a server down. A real nightmare, isn’t it? Well, we should admit, that such issues were relevant to MotoCMS websites from time to time. Our server was not so powerful to support the growing number of user accounts, demo versions, websites etc.

MotoCMS Uptime Improvement - main

Today we are happy to announce that all these issues are gone forever. MotoCMS has significantly improved its server base. All vital files now relocated among a number of powerful servers in order to keep up stable website work if one of the servers is down. In this case other servers will watch its back and take the load.

With this update you can be sure all your files, demo versions or account settings will be safe. And you can access your account anytime without having to wait when the server is up. That’s a major MotoCMS improvement that guarantees a standard 99,9% of uptime for every user.

So, don’t worry about your files and website work, the are well-handled. If you still have any questions, contact our support team for more details.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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