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Join the Smashing Magazine Contest on Twitter and win a Free Flash CMS!

MotoCMS Editorial 17 March, 2010


We were pretty stoked when Vitaly Friedman from SmashingMagazine.com agreed to make a Twitter contest and give away 5 Free licenses of our Flash CMS, and then even more stoked when the contest started and we received a huge bunch of feedbacks and reviews! 🙂

For those of you who don’t know Vitaly, he is an Editor-in-chief and Co-founder at Smashing Media, a web design expert and just an awesome person to deal with.

Here are the contest terms:


Smashingmag: We give away 5 licenses for the Flash CMS FlashMoto (http://bit.ly/13bOpk). To win one, just tweet us why you want it!

And that’s it! The contest started on 16 of March and will last for a couple of days. So, hurry up! Just tell us why you need our Flash based CMS and who knows, maybe you will be among the lucky five!

Note: Don’t forget to put ” @smashingmag” or “@motocms” in your tweet, so that we could find you.

Follow FlashMoto on Twitter to be on the lookout for the contest results!

UPDATE: The contest is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated. The winners are: Jdudesign, csaper, PixelHorizon, Luis_Armando and bpmore.
Join in next time!

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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